The core values adopted by the Institute as enduring principles are Integrity, Excellence, Unity, Accountability, Inclusivity and Empathy.

Integrity: To be honest in intension, fair in evaluation, transparent in deeds and adhere to highest standards of ethics in all its activities.

Excellence: An unfailing commitment for continuous Improvement and passion to innovate in an environment, encompassing best practices where achievement and merit is duly recognized and acknowledged.

Unity: Capacity building through trust in other's abilities and cultivating respect for others as cornerstone of collective efforts.

Accountability: To be accountable to the people of India (Through NIT Council and BOG) and all stake holders for the funds it receives from Govt. of India.

Inclusivity: No one left behind, no one ignored and decimated, none forgotten in the resolve for nation building through higher learning.

Empathy: To identify due space to the problems faced by weaker sections of the society in Research and Educational programmes of the institute.