1. Boarders should keep their rooms and hostel premises clean.
  2. The boarder shall not damage any hostel property.
  3. Students should switch off lights, fans etc. when these are not required. For the use of other electric appliances, prior permission of Warden is mandatory.
  4. The boarders are not allowed to invite any member of opposite sex to their rooms in the hostels.
  5. The boarders are not allowed to accommodate any guests in their rooms without written permission of the hostel authorities. For guests staying up to five days, prior permission is to be obtained from Warden. Permission of the Chief Warden is essential for guests staying for more than five days. Nominal stay charges of Rs. 50/- (Rupees Fifty only) per day shall be charged even if the guest stays with the boarders.
  6. The boarders are not allowed to keep with them any firearms or weapons even if they possess license thereof.
  7. The boarders are not allowed to keep motorized vehicles with them in the campus. However, in exceptional cases e.g. in case of disability, the boarders may use these with prior approval of the Dean (Student and Alumni Affairs).The research scholars are also not permitted to use motorized vehicles without written permission of Dean (Student Welfare).
  8. As per the notifications issued by the Law enforcement agencies, entire Institution is smoking free zone and the boarders are supposed to abide by this.
  9. The boarders are not allowed to keep any pets in the hostel premises.
  10. The boarders are not allowed to invite undesirable elements to the hostel premises.
  11. The boarders are not allowed to cook in the rooms.
  12. The boarders are not allowed to stay overnight out of their hostels or to go out of station without prior permission of the hostel authority. Violation by the boarders shall be reported to the parents and punitive action may be initiated against the defaulters.
  13. The boarders are not allowed to gamble, to consume intoxicants (narcotics, alcohol beverages, smoking etc.)or to have possession of these or be in the influence of these in the hostel premises. The defaulters shall be rusticated from the hostel and will not be re-allotted hostel under any circumstances.
  14. Any act of manhandling, group fighting, intimidation or violence, willful damage to property or drunken behavior, both inside and outside the campus constitutes a breach of discipline and is considered a serious In case of any quarrel between boarders or other persons it should be reported to the Warden for appropriate action.
  15. The boarders shall refrain from ragging the junior students in any form and violation of it will be treated as a gross misconduct and shall be dealt with as per anti ragging regulations.
  16. The boarders shall not indulge in any act of theft, immoral acts, misbehaviour with hostel /mess staff, spread of regionalism, communalism and castesim etc.
  17. Spreading rumours, filing false complaints either in written form or through e-mail, if proved, would be considered an act of serious indiscipline.
  18. The boarders are required to refrain from indulging any activity leading to cyber crime. They should not use social web sites to defame others and misuse the internet.
  19. The boarders are expected to live in the hostel as a community and with a full sense of responsibility. They should behave with restraint, maintain decorum and should not act in any fashion, which may cause disturbance to anybody. The boarders shall observe 00 PM to 6.00 AM as silence hours. The boarders are expected to be in their rooms from 10.00 PM onwards till next morning.
  20. Clock alarms should be switched off, when not in use. There have been instances when students have set the alarm and gone on long leave, and some of them keep on ringing for hours and spoil the peace of fellow hostellers.
  21. Water should be carefully used and not wasted.
  22. Wrong entry, improper / lack of entry in exit register, signing on behalf of another person, tampering with the entries, proxy attendance and misguidance of any nature are punishable. Absentees / Late comers (without prior permission from the Warden) will be suitably fined.
  23. Students coming late / or remaining absent regularly will be expelled from the Hostel. Such students shall not be readmitted under any circumstances.
  24. Collection of donation for any purpose (Religious /otherwise) is also strictly prohibited.
  25. The inmates are supposed not to use fire crackers in the corridors or within the hostel buildings. They are also not allowed to spill over water inside the corridors during any festivals.
  26. The boarders are not allowed to take any common room or mess property into their rooms without proper issuance of the same.
  27. The boarders are not allowed to play out door games in the corridors or within the hostel buildings and are expected not to cause any damage to hostel property while playing in the lawns of the hostel premises. Students are also not allowed to play skating rollers and other such games inside the hostel to prevent breakages and accidents. Sliding along the hand rails/rest of stairs, sitting on the railings and fast running/ climbing downshould be totally avoided to prevent accidents.
  28. The students are not allowed to convene any meeting in or around the hostel without the permission of Warden/Assistant Warden.
  29. Boarders should not go to print media/press in any circumstances without prior permission of the authority.
  30. The boarders must abide by the instructions conveyed by the Institute authorities from time to time for smooth functioning of hostels.
