Programme Name Scholar Name Research Topic Status Year Co-Suprivisor(s)
M.Tech Er. Manoj Sood Wind load analysis on tall rectangular building with modification of side ratio. Completed 2015 NO
M.Tech Md. Mohsin Khan Wind Flow around Power Station Chimney with interference effect. Completed 2015 NO
M.Tech Dhiraj Kr. Ghosh Wind Flow around pyramidal roof building with different percentage of openings on the walls. Completed 2016 NO
M.Tech Manish Kumar Variation of Wind loads around Power Station Chimney with interference effect. Completed 2016 NO
M.Tech Vinay Kr. Pandey Wind load analysis on tall rectangular building with modification of plan shape Completed 2016 NO
M.Tech Atul Sardalia Characteristics of wind interference around tall buildings with various configuration Completed 2017 NO
M.Tech Rahul Sharma Wind effects on low rise pyramidal roof building with window openings Completed 2017 NO
M.Tech Aslam Aziz Effect of wind load on canopy roofs of low rise buildings with interference through CFD simulation Completed 2018 NO
M.Tech Adarsh Kumar Manwal Effect of interference of surrounding structures on performance of a roof mounted wind turbine – A case study Completed 2018 NO
M.Tech Ankur Sharma Effect of Side Ratio on High Rise Building through CFD Simulation Completed 2018 NO
M.Tech Desh Deepak Verma Effect of interference of surrounding structures on performance of a roof mounted wind turbine – A case study Completed 2019 NO
Ph.D Jagbir Katyal Singh Aerodynamic characteristics on building roofs under forced excitation Ongoing 2015 NO
Ph.D Surya Pratap Singh Soil and Structure interaction Ongoing 2018 NO
Ph.D Anupam Anand Bharti Soil and Structure interaction Ongoing 2019 NO
M.Tech Rishab Agarwal Wind and Erthquacke effect on Qutb Minar Ongoing 2019 NO
M.Tech Pankaj Kumar Wind and Erthquacke effect on Qutb Minar Ongoing 2019 NO
Ph.D Karan Singh Microbial fuel cell performance studies for wastewater treatment Perusing 2020
M.Tech K. Ann maria Studies of Biological Treatment of wastewater using MFC to Produce Electricity Completed 2016
M.Tech Ritika semwal Environmental Concern and Threat Investigation Due to Malpractices in Biomedical Waste Management Completed 2016
M.Tech Sachin Shankar Laboratory Scale Electrocoagulation Studies for the Treatment of wastewater Completed 2016
M.Tech Ajay Chalotra Environmental Impact Assessment on Mining & natural Resources Udhampur (J&K) Completed 2016
M.Tech Nimisha Anna Environmental Concerns through Municipal Solid Waste Management Behaviour: Concepts and Profile of Hamirpur Completed 2016
M.Tech Rasma K Laboratory Studies of Low-Cost Adsorbent Media Developed from Pine Cone for Dye Removal Completed 2015
M.Tech Petla Sri Hari Photo catalytic Treatment of Phenol Bearing Wastewater and its Optimization Completed 2015
M.Tech Deenanath Ratnaker Anaerobic digestion of food waste studies with varied organic loading rates Completed 2014
M.Tech Gaurav Design and studies of trickling filter media for NIT Hamirpur wastewater Completed 2014
M.Tech Manoj Yadav Up flow Anaerobic fixed film fixed bed (UAFFB) reactor study for NIT Hamirpur wastewater Completed 2014
M.Tech Akshay Kumar Stability Analysis of Different Shapes of Tunnel in Sandy Soil Using Plaxis 2D Ongoing 2021
M.Tech Keshav Kumar Pressure Settlement Behaviour of Circular Footing Resting on Geotextile Encased Stone Column Ongoing 2021
M.Tech Vishal Kumar Pressure Settlement Behaviour of Ring Footing Resting on Geotextile Encased Stone Column Ongoing 2021
