1. Each hostel will have a mess attached to it and the boarders of the hostel shall compulsorily join the mess attached to it.
    2. Mess charges will be divided proportionately amongst members. Only those students who take all the meals in the mess will be eligible to proportional division. All others will be charged standard guest rates for each meal, which will be fixed from time to time. This will also be applicable in case of day scholars.
    3. There will be a Mess Committee consisting of students’ Representatives with one of the student acting as Mess Secretary. The mess committee will be responsible for looking after the mess affairs under the guidance of Warden/Assistant Warden.
    4. Mess Committee will decide
      • Mess Menu
      • The detail of bulk purchases related to mess.
    5. The co-operative Committee consisting of Mess Committee and Warden/Assistant Warden or his nominee, helped by MMCA, shall carry out all mess related purchase. The receipt of provision will be entered into a stock register after verification from the Mess Committee Members or persons authorized by Mess Committee. The daily ration for cooking will be issued by Mess Secretary/Mess Committee Members.The Mess Committee and Mess/Hostel Attendant will ensure the quality of food and proper delivery of the mess material as per orders. All vouchers will be signed by the Mess Secretary/ Mess Committee Members. The Mess Manager-cum-Accountant will maintain account and would prepare a balance sheet of all accounts of hostel at the end of every month. The Warden will operate the bank account of the hostel. All the accounts will be audited by the Auditors to be appointed with the approval of the Director. All financial Transactions will be carried out by the Warden.
    6. Any absence of a student will be taken into account only if he has taken prior permission of the Warden/Assistant Warden. Otherwise the student (s) will be charged for the whole period of their absence. The boarders shall also go through the rebate rules applicable.
    7. Students shall have to take their meals in the Dinning Hall and in no case meals will be served in their rooms. In case of illness, sick diet will be provided to the members under advice of Institute Medical Officer and the sick diet may be served in the room.
    8. The boarders are advised to be in proper dress while entering in the dining hall of the hostel.
    9. The boarders should stick to the timing of Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner as displayed from time to time by the Hostel Authority.
    10. MMCA’s of different hostels will notify the list of students who have not deposited the mess advance. Such students may not be considered eligible for allotment of rooms in the ensuing semesters.
    11. MMCA’s of different hostels will prepare a list of students passing out from the institute but having messbill/any other dues pending against them. Such students have to ensure no dues clearance from the hostel authority concerned before leaving the institute.
    12. Attendance record of each resident would be maintained in attendance registers by MMCA.
    13. Minimum five days mess off would be allowed at a time.
    14. Residents would not be allowed to avail mess off for more than 20 days in a Semester, however, the residents proceeding on official visits to other Institutes /organizations shall have exemption of this limit.
    15. To avail mess off facility, a resident is required to seek permission of Warden and should inform the MMCA in writing two days in advance before leaving the hostel.
    16. The rebate in mess bill may be given to individual student on request. The Warden and mess committee of the hostel, keeping in view the income of family and living standard of concerned students, shall take decision in this regard.