Electronics & Communication Engineering

Established in the year 1988, the Electronics & Communication Engineering (E&CE) Department NIT Hamirpur HP, has built an international reputation for excellence in teaching, research and service. Electronics engineers are changing the world to a comfortable global home. The information and technology revolution has been built on the advances of Electronics. The E&CE Department takes pride in its high national rankings and the international recognition its faculty has received from their peers.

E&CED is making exhilarating progress in areas ranging from microelectronics, mobile communications to VLSI Design Automation. In labs and classrooms, students draw on the expertise and knowledge of our able faculty, integrating practical, hands-on research experience with challenging and interesting course-work.

The team approach is very warm in the Department of E&CE. A palpable excitement surrounds the Department of E&CE, an enthusiasm pervades every classroom and lab, invigorating our students and spurring on our faculty to fresh innovations. In an age when electronics play a major role in daily life and the promise of nanotechnology is coming to fruition, it truly is a great time to be a part of E&C engineering.

The pollution free aura of the state surrounded by snow-clad Dauladhar ranges, technological strength and increasing national prominence has presented us with unmatched opportunities for research, education, and service to society. We have grown into a most sought after departments in NIT Hamirpur, adding more faculty and branching into new projects and research areas. Our department maintains close affiliations and has a joint project with CSED. At B.Tech Level, 15th batch of E&CE passed out in 2006. M.Tech. in VLSI Design Automation & Techniques has started from 2006.

Our Vision

  • To deliver quality technical education based on societal benefits & requirements and industry standards for promoting research and innovation in latest emerging areas of Electronics & Communication Engineering.

Our Mission

  • To impart value added quality Technical Education in Electronics and Communication Engineering with emphasis on social needs and research.

  • To produce professionally competent engineers & designers with inclination toward continuous lifelong learning.


Sl.No Name Area(s) of Interests Email Profile
1 Prof. Vinod Kumar Optical fiber Communication kapoor@nith.ac.in       View
2 Prof. (Mrs.) Rajeevan Chandel Low Power VLSI Design, Modeling & Simulation rchandel@nith.ac.in       View

Associate Professor

Sl.No Name Area(s) of Interests Email Profile
1 Kumar S Pandey Embedded Systems kumar@nith.ac.in       View
2 Dr. Surender Soni Communication, Wireless Sensor Networks soni@nith.ac.in       View
3 Dr. Ashok kumar Wireless Sensor Networks, Wireless Communication and Communication Networks ashok@nith.ac.in       View
4 Dr.(Mrs.) Gargi Khanna Low Power VLSI Design, MEMS Design gargi@nith.ac.in       View
5 Dr. Ashwani Kumar Rana Low Power VLSI, Device Modeling ashwani@nith.ac.in       View

Assistant Professor Grade-I

Sl.No Name Area(s) of Interests Email Profile
1 Dr. Krishan Kumar Wireless Communication and Networking [Keywords: Spectrum Sensing, Spectrum Allocation, Spectrum Sharing and Spectrum Handoff in Cognitive Radio Networks, Vehicular Networks, 5G and 6G Wireless Networks, Small Cells Networks, NOMA, IoT, Machine Learning: Deep and Reinforcement etc., Cross Layer Issue and LTE WiFi Coexistence] krishan_rathod@nith.ac.in       View
2 Dr. Manoranjan Rai Bharti Communication systems, Signal processing for communications, Wireless communications manoranjan@nith.ac.in       View
3 Dr. Philemon Daniel Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Embedded Systems, VLSI Front End Design and Test phildani7@nith.ac.in       View
4 Dr. Rohit Dhiman Electronics and Communication rohitdhiman@nith.ac.in       View
5 Dr. Pushpendra Singh Data/Signal Modeling, Simulation & Analysis; Machine learning, deep learning and AI; Image processing; Time-frequency analysis; Signal processing; Communication; Signal Processing Applications; Biomedical Signal Processing; Nonlinear and non-stationary data analysis; Numerical methods spushp@nith.ac.in       View
6 Dr. Mahesh Angira MEMS, RF-MEMS, RF-Microelectronics, IC technologies mahesh_angira@nith.ac.in       View