M.Tech Vishal Raghuvanshi Slope Stability Analysis of Expansive Soil Amended with Biochar Using PLAXIS 2D Ongoing 2021
M.Tech Suhas S Babu Dynamic Analysis of Aqueducts Subjected to Seismic Forces Awarded 2019
Ph.D Vaibhav Chaudhary Soil Stabilization Ongoing 2020
M.Tech Gaurav Patel Impact of Climate Change on Hydrology of Beas River Basin in Himachal Pradesh Completed 2020
M.Tech Ashraf Raja Assessment of Spatial and Temporal Variation of Surface Water Quality in Tawi River, Jammu and Kashmir, India Completed 2020
M.Tech Rajat Kumar Average Annual Trend Analysis of Observed Rainfall and its Impact on other Meteorological Parameters, in Himachal Pradesh, India. Completed 2020
M.Tech Arun Kumar Singh Analysis of Snowmelt Processes & Study of Bara Shigri Glacier via Modelling of Snowmelt Runoff with GIS & WinSRM Completed 2020
M.Tech Paulomi Porai Rainfall Runoff Modelling Using SCS-CN Method Completed 2020
M.Tech Sanjeet Kumar Dam Breach Analysis Using HEC-RAS Completed 2020
M.Tech Pulkit Singh Structural Health Monitoring Completed 2018 1
M.Tech Rakesh Structural Health Monitoring Completed 2018 1
M.Tech Shubham Health Monitoring of 3D steel frame structures using FE model updating technique Completted 2019
M.Tech Shaswat Health Monitoring of 3D steel frame structures using classical techniques Completted 2019
Ph.D Maloth Naresh Health monitoring of Tubular Joints Ongoing 2020
M.Tech NikHil Saini Image Processing based Structural Health Monitoring Ongoing 2020
M.Tech Sandeep Yadav Image Processing based Structural Health Monitoring Ongoing 2020
M.Tech Maninder Pal Singh Image Processing based Structural Health Monitoring Ongoing 2020
Ph.D Virajan Verma, (2K17Ph.D CE 329) Response of Horizontally Curved Thin-walled Box-Girder Bridge to High-Speed Railways Train Vehicular Loads Ongoing 2017
M.Tech Anupam Anand Bharathi(12M143) Dynamic and Fatigue Analysis of Horizontally Curved Box-Girder Bridge Completed 2014
M.Tech Syed Abdul Razack(12M155) Dynamic and Fatigue Analysis of Chimney due wind load Completed 2014
M.Tech Kavin Mathi .K (12M165) Analysis and Modeling of Rigid Air Field Pavement using Finite Element Methods-A Case Study on Mangalore Air Port Completed 2014
M.Tech Naynish Pandey(12M167) Analysis and Designing of Rigid Pavement by Finite Element Techniques Completed 2014
M.Tech Rahul Dhankar (13M127) Dynamic and Fatigue Analysis of Railway Truss Girder Bridge Completed 2015
M.Tech Rakesh Kumar (13M129) Dynamic and Fatigue Analysis of Elevated Steel Water Tank Completed 2015
M.Tech Pothireddy Chandramohan (14M121) Dynamic and Fatigue Analysis of Electrical Tower With Cable for wind & seismic load by finite element Techniques Completed 2016
M.Tech Prem Chandra (14M123) Dynamic and Fatigue Analysis of wind mill for wind & seismic load by finite element Techniques Completed 2016
M.Tech Ishan Shankar Vats (15M127) Static and Dynamic Analysis of Natural Draught Hyperbolic Cooling Tower Completed 2017
M.Tech Ravi Kumar (15M119) Dynamic Analysis Of T-Beam Deck Slab Bridge Subjected To Moving Vehicle Load Completed 2017
M.Tech Sougata Mukherjee (16M127) Dynamic Response of Concrete Arch Gravity Dam under Hydrodynamic Water Pressure and Seismic Forces By Finite Element Technique Completed 2018
M.Tech Avdesh Badgal (14M124) Dynamic and Fatigue Analysis of Offshore jacket structure for hydro dynamic load& wind load by finite element Techniques Completed 2017
M.Tech Alok Tiwari (17M133) Static and Free Vibration Behaviour Study of Multi- Span Cable Stayed Bridge Completed 2019
