Institute Office Order/Notifications/Notices/Circulars
Sl. No. Description
Notice regarding preventive measures to contain the spread of Novel coronavirus (Covid-19) Attendance of Central government officials
Notice regarding Preventive measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 and subsequent guidelines for adherence
Notification for the resume of academic and administrative activities w.e.f 13-01-2022(AN)
Notification regarding Containment Zone Dated 07/01/2022
Notice regarding Constitution of Rapid response team for Covid-19 Management at NIT campus Dated 06/01/2022
Notice No.5222-5251 dated 06/06/2021 regarding Covid-19
Office Order No.4740-70 dated 26/05/2021 in view of Corona Curfew extended upto 31st May, 2021 (6 a.m.)
Office Order No.4645-75 dated 17/05/2021 in view of Corona Curfew extended upto 26th May, 2021 (6 a.m.)
Office Order No. 4455-80 dated 06/05/2021 in view of Corona Curfew w.e.f. 7th to 17th May, 2021 (6 a.m.)
Office order regarding preventive measures against Covid-19 Dated 30.04.2021
Office order regarding Covid-19 precautionary Dated 28.04.2021
Notice regarding preventive measures for Covid-19 Dated 22.04.2021 
Office Order regarding COVID-19 Dated 21.04.2021 
Notice regarding COVID-19 on 15.04.2021
Notice regarding COVID-19 Guideline on 04.12.2020
Notice regarding COVID-19 Dated 18.09.2020
Office Order regarding instruction of the COVID-19 Dated 10.09.2020
Institute Notice - Dated 01.06.2020
Institute Office Order- Dated 25.05.2020
Institute Notification - Dated 22.05.2020
Circular, Instructions Regarding COVID-19
Notification, Academic Activities During/After Summer Vacation.
Notification Regarding Suspension of in-campus activities, Learning Through Online Platforms and Rescheduling of Summer Vacation
Institute Notice Regarding Doctor’s Duty Roster Dated 27.03.2020
Institute Notification Regarding Closure of Institute till 15th April 2020, in wake of COVID-19 Dated 26.03.2020
Institute Notice Dated 21.03.2020
Institute Office Order Dated 14.03.2020