Assistant Professor Grade-II

Sl.No Name Area(s) of Interests Email Profile
1 Gagnesh Kumar Nano and Microelectronic Devices, Analog VLSI, Microprocessors etc. gagnesh@nith.ac.in       View
2 Er. Vinod Kumar Semiconductor Device Modeling, VLSI Design vinodsharma@nith.ac.in       View
3 Dr. Rakesh Sharma Signal Processing, Polarimetric SAR data processing, AI/Neural networks for PolSAR/SAR/Hyper-spectral satellite data processing, Biomedical Image processing. rakesh.sharma@nith.ac.in       View
4 Dr. Aman Kumar Design of FIR/IIR Filters and Cosine Modulated Filter banks, Processing of Digital Signal/Image, Biomedical Signal Analysis, Heart disease classification, ML/DNN algorithms for biomedical signal/image analysis akumar@nith.ac.in       View
5 Dr. Amit Bage RF and Microwave (Microstrip Filter, Waveguide Filter, Microstrip Antenna, Reconfigurable Microwave Devices) abage@nith.ac.in       View
6 Dr. Dharmendra Singh Yadav VLSI Design: Nano-electronics Devices, Thin films transistors, Semiconductor Device and circuits. Device Modeling: MOS Devices Modeling and Numerical simulation analysis of Semiconductor devices Electrical Characterization of semiconductor devices in MHz and THz frequency ranges. Circuit Design: Ultra Low Power SRAM / DRAM / RRAM based Memory Circuit Design from Devices to Array Architecture using CMOS and Advanced CMOS Devices technologies. Machine Learning in Semiconductor device/circuit-based application in research. dsyadav@nith.ac.in       View
7 Dr. Chandra Shekhar Prasad Areas of interest include Leaky Wave antenna, Travelling wave antenna, Dielectric waveguide based antenna, THz antenna design using graphene, Reconfigurable Metamaterial/Metasurface for Compact Antenna design, MIMO and Cognitive Radio Antenna and multifunctional Filter, Frequency Reconfigurable Active Array Antenna with Beam Steering, Circularly Polarized Dielectric Resonator Antenna, Frequency Selective Surfaces (FSS), EBG and AMC structures csprasad@nith.ac.in       View
8 Dr. Saurabh Kumar Antenna Design and Analysis (Planar and Nonplanar Antennas, Microstrip antennas), RF and Microwave Components and Device Design and Analysis, Artificial Materials like Meta-materials, Microwave and THz sensors, Electromagnetic Theory, Nano-photonics and Plasmonics based component design and Analysis, Microwave and THz communication, Optical Communication, etc. saurabh@nith.ac.in       View
9 Dr. Gopal Rawat Microelectronics Engineering; VLSI Design; Nanoelectronics; Semiconductor Devices gopal.rawat@nith.ac.in       View
10 Dr. Abhijit Bhattacharyya Biomedical Signal Processing, Image Processing, Machine Learning abhijit@nith.ac.in       View
11 Dr. Sankalita Biswas Wireless Sensor Network, PHY, MAC and Cross layer energy modelling sankalita@nith.ac.in       View
12 Dr. Sandeep Kumar Singh Internet of Things, Advanced Communication System, Machine Learning, Cyber-Physical Security sksingh@nith.ac.in       View
Office Staff
Sl. No.NameDesignationPhone No.Email
1Sh. Desh Raj BansalPrivate Secretary254601office.ece@nith.ac.in
2Sh. Om PrakashOffice Attendant SG-II254601-
Technical Staff
1Sh. Ashok KumarTechnical Assistant254605-
2Sh. Shiv DyalSr. Technician254606-
3Sh. Suresh KumarSr. Technician254609-



Dr. Gargi Khanna

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Electronics & Communication Engineering
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