Head of Departments
Sl. No. Name Designation Department Phone No. Email
Dr. I.P. Singh Associate Professor Architecture 254900 head.arch@nith.ac.in
Dr. R.S. Banshtu Associate Professor Civil Engineering 254300 head.ce@nith.ac.in
Dr. Teek Parval Sharma Associate Professor Computer Science & Engineering 254426 head.cse@nith.ac.in
Prof. A.S. Singha Professor Chemistry 254156 head.chy@nith.ac.in
Dr. Tapas Palai Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Chemical Engineering 254880 head.che@nith.ac.in
Dr. Raj Kumar Jarial Associate Professor Electrical Engineering 254500 head.ee@nith.ac.in
Dr. Ashok Kumar Associate Professor Electronics & Communication Engineering 254600 head.ece@nith.ac.in
Dr. Somesh Sharma Associate Professor Mechanical Engineering 254700 head.me@nith.ac.in
Prof. Ravi Kumar Professor Material Science & Engineering 254382 head.mse@nith.ac.in
Dr. Pawan Kumar Sharma Associate Professor Mathematics & Scientific Computing 254144 head.msc@nith.ac.in
Prof. Piar Chand Professor Humanities and Social Sciences 254124 head.hss@nith.ac.in
Prof. Piar Chand Professor Management Studies 254150 head.doms@nith.ac.in
Dr. Arvind Kumar Associate Professor Physics & Photonics Science 254136 head.pps@nith.ac.in
Dr. Anoop Kumar Professor Centre for Energy Studies 254726 head.ces@nith.ac.in