Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering Department, established in the year 1986, is one of the oldest departments of National Institute of Technology Hamirpur. The Department has been imparting quality education at undergraduate and post-graduate level. The faculty members have been active in teaching and research activities. The course curriculum is being revised from time to time so as to keep students abreast with latest developments and emerging technologies. Various departmental laboratories have been strengthened and modernized by procuring state of art equipment’s. The department is also equipped with latest experimental and computational facilities for taking up R&D and consultancy activities in different areas of Electrical Engineering. Alumni of the department are well placed in various reputed government / non-government administrative, academic, research, engineering organizations in the country. Many of them are well settled in various reputed organization in abroad. Department produces not only knowledgeable, skilled, trained employable engineers but also a good citizen having concern with society, environment and ethical issues.

Our Vision

  • The vision of the Department of Electrical Engineering is to provide excellent technical education in the field of Electrical Engineering and to produce proficient engineers, professionals and researchers with ethical values and attitude towards continuous learning.

Our Mission

The mission of the Department of Electrical Engineering is envisaged in the following statements:

  • To provide students with a supportive environment that facilitates in imparting quality and value based education in the area of Electrical Engineering and to apply engineering principles to solve real world problems.
  • To prepare students to contribute in professional career and social services with high ethical values and with life-long learning approach and be successful as they move into occupation, research and advanced studies.


Sl.No Name Area(s) of Interests Email Profile
1 Prof. Ashwani Chandel Power System ashchandelin@nith.ac.in       View
2 Prof. Ram Naresh Sharma Power System Operation and Control rnaresh@nith.ac.in       View
3 Prof. Sushil Chauhan AI Applications in Power System Analysis sushil@nith.ac.in       View
4 Prof. Y. R. Sood Power System Restructuring and Deregulation yrsood@nith.ac.in       View

Associate Professor

Sl.No Name Area(s) of Interests Email Profile
1 Dr. (Mrs.) Veena Sharma Instrumentation and Control veena@nith.ac.in       View
2 Dr. Bharat Bhushan Sharma Nonlinear Dynamics and Control bhushan@nith.ac.in       View
3 Dr. O. P. Rahi Power System, Hydro Power, Renewable Energy oprahi@nith.ac.in       View
4 Dr. Raj Kumar Jarial Power Electronics, Electrical Machines & Drives jarial@nith.ac.in       View
5 Dr. Ravinder Nath Signal Processing & Control nath@nith.ac.in       View
6 Dr. Zakir Hussain POWER SYSTEM zahusain@nith.ac.in       View

Assistant Professor Grade-I

Sl.No Name Area(s) of Interests Email Profile
1 Dr. Amit Kaul Signal Processing & Control amitkaul@nith.ac.in       View

Assistant Professor Grade-II

Sl.No Name Area(s) of Interests Email Profile
1 Dr. Anil Kumar Yadav Control Engineering, Renewable Energy anilkyadav@nith.ac.in       View
2 Dr. Chandrasekaran S Grid Synchronization Techniques chandru@nith.ac.in       View
3 Dr. Himesh Handa Control Systems himeshhanda@nith.ac.in       View
4 Dr. Manisha Sharma Power System manisha@nith.ac.in       View
5 Dr. Rajan Kumar Power Electronics, Electrical Machines & Drives rajan@nith.ac.in       View
6 Dr. Ram Niwash Mahia Networked Control Systems, Complex Networks, Power Networks and Multi-Agent Systems. ram@nith.ac.in       View
7 Dr. Supriya Jaiswal Power Quality (Power system) supriya@nith.ac.in       View
8 Er. Rajesh kumar Power System,Renewable Energy, Optimisation, Scheduling, rajesh_kumar@nith.ac.in       View
9 Ms. Bharti Kaul Power system bhartibakshi@nith.ac.in       View
Office Staff
Sl. No. Name Designation Phone No. Email
1 Sh. Kishor Kumar Asst. SG-II 254501 kishore@nith.ac.in
2 Sh. Subhash Chnad Attendant 254501 -
Technical Staff
1 Sh. Joginder Singh Sr. Technical Assistant 254506 -
2 Sh. Raj Pal Minhas Sr. Technical Assistant 254505 -
3 Sh. Chet Ram Rana Technician SG-II 254508 chetram68@nith.ac.in



Dr. Veena Sharma

Head of Department
Electrical Engineering
National Institute of Technology Hamirpur
Himachal Pradesh, Pin No. 177005, India.
Phone No. : 01972- 254500
Email : head.ee@nith.ac.in