Community Services Scheme

Students of NIT Hamirpur are voluntarily getting involved in the community services because of many reasons. Sometime there are unclean roadside verges, which need cleanliness. The labours staying with their families in the campus are involved in construction activities need someone to encourage them toward: children education, hygiene, etc. Many young school students in or around the campus need career guidance. The elderly people need someone to comfort and look after them. Such things in our campus or other communities have no end. We always assert that it’s the institute administration or government or charitable organizations job to work for the welfare of those who are in need.

Government, campus administration or charitable organizations have their own platforms to serve communities but we should also come forward to contribute in any possible way we can. Administration of NIT Hamirpur helps communities through its different programs. Students participation in the community services scheme has reminded that there are more important things in the real world along with attending the classes or passing the exams. We don’t wish to highlight our own troubles which we face in the campus or outside because other might have different kinds of problems, which may be more serious than ours. Following are the example of community service we have started:

  • Cleanliness of the campus
  • Helping in the local fire
  • Tutoring children living in slums
  • Awareness program about the spread of disease hygiene etc
  • Use of Science and Technology to uplift living standards of local villagers simultaneously keeping
    in mind the environment impact