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Abiding by the supreme duty of a human being to help the denizens of darkness emerge out to the bright shimmering sun, Literacy Mission was established in the winters of 2004. The founders of Literacy Mission were students of NITH Mr. Amit Sharma, Mr. Aseem Kapoor, Mr. Ashish Chaudhary and some other fellow mates, who were distressed at seeing the pitiable conditions of the kids who roamed in the campus and fantasized about a life worth living. Literacy Mission started with the vision of adorning the lives of kids residing in the nearby slums with a garland of education so that their childhood would remain as precious as that of other children.

These kids come from families labouring at construction sites of which most are immigrants from different states and some from neighbouring countries as well foraging for livelihood. Their quality of life is so impoverish that they couldn't even provide basic necessities for the growth of their children. Consequently, the kids are deprived of education as well as an apt environment to nourish. Literacy Mission endeavours to facilitate these kids with anything and everything which endows them to accomplish success in the field of education so as to make them better citizens of India. Efforts are being made to provide every opportunity to raise them intellectually and enrich their lives.

Initially, Literacy Mission faced trials and tribulations to accommodate kids and finance their needs. Moreover the volunteers backing the cause lacked the emotional endorsement. They couldn't even get rooms for teaching the kids. But soon, with the immense support of some of the faculty members and the college administration, Literacy Mission was able to get a place to dwell and develop. Financial scarcity was one of the major limitations of the Mission, but the team fostered the idea of a cultural cum charity festival ‘PRAYAS’-"Concert For A Cause" with the purpose of generating funds. One of the foremost challenges was to convince the parents about the importance of their wards' education. But with the constant visit to the parents and the pursuit of Mission in the course to literate kids, made volunteers earn the faith of families and they started sending their kids to study at Literacy Mission. As per the rule of nature, though it may pose hurdles to strengthen the noble yet never inhibits the most aspirant. Henceforth, Literacy Mission grew in its entire domain and outshone.

Literacy Mission earned its identity in 2006 when it was made an extra-curricular activity for students at NITH. Since then the Mission has attracted many students of the institute. The daily classes of Literacy Mission are held at the Vivekanand Lecture Hall Complex(VLHC) of NITH which enrolls more than 120 kids and several volunteers. In its focus to groom kids, Literacy Mission has been actively organising various extra-curricular activities like drawing and painting competitions, essay writing competition, extempore, etc. to make them recognize their talents. Movies and plays are shown, general knowledge and presentation based quiz are also organised and rewards are presented to provide them a morale boost up. Major national and cultural festivals are celebrated with the aim of bejewelling their lives with moments of elation and ecstasy.

Literacy Mission has always tried to add its bit to the life of kids and shall continue in its efforts. Embracing the thought that,

"Every child must know that he is a miracle, that since the beginning of the world there hasn't been, and until the end of the world there will not be, another child like him"

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