Architecture is considered one of the essential disciplines necessary in city development and urbanization. In general it aims at building cities, roads, homes, hospitals, and other city landmarks as well as site and area planning. Designing in Architecture normally include all that add artistic, philosophical, and psychological dimensions to buildings. The department of Architecture is the youngest Department at the National Institute of Technology, Hamirpur, and was established in 2000. The Department has been imparting Quality education to B. Arch & M. Arch. (Sustainable Architecture) students by reviewing its curricula from time to time, modernizing its laboratories with state of the art equipments and latest softwares. The classrooms are well equipped with all modern electronic audio-visual facilities. Presently, the department offers a five-year undergraduate course which includes semester training and two year M.Arch. (Sustainable Architecture) as per the norms of the Council of Architecture. The department has a very cognitive work environment where innovation is encouraged. Student teacher interaction levels are very high, to the extent that each teacher knows the strengths of each of his students. The Institute also offers MHRD scholarship to GATE qualified candidates.

  • The Vision of the department is to be a leading department in the region where it provides the highest quality of education and develops responsible, educated, and professional architects who are able to create a better world through unique and effective architectural ideas and solutions.

  • Architecture is the formal expression of the social, political, cultural, economic and environmental forces that shape a society. In addition to the production of buildings, architecture includes the development of ideas about the built environment. Thus, not only its a profession but also a discipline that requires both technical and intellectual competence and rigor. In light of this understanding, the educational mission of the Department of Architecture is as follows: To educate individuals in the art and science of architecture so they can assume leading and creative roles as architects and building professionals that respond to the specific needs of the society. To instil a commitment with the students as to the health, safety and welfare of building users and to enrich the quality of life. To foster a critical understanding, and exploration of the artistic, cultural, technological, and ideological forces that impact the built environment To supply students with the knowledge and the means to become active participants in the intellectual discourse of the discipline of architecture.

The Goals
  • The architecture curriculum has been designed to achieve the following goals: Establish an academic center that provides for architectural consultations directed toward professional practice on private and government levels. Establish an academic center that would provide architectural communication channels locally, regionally, and internationally.


The Architecture course is a diverse group of individuals (students, faculty and lab assistants) with a wide range of experience and a common goal of excellence. The greatest strength of the Deptt. is the faculty with diverse specialisation, devoted teaching and their intellect. The Deptt. of Architecture, NIT Hamirpur is the only Deptt. in the Himachal Pradesh state. This Deptt. is undertaking the minor and major projects related with Hill Architecture and other regional issues. The Deptt. is well equipped to document the ancient heritage buildings, monuments and temples. The Deptt. of Architecture is recognised nationally, the outstanding graduates are produced as testified by their employers. A good Academic environment, with well established labs, spacious and well ventilated class rooms, a good library to give a logical ending to the creative ideas. Multidisciplinary programs and courses Good quality educational aids. Culture of mutual respect between faculty and students. The diverse Architectural projects can be undertaken by the faculty and the students at regional level. Respect for diversity of views, a move towards independent thinking, and individual goals are recognized. A good amount of pedestrian and vehicular circulation exists. The Academic zone is very well connected with the residential zone. Less than ten minutes walk from the hostels and residences to the Deptt.

Sl.NoNameArea(s) of InterestsEmailProfile
1Prof. Minakshi JainLandscape Architecture, Sustainable Development and Hill
2Prof. Bhanu M. MarwahaHousing, ICT & Built Environment, Drawing &
Associate Professor
Sl.NoNameArea(s) of InterestsEmailProfile
1Dr. Inderpal SinghSustainable Architecture, Urban, Regional & Eco – Tourism
Assistant Professor Grade-I
Sl.NoNameArea(s) of InterestsEmailProfile
1Dr. Vandna SharmaArchitecture &
2Dr. Puneet SharmaUrban Design,
3Dr. Aniket SharmaArchitecture &
Assistant Professor Grade-II
Sl.NoNameArea(s) of InterestsEmailProfile
1Dr. Amanjeet KaurHeritage,conservation, built environment, vernacular houses, hill
2Dr. Venu ShreeIntelligent Building Systems, Indoor Environment and Sustainable
3Dr. Sandeep SharmaClimate Responsive Architecture, Sustainable Habitat and Green
4Dr. Neetu KapoorArchitectural Design, Hill Architecture,
5Dr. Rashmi KumariArchitecture and
Office Staff
Sl. No. Name Designation Phone No. Email
1 Sh. Ashok Kumar Jr. Assistant 254901
Technical Staff
1 Smt. Reeta Singh Sr. Technician 254905 -
2 Sh. Sukhdev Singh Technician SG-II 254904 -
3 Sh. Ajay Gupta Tech. Gr.-II 254903 -



Prof. Bhanu M Marwaha

Head of Department
National Institute of Technology Hamirpur
Himachal Pradesh, Pin No. 177005, India.
Phone No. : 01972- 254900
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