M.Tech M.Abhilash (18M129) Dynamic Response of railway Track due to high speed train vehicles by finite element Techniques Completed 2020
Ph.D Dr Vivek Prakash Pankaj Isolation and Identification of Indigenous Microalgae for Biofuel production in Hamirpur (H.P) completed 2016 -
Ph.D Dr Amit Yadav Solar radiation prediction using artificial neural network completed 2015 Prof SS Chandel
Ph.D Dr Sunanda Ganguli Study of photovoltaic wind based hybrid power generation systems in western himalayan terrain completed 2016 Prof SS chandel
Ph.D Prashant Malik Techno-economic analysis of solar-biomass hybrid system Ongoing 2018 -
M.Tech Kumar vaibhav Analysis of Existing E-waste Disposal in Indian Scenario & System Dynamics modelling for sustainable disposal Ongoing 2019 -
M.Tech Kavinder Patial Constructional and Operational Study of Biogas Plant in Hamirpur District. completed 2012 -
M.Tech Vineeta Bharti Pine needle briquetting in Hamirpur completed 2012 -
M.Tech Shiwali Rana Pretreatment for Ethanol production through banana peel completed 2013 -
M.Tech Jot sindhu Ethanol production through water hyacinth completed 2013 -
M.Tech Karishma Rani Biogasification of rice husk completed 2013 -
M.Tech Ankush Gaur Green IT Policy completed 2015 Dr Rajiv, CSE
M.Tech Gopesh Tiwari Power production through biogas: A case study completed 2015 -
M.Tech Manish Economical Algal bioreactor fabrication in laboratory completed 2016 -
M.Tech Satyaprakash Design of algal photobioreactor for inoculum development completed 2016 -
M.Tech Esther Decentrallized Composting for hamirpur completed 2016 -
M.Tech Harshit Tyagi Life cycle assessment of water treatment plant completed 2017 -
M.Tech Amit Electrochemical Treatment of Wastewater from in and around Hospital Area completed 2017 -
M.Tech Sarabjeet chawla Effect on groundwater by landfill in ludhiana completed 2017 -
M.Tech Manu Sharma A study on preparation and dissemination of compost through urban solid waste completed 2017 -
M.Tech Monika Dubey Photo Fenton process for treatment of landfill leachate completed 2017 -
M.Tech G Yagneshwar Rao Microbial Fuel cell for wastewater treatment and power generation completed 2017 -
M.Tech Arunjyoti Performance analysis of Solar power plant completed 2017 -
M.Tech Gaurav Joshi Performance Analysis Of Evacuated Solar Water Heater completed 2017 -
M.Tech Hans Biodiesel production and engine efficiency completed 2017 -
M.Tech Deepak Arya Decolorization of Synthetic Dyes using mono and mixed culture technique completed 2018 -
M.Tech Vivek Agrawal Potential of Cordia obliqua and Tradescantia pallida in Turbidity removal of Surface Water completed 2018 -
M.Tech Sachin Kumar Singh Analysis of Food Waste Utilization in NIT Hamirpur completed 2018 -
M.Tech Sandeep Kumar Analysis of Phosphate removal using Ca(OH)2 Modified Zeolite based Adsorbents completed 2018 -
M.Tech Neha Mishra Performance of Algal Assisted Microbial Fuel Cell Generating Electricity from Wastewater completed 2018 -
M.Tech Pradeep Kumar Developing a Low Cost water Purifier for Non-Industrial region and Industrial region, India completed 2018 -
M.Tech CH Vikram Power Quality Improvement for Single-Phase Grid Connected Small-Scale WECS completed 2018 -
M.Tech Aditya Ushara Energy and Cost Analysis for Efficient Mushroom Cultivation: A Case Study completed 2018 -
M.Tech Jitendra Yadav Economically Feasible Processing of Algae for Biofuel Production completed 2018 -
M.Tech Faisal Ali Evaluation of Aloe vera gel as flocculant for harvesting microalgae Chlorella vulgaris completed 2018 -
