• In order to turn the educated youth from job seekers to job creator and in order to give support to the ‘Startup’ and ‘innovative projects’ in the state and to provide skills to the youth and potential investors to develop entrepreneurship “Chief Minister’s Startup/Innovation Projects/New Industries Scheme” has been formulated.
  • This initiative envisages various incentives for startups so as to enable the entrepreneur’s success in their ventures.. The basic objective of this scheme is creation of self-employment and employment generation, upgrading the skills of entrepreneurs and to provide them support to set up their units under professional guidance, promotion of innovation in focus areas, setting up of incubation centers, creating working space for startups and innovative projects, providing incentives, etc.
  • This Scheme also aims at helping and hand-holding entrepreneurs to select viable projects in the potential areas in manufacturing and service sectors and train them to set up startups and subsequently manage and run their enterprises professionally.


  • Startup/New Industries means any entity, Proprietor, Limited Company, registered partnership firm under Indian Partnership Act 1932, or Limited Liability Partnership, proposing to set up an enterprise in micro or small-scale category in services sector relating to the focus areas defined in the Scheme and in the manufacturing sector in the state after 31.3.2016.
  • Innovation Project is the process of introducing new or making changes with updated technology, large and small radical and incremental, to products, processes, and services that result in the introduction of some new and innovative products.


Sr. No. Facility
1 Hardware Lab 01 No.
2 Software Lab 01 No.
3 Office Space Room No. 105 to 111 at Central Block 1st Floor
Main office Incubation Centre: - Room No. 104, 1st Floor, Central Block, NIT, Hamirpur (HP)

Software Lab

Hardware Lab



Sr. No. Name of Incubates Mentors Assigned  Name of Project /Startup Status
1 Mr. Lovleet Koti Dr. Naveen Chauhan, Associate Professor , Computer Science &Engineering , NIT, Hamirpur (HP)  SAMRTH Information Technology Services Completed
2 Mr. Ashwani Rati Dr. Hemant Kumar Vinayak Civil Engineering Department, NIT,Hamirpur(HP) Production of Slates and Mosaic Manufacturing Completed and Commercialized
3 Mr. Anirudh Thakur Dr. Varun, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department,NIT, Hamirpur (HP). Horticulture and Manufacturing Completed and Commercialized
Dr. Rohit Dhiman, Assistant Professor Grade-I, Electronics &communication Engineering, Department , NIT, Hamirpur (HP) 
4 Mr. Shivam Nag Dr. Narottam Chand ,Associate Professor , Computer Science &Engineering , NIT, Hamirpur (HP)  Food Bee IT (Services) Completed
Dr. Lokesh Chauhan, Assistant Professor Grade-I, Computer Science & Engineering , NIT,Hamirpur (HP)
5 Mr. Nitish Thakur Dr. R.K. Jarial , Associate Professor , Electrical Engineering Department , NIT Hamirpur (HP)   HHO Generator Prototype Development Stage
Dr. Param Singh, Assistant Professor Gr. II, Mechanical Engineering Department , NIT Hamirpur 
6 Mr. Manuj Thakur Dr. Rajesh , Associate Professor , Mechanical Engineering Department , NIT, Hamirpur (HP) Paper Bag making machine Prototype Development Stage
Dr. Manoj Sinha, Assistant Professor, Gr.II, Mechanical Engineering Department , NIT , Hamirpur (HP)
7 Mr. Arnav Sewal Dr. Chandrasekran S., Assistant Professor Grade.II, Electrical Engineering Department, NIT,Hamirpur(HP) Manufacturing of pedal Charging E-Bike Prototype Development Stage
Dr. Anil Kumar Yadav , Assistant Professor Gr.II, ElectricalEngineering Department , NIT, Hamirpur (HP)
8 Mr. Nikhil Kumar Dr. Mohd. Adil ,Assistant Professor Grade-I , Department of Management Studies, NIT, Hamirpur (HP)  Custom clothing (LynclerCompnay name) Prototype Development Stage
Dr. Vivek Tiwari, Assistant Professor Grade-I , Department of Management Studies, NIT, Hamirpur (HP)
9 Mr. Rajeev Sharma  Dr. Mohit Pant, Assistant Professor Grade-I, Mechanical Engineering Department , NIT, Hamirpur (HP) Fertilizer Drop gun Prototype Development Stage
Dr. Akhilesh Kumar Chaudhary, Assistant Professor, Grade-II, Mechanical Engineering Department, NIT, Hamirpur(HP)
10 Mr. Ankur Sharma  Dr. Ashok , Associate Professor, Electronics & Communication Engineering Department , NIT, Hamirpur (HP) An edtech startup to sell courses in regional languages Prototype Development Stage
Dr. Rakesh Sharma, Assistant Professor Grade-II, Electronics & Communication Engineering Department , NIT, Hamirpur (HP)
11 Mr. Amandeep Singh Pooni Dr. T.P. Sharma, Associate Professor, Computer Science &Engineering Department (HP) Centralization of educational communication system Prototype Development Stage
Sh. NITIN Gupta, Assistant Professor, Grade-II , Computer Science& Engineering Department (HP)
12 Mr. Rajesh Kumar  Dr. Somesh Sharma, Associate Professor , Mechanical Engineering Department , NIT,Hamirpur (HP) Agricultural Tool Power Bider tool Prototype Development Stage
Dr. Parinika Srivastava, Assistant Professor, Gr.II, Mechanical Engineering Department , NIT ,Hamirpur (HP)

Startup Commercialized

Name of Incubatee STARTUP NAME Unit Address Status Employment Provided Turn over
Mr. Ashwani Ratti Production of slates and mosaic ( manufacturing ) Rathi stone industries VPO Panarsa Teh. Aut Distt. Mandi (HP) Completed and Commercialized 11 70 lakh per year
Mr. Anirudh Thakur Apple grading and brushing machine Ecekal: - Village- majthai p.o- Badehari Tehsil and Distt. - shimla Completed and Commercialized 05 15 lakh per year



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