Role Project Type Title Funding Agency From To Amount Status Co-Investigator Sanction Order
PI Research and Development Synthesis, characterization and evaluation of thermal and mechanical properties of vinyl ester resins based on cresol/resorcinol epoxy novolac resins. DST 01/02/2004 31/08/2007 17 lacs completed - 16/02/2004
Scientist Mentor Research and Development Synthesis, Characterization evaluation of thermal and mechanical properties and chemical resistance of a new series of dentritic/hyperbranched vinyl ester resins based on rosin acid DST 27/12/2012 26/12/2015 17.88 lacs completed - 27/12/2012
PI Research and Development Manufacture of pine needle based fibreboards/particleboards DST 18/05/2017 40.77 lacs Ongoing Dr. Rajesh Sharma, Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering 18/05/2017
Co-PI Research and Development Exploring diversity, functional dynamics and biotechnological applications of bacterial communities, inhabiting hot water spring atop the Himalayan ranges at Manikaran, Himachal Pradesh, India. DBT 31/01/2017 52.23 lacs Ongoing Prof. Mallikarjun N. Shakarad, University of Delhi 31/01/2017
Principal Investigator (PI) Research and Development Development of functionalized nanocomposite based high-performance nano-sensor DST 29/02/2016 28/02/2021 Rs 35 Lakh Ongoing N/A 15/02/2016
PI Sponsored Inhibition of fibrillation of beta and gamma-crystallins: an alternate way against cataract SERB-DST, GoI 04/07/2013 03/07/2016 24.0 lakhs Completed NIL 02/05/2013
PI Sponsored Development of Multifunctional Bio-nanomaterial Media for Treatment of Water and Wastewater TEQIP-II, NIT Hamirpur 20/03/2014 31/03/2015 15 lakhs Completed NIL 20/03/2014
Principal Investigator Young Scientist “Juvenile harmone Analogues as potential pesticides: Designing, synthesis, characterization, biological evaluation and field testing” DST-SERB 31/08/2009 31/07/2013 13 lacs complete nil 31/07/2013
Scientist mentor DST-WOS-A Synthesis, Characterization, Biological and Computational study of series of 1-[1-oxo-3-phenyl-2(benzosulfonamide)-propylamido]-anthracene-9,10-dione analogs-Anthraquinone based anticancer drugs DST 31/05/2017 30/06/2020 24 lacs completed Nil 31/05/2017
Scientist mentor Research Project Field Efficacy of JH mimics as Nano Pesticides: A new generation Nanocides DST 08/10/2021 08/10/2024 31,36, 222/- on-going Dr. Priyanka 08/10/2021
PI Extramural Research Grant Designing, preparation, characterization and antiproliferative activity of titanium based drugs SERB DST New Delhi 01/04/2016 31/03/2018 11 lacs completed NIL 10/03/2016