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Srijan – NIT Hamirpur

There are certain corners in this universe, where big black holes disorient light, absorbing from it every speck of direction that it was born with; yet there are others where tiny strokes of running ink are capable of evoking emotion. We, at SRIJAN, prosper in the latter. Digging deep into hearts and helming higher into brains, we assemble facts and fiction, amuse and ruse, from haphazard thoughts into a compilation of shiny sheets. SRIJAN is the official annual cultural magazine of the institute.

Looking at it from a distance, the readers get glimpses of the year-around happenings in the college, set amid pieces of art by writers, painters, hotographers and whatnots in the college; up close, the magazine spells to the reader another universe of creativity. All the events and proceedings, activities by various teams and clubs, works carried on in the different departments are accounted. Artworks by creators make the most part of the magazine; they include handfuls of articles, beautiful poems, soulful photographs, paintings, sketches and digital arts.

Behind this compilation of about a couple of 100 pages, lays the hard-work of nights and days that is put together by Team SRIJAN. The team consists of editors, designers and the lately added members of the team—the photographers. The team of editors is further split on the basis of language: Hindi and English. Moreover, all the factions consist of members from each year of study in the university. The editors handle the write-ups submitted: filter, edit, filter again, amend to make more reader-friendly, and proofread again. The designers hold the binding element to the magazine; they design each curve and each corner of what we finally have in the handbook.

We, at SRIJAN, welcome the talent to come and reach the surface, celebrate literature with fellow artists and rejoice in art that a stroke of ink can draw.