Hamirpur, the district headquarter, is situated at an altitude of 785 meters in the Himalayan State of Himachal Pradesh, India. Hamirpur is a clean and eco-friendly district and is famous for its high literacy rate. Hamirpur City is surrounded by pine tree forest and has a good city infrastructure ranging from Quality Educational Institutions including NIT, State Universities and Skill Learning Centres. Hamirpur does not have the typical Hilly & Chilly type of climate found in most of Himachal Pradesh, as it is done to the plains. During winter, the climate is cold but pleasant when woolens are required. During summer the maximum temperature is around 40 degree Celsius and cottons are recommended. It is a major junction on National Highway 3 While National Highway 103 starts from Here Bulk of the population at Hamirpur speaks Hindi, whereas a significant populace can speak and understand English as well.