The unison of arts and manifestations of the human intellect is the attribute that makes our country so truly aesthetic and gratifying that one is drawn into the alchemy of its diversities of cultures. With this as its essence, Hill’ffair has carried the badge for being the best cultural extravaganza in the North India and continued to stay true to its grandeur, and that of NIT Hamirpur, with changing time and vogue.

With a humble beginning in 1988, Hill’ffair has gradually emerged to be the institute’s cultural glory and a portal to immerge pioneering ideas and talents from all over the nation culminating in these three days. Enthralling dance choreographies, music performances, concerts, dramatics, national level competitions and numerous cultural events- all, in the dell of the pastoral “White Peak” mountains and the placid small-town environment-leave no stone unturned in making the festival an unparalleled celebration of culture, education and competition.

Hill’ffair has not only touched and surpassed past benchmarks but created new milestones for the years to come. In 2017, we strived to carry the enthusiasm to the next level. Dedicated to reminiscing and appreciating our cultural roots, the theme for this year was Inceptio : rediscovering our roots .

With the vision to retrace our journeys to our homelands and reconnect with our traditions and culture, we explored the diversity existing within the college community and delved in the medley held by our country.