M.Tech Anoop Panwar Phosphorus recovery in the form of struvite from urine completed 2019 -
M.Tech Kumar Vaibhav Vermicompost as a Waste Management Technique for Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste completed 2019 -
M.Tech Aftab Hussain Plastic Waste Generation, Composition And Potential For Recycling In South Dehli, India completed 2019 -
M.Tech Prakhar Prakash Cost Effective Ettringite Precipitation & Removal Efficiency of Sulphate from Municipal Wastewater completed 2019 -
M.Tech Bindu Efficiency of Waste Tea Leaves and Grounded Pine Cone as Bio-adsorbent for Iron Removal completed 2019 -
M.Tech Vishakha Photocatalytic Degradation of Congo Red Dye by Iron Doped Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles completed 2019 -
M.Tech Deepa Analysis of ammonia removal using Zeolite as Adsorbent completed 2019 -
M.Tech Rahul Impact of Fins on Solar Distillation completed 2019 -
M.Tech Ashwini Analysis of Indirect Solar Dryer with Phase Change Material completed 2019 -
M.Tech Priyashree Performance Evaluation of Electrocoagulation Treatment for Dairy Wastewater completed 2019 -
M.Tech Shashank Shrinit Title of Dissertation: : Recovery of phosphorus through vivianite crystallization formation from wastewater treatment processes. completed 2020 -
M.Tech Ankita Soni Title of Dissertation: : Fluoride removal using Pine cone biochar and Banana Peel dust completed 2020 -
M.Tech Rahul Singh Title of Dissertation: : CHARACTERIZATION OF PINE BIOCHAR completed 2020 -
M.Tech Ashok Kumar Potential of Natural Coagulants used for Turbidity completed 2020 -
M.Tech Aditya Harsh Removal of Colour from Water using Natural Coagulants completed 2020 -
Ph.D Rahul Shakya Effect of Underground Tunnels on Adjacent Buildings under Seismic Loading on going 2020
M.Tech Shantanu Saraswat SEISMIC BEARING CAPACITY OF fOOTINGS ON SLOPE on going 2020
M.Tech Mohd. Asif Effect on the ground surface due to construction of east-west metro tunnels in Kolkata on going 2020
M.Tech Deepak Angra Analysis of Multispan Arch Bridges Using NISA software Completed 2007
M.Tech Baljeet Yadav Simultaneous size shape and topology optimization of plane truss. Completed 2014
M.Tech Lal Singh Mechanism based assessment of skewed masonry arch bridges. Completed 2014
M.Tech P V Mallikarjun Rao Seismic performance of secondary systems housed in isolated and non-isolated building structures. Completed 2014
M.Tech Ghanshyam Gupta Dynamic analysis of pre-stressed concrete box girder highway bridge. Completed 2014
M.Tech Sandeep Petwal Seismic performance of Secondary systems housed in isolated and non-isolated structures Completed 2015
M.Tech Sumeet Sahoo Crack Growth Analysis of a cylindrical Pressure Vessel using CASCA and FRANC2D/L Completed 2015
M.Tech Udit Kumar Behavior of Skewed Masonry arch bridges Completed 2016
M.Tech Lalit Mohan Bahuguna Experimental investigation on the Skewed Slab bridges Completed 2016
M.Tech Anand Kumar R Durability assessment of Concrete Completed 2017
M.Tech Nishi Gangwar Building Risk Monitoring and hazard Mitigation using Wireless sensor Network Completed 2017
Ph.D Rahul Dubey Optimization of self-compacting concrete mixes and its use in retrofitting Completed 2015
Ph.D Vivek Sharma Seismic Micro zonation of Hamirpur (Himachal Pradesh) Ongoing . R K Sharma
Ph.D Anshul Sharma Damage Detection in Steel Bridges due to induced vibration of Moving vehicles Ongoing . Suresh Walia
Ph.D Japneet Sidhu Hydrophobic Concrete Ongoing .
Ph.D Bavita Geo Polymer Concrete Ongoing .
