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[open webmail interface can be used within the campus only and user can change their password using this interface]

  • Computer Centre, NIT Hamirpur (HP) provides Email Services to its user i.e. faculty,staff and students.
  • All the faculty members can get their username and password from Computer Centre.
  • First year students (UG & PG) can get their username and password from their respective Departments.
  • Ph.D. scholar can get their username and password by writing request to Head, Computer Centre through their respective Heads.
  • All the users are requested to keep their password secret and not to disclose with anyone.Computer Centre never asks such information.
  • Users are responsible for their password and mailbox.
  • Users are requested to delete unwanted mails and keep the trash empty on regular basis.
  • Users can change their user password using Openwebmail Interface. This facility is available from campus only.
  • To prevent virus and spam mails, please don’t open mails which are not related to you or don’t know where it is from.

Note: All the above Webmail Interfaces are running on Secure https login, so please go ahead with security exceptions while using first time.