Programme Name Scholar Name Research Topic Status Year Co-Suprivisor(s)
Ph.D Samriti Hybrid nanostructures for environmental applications ongoing 2020
M.Tech Aniket Chaturvedi (Electrical Eng. Department) Polymer nanocomposites for power cable insulations Completed 2020 as Co-Superisor
M.Tech Tanya (MSc Chemistry) Hydrothermal synthesis of 1D TiO2 Nanostructures Completed 2020
M.Tech Pooja (MSc Chemistry) Sol-gel synthesis of doped TiO2 Nansostructures Completed 2020
M.Tech Sahil (MSc Chemistry) Hydrothermal synthesis of CdS nanoflowers and nanocomposites Completed 2020
Ph.D Pratibha Sharma Green synthesis of SiO2 nanoparticles Ongoing 2021 as Co-Superisor
M.Tech Manisha (MSc Chemistry) doped graphene oxide Completed 2021
M.Tech Vishal Rajput (MSc Chemistry) SERS study of metal oxides Completed 2021
M.Tech Ashish Upadhyay Doping in ZnO nanomaterials Completed 2021
Ph.D Priyanka Chauhan Schiff Bases and Flavonoids as Inhibitors of Human ?D-crystallin Aggregation and their Interactions with Human ?A-crystallin: An Approach to Impede Cataract Degree Awarded 2013 NIL
Ph.D Vandna Sharma Studies on Fibrillation of Human gammaD-Crystallin and its Inhibition by using Small Molecules and Nanoparticles Degree Awarded 2014 NIL
Ph.D Shiwani Rana Inhibition of posttranslational modifications and amyloid fibrillation of human gammaD-crystallin Degree Awarded 2016 NIL
Ph.D Anchal Sharma Inhibition of protein fibrillation by nanomaterails and studies on interactions between biomacromolecules and nanomaterials Thesis Submitted 2017 NIL
Ph.D Shivani Sharma Synthesis & development of fluorescence sensors for detection of cations In progress (State of Art completed) 2018 NIL
M.Tech Sristhi Verma (M.Sc.) Protein chemistry Completed 2019 NIL
M.Tech Sheetal (M.Sc.) Protein chemistry Completed 2019 NIL
M.Tech Subham Sharma (M.Sc) Bionanochemistry Completed 2019 NIL
M.Tech Arvind (M.Sc) Bionanochemistry Completed 2019 NIL
M.Tech Sakshi (M.Sc.) Synthesis & development of metal sensors Completed 2020 NIL
M.Tech Neha (M.Sc.) Synthesis & development of metal sensors Completed 2020 NIL
M.Tech Yogesh Routela (M.Sc.) Synthesis of Schiff base molecules Completed 2021 NIL
M.Tech Abhijit Bhagat (M.Sc.) Synthesis of Schiff base molecules Completed 2021 NIL
M.Tech Meghali (M.Sc.) Synthesis of Schiff base molecules Completed 2021 NIL
M.Tech Shivanand (M.Sc.) Synthesis of Schiff base molecules Completed 2021 NIL
M.Tech Divya Yadav (M.Sc.) Synthesis of Schiff base sensor Ongoing 2022 NIL
M.Tech Adarsh Porwal (M.Sc.) Development of metal ion sensor Ongoing 2022 NIL
M.Tech Sachin Kumar (M.Sc.) Development of metal ion sensor Ongoing 2022 NIL
M.Tech Saurin Maity (M.Sc.) Design and development of nanosensor Ongoing 2022 NIL
Ph.D Sushma Design and development of nanomaterials in sensing applications Ongoing 2021 NIL
Ph.D Ankita Sharma Design & Development of ion sensors Ongoing 2022 NIL
Ph.D Shilpa Dogra Studies on interactions of anthraquinone based anticancer drug mitoxantrone with different DNA sequences Completed 2015 Dr. Nayar
Ph.D Priyanka Sharma Computational designing, synthesis and biological evaluation of juvenile hormone analogues as a potential pesticide Completed 2016 None
Ph.D Nitesh Kumar Synthesis, characterization, cytotoxic and DNA binding studies of Titanium complexes Completed 2016 Dr. Raj Kaushal
Ph.D Manu Vatsal Synthesis, characterization, biological and computational studies of anthraquinine based drugs to be potential anticancer agents Completed 2020 None
Ph.D Ar. Veenu Shree Study of ventilation and indoor paints in primary school classrooms of composite climate for monitoring its indoor air quality - Case study hamirpur (H.P.) Completed 2020 Dr. Bhanu Marwah
Ph.D Anjali Sharma Drug-DNA interactions of synthesized analogues of anthracycline class of anticancer drugs using spectroscopic and computational tools- A novel approach to develop new class of drug candidates. Thesis submitted 2022 None
Ph.D Nitika Bali Synthetic, computational and biological study of analogues of Juvenile hormone analogues to be potential Insect Growth Regulators Ongoing None
Ph.D Kirna Devi Synthesis, characterization, biological screening and computational studies of sulphonamide analogues to be multifunctional agents completed 2021 None
Ph.D Vandana Devi Synthesis, Characterization, computational and bioassay of juvenile hormone analogues to be insect growth regulators Completed 2022 None
Ph.D Jaspreet Unraveling the micellization behavior of surfactants in the presence of different additives Thesis submitted 2022 Late (Dr. ) Harsh Manchanda as superviosr
Ph.D Arti Synthesis of an thraquinone and phenothiazine class of anticancer agents on-going 2023 None
Ph.D NItesh Kumar Synthesis , characterization, biological evaluation and computational study of Titanium Complexes completed 2015 Dr Pamita awasthi
Ph.D Sheetal Synthesis , characterization and biological evaluation of titanium and ruthenium complexes with biologically important ligands completed 2016
Ph.D Archana Thakur Titanium –Indole complexes and their biological Applications completed 2021
Ph.D Mandeep Kaur Chalcone based vanadium complexes, their antibacterial and antidiabetic studies ongoing 2017
M.Tech Neha Kumari Computational chemistry and type 2 Diabetes melletus completed 2017
M.Tech Shaifali Sharma Cobalt chalcone complexes and their in silico alpha glucosidase inhibition completed 2018
M.Tech Akanksha Katoch Synthesis of mixed ligand complexes of titanium using indole and substituted phenols completed 2018
M.Tech Vikrant Taliyan Synthesis of alkoxo phenoxo titanium (IV) complexes and their ct-DNA cleavage study using Agarose gel electrophoresis completed 2019
M.Tech Ajay Organotin(IV) complexes of aminoacid Schiff bases and their ct-DNA interactions completed 2019
M.Tech Harish Kumar Harit Synthesis, spectroscopic characterization and ct-DNA ligation of vanadium(IV) indole complexes completed 2019
Ph.D Pratibha Sharma Synthesis and Functionalization of Silica Nanoparticles for Removal of Water Pollutants ongoing 2018 Dr Jai Prakash