  31. The Institute/hostel authorities may visit/inspect the room of the boarders any time to ensure proper cleanliness and other discipline related matters.
  32. The boarders (boys) should report back in the hostel by 10.00 PM daily. Nobody is permitted to leave/enter the Campus after 9.30 PM without permission. Defaulters may be punished for non compliance to the timings.
  33. Hostel may have their own timings for daily attendance. The boarders have to ensure their attendance which is to be taken by the Hostel Attendant/Mess Attendant/Security Guard.
  34. In case of any emergency all the boarders should report the matter to any Institute/Hostel authority employee on duty i.e Chowkidar, Security Guard, Hostel/Mess Attendant, MMCA Warden/Assistant Warden immediately.
  35. The boarders should avoid keeping costly items like jewellery, electronic gadgets etc. They should ensure proper security of their valuable items such as purse/wallet, Debit/Credit Card (if any), calculators, cell phones, computers, laptops, and books etc. In case of theft or loss of any items it will not normally be possibleto carry out any investigation. The hostellers are advised to keep their rooms, boxes, suitcases, cupboards, etc., securely locked with good quality locks. Hostel authorities will not be responsible for any theft or damage of such items.
  36. While moving out of the hostel premises the boarders must possess their identity cards with them. Priorpermission from the Warden/Assistant Warden shouldbe sought before leaving the station.
  37. Boarders going out of the campus should ensure proper entry in the in/out register maintained by Security Guard.
  38. Boarders have to keep their rooms properly locked while going out of their respective rooms.
  39. The boarders are supposed not to visit areas which may endanger their life. They are advised to refrain from taking adventurous trips to river side such as Beas or other watery areas or to take trekking expeditions or any other risky sport which may result in loss of human life. They are also advised not to visit rooftops etc. and endanger their safety.
  40. The Warden of the concerned hostel may rusticate the boarder for violating any of the conditions specified in Annexure I and II.

In addition to general discipline rules, the boarders of Girls Hostel shall abide by the following rules:-

  1. All visitors to the hostel including the parents / guardians will have to make necessary entries in the visitor’s book available at the hostel entrance with the security guard.
  2. Visit of men to the Girls hostel is restricted to the timings 7.00 p.m. to 9.00 a.m.
  3. No overnight guests are permitted in a student’s room without permission of the Assistant Warden/Warden/ Chief Warden.
  4. Entertaining unauthorized guests will be dealt with severe punishment including expulsion from the Hostel.
  5. Resident should not indulge in practices / activities, which may endanger their own personal safety as well as that of others.
  6. Residents shall be personally responsible for the safety of their belongings.
  7. Students should not arrange any picnic outside without specific permission of the Assistant Warden/Warden /Authorities concerned.
  8. Every boarder should report back in the hostel before hostel timings, as notified by the hostel/institute authority. However, the PG students may avail the facility of computer centre for computational work/labs beyond hostel timings as well, with the consent of the supervisor and prior permission of the hostel authority.
  9. While going out of campus, proper entries have to be made in OUT-CAMPUS register showing their identity proof to the security guard. Same procedure is required to be followed while returning back to the hostel. (Security guard is fully authorized to ask for your identity proof and report any unlawful act if observed.).
  10. Anyone leaving station for going home/ or for vacations must fill the gate pass and submit to MMCA office. It is MMCA’s responsibility to check the status and further to assist Assistant Warden/Warden for necessary action.
  11. Boarders moving out of hostel must give/fill the contact address and other details of the persons whom they are visiting. They must ensure that the contact numbers (Mobile/land line phone) are genuine and in working order. The PG students visiting to collect data/literature or other related academic work must submit the details and the request through their supervisors.
  12. Under-graduate students are not allowed to stay in the hostel after the end semester examination barring those who are registered for summer/winter classes. Extension of overstay may only be allowed only under special cas
  13. Maximum three out station passes per month can be issued per boarder by the Warden/Assistant Warden. The boarders are expected to provide the details of the visit viz. reason of visit, place of visit, contact details of the persons at the place of visit. They are also required to return on the specified dates and submit slips signed by their parents as an indication that they stayed with their Parents/Guardian during the weekends holidays/vacations.
  14. Guests including parents are not allowed to visit the hostel rooms of their wards. Guests/Parents can meet their wards only at designated place in the hostel between 5.30 PM to 8.00 PM during working days and 8:00 AM to 8.00 PM during holidays.
  15. Workers/electrician etc. can visit the girls’ rooms only between 10.00 am to 7.00 pm after making proper entries and with the prior permission of the Assistant Warden/Warden.