The Dean (Faculty Welfare) reports to the Director and works with the Associate Deans to coordinate faculty recruitment, promotion and tenure policies and processes, and CPDA/faculty resources across the Institute, including assisting with the orientation of new chairs. The Dean (Faculty Welfare) serve as part of a faculty affairs mission team that includes the two Associate Dean (Faculty Deputation & Recruitment) & Associate Dean (Faculty Establishment & CPDA). Dean (Faculty Welfare) spans all aspects of domains of education, research, and service delivery, including the faculty culture therein. Effective delivery of a program of Faculty Development may encompass technical education, research activities and excellent relationship with faculty and staff.

The following are aim and objectives:

  • To enhance technical and professional competency of the faculty members.
  • To promote the spirit of research and innovation among the faculty members.
  • To promote interaction among the professionals working in specific areas of research.
  • To design, develop and implement professional faculty development program and initiatives.
  • To identifying mentoring needs and/or creating individualized professional development plans for faculty to address challenges and opportunities.
  • To provide research orientation to faculty.
  • To support, guide, encourage and/or stimulate faculty members to develop individual strengths and interests that serve the collective interests of the faculty and the Institute.
  • To monitor recruitment / promotion process.