M.Tech Vishal Kumar Gupta Determination of cement Content In Hardened concrete Completed 2019
M.Tech Jyoti Comparative Finite Element analysis of Brick masonry and Autoclave aerated Block masonry Completed 2019
M.Tech Vinay Kumar Coconut Shells in concrete Ongoing 2019
M.Tech Arun Chanotra Cable Stayed Bridges Ongoing 2019
M.Tech Anurag Gupta Seismic base Isolation Ongoing 2019
Ph.D Chander Kant Impact of Climate Change on Runoff and Sediment Transport from Watershed Ongoing 2020
M.Tech Shubham Bhardwaj Rainfall Runoff Modelling using Artificial Neural Network Ongoing 2020
M.Tech Rohit Assessment of Reservoir Sedimentation Using Remote Sensing and Recommendation for Desilting in Gobind Sagar Reservoir Ongoing 2020
M.Tech Abhinav Kumar Flood inundation modelling using HEC-RAS and nonlinear regression models Ongoing 2020
M.Tech Sakshar Sharma Developing soil water retention curves (SWRC) for lower Kosi river basin Ongoing 2020
M.Tech Prerit Machiwar Morphometric analysis of Sutlej river basin Ongoing 2020
M.Tech Sourabh Thakur Impact assessment of pedestrian movements on vehicular traffic on undivided urban roads Completed 2020
M.Tech Rahul Tamwar Development of headway based speed prediction model on divided rural highways Completed 2020
M.Tech Harish Saini Neural Network Based Approach for Estimation of Lateral Placement and Lane Indiscipline of Urban Mixed Traffic Completed 2020
M.Tech Ashutosh Pandey Development of a New Approach for Assessing Level of Service on Two-lane Undivided Urban Road Completed 2020
M.Tech Manjul Sharma Development of Heterogeneity Index for mixed traffic on urban roads Completed 2020
M.Tech Ayush Gautam Estimation of Lateral Placement of vehicles at horizontal curvature on hilly highways Ongoing 2021
M.Tech Sraddha Maurya Impact of Pedestrian Movements on LOS of Vehicular Traffic on Undivided Streets Ongoing 2021
M.Tech Bhavna Study on Inconsistency in Lateral Placement for Urban Mixed Traffic Ongoing 2021
M.Tech Rahul Kumar Effect of Atmospheric Brightness on Vehicular Movements: A Case Study Ongoing 2021
M.Tech Nikhil Chaurasiya Neural Network Based Approach for Quantifying Heterogeneity of Urban Mixed Traffic Ongoing 2021
M.Tech Kapil Vyas Effect of COVID-19 on trip generation in urban areas: A case study in Madhya Pradesh, India Ongoing 2021
M.Tech Anjul Tomar (11M102) Design of Reinforced Concrete beams with web openings-A comparative study of various methods Completed 2013 NO
M.Tech Jyoti Ranjan (12M149) Dynamic analysis of Bridge by mode superposition using mass participation factor as convergence criterion Completed 2014 NO
M.Tech Rajneesh (12M153) Evaluation of tension stiffening effect on the crack width calculation of flexural RC members Completed 2014 NO
M.Tech Vipin (12M157) Inelastic seismic analysis of six storey RC building Completed 2014 NO
M.Tech Yogendra singh (12M158) An analytical study of negative stiffness device used for seismic response reduction Completed 2014 NO
M.Tech Rahul Kumar (13M118) Analysis of beam column joint under monotonic and cyclic load Completed 2015 NO
M.Tech Sumit Sahoo (13M122) Crack growth analysis of a Pressure vessel using CASCA and FRANC2D/L Completed 2015 Yes(Pardeep Kumar)
M.Tech Vivek Kumar Maurya (14M119) Negative Stiffness Device for Seismic Protection of Structures-An Analytical Study and Modeling Completed 2016 NO
M.Tech Deep Kumar (14M128) Study of Bi-linear Columns in Fire Completed NO
M.Tech Govind Mohan (15M117) Comparison on the Performance of Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete and Synthetic Fibre Reinforced Concrete Completed NO
M.Tech Kailash Kumar (15M128) Analysis of cable-stayed bridges during construction by cantilever methods Completed NO
M.Tech Mahesh Chandra Singh (16M128) An experimental study on strength of fly ash based concrete reinforced with steel fibres Completed NO
M.Tech Ahmed Waqar (16M131) Performance of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete at Elevated Temperatures Completed NO
Ph.D Amit Thakur Investigating mechanical and durability properties of waste rubber concrete Ongoing NO
Ph.D Govind Mohan Constitutive modelling of concrete Ongoing NO
Ph.D Sunill Sharma, Assistant Prof., Deptt. of Civil Engg,, NIT Hamirpur Location-based planning of highway construction projects in hilly terrain using GIS. Awarded 2017 Prof. Raman Parti
Ph.D Satish Kr. Katwal, Head, School of Architecture Kangra, H.P. GIS-based methodology for safe site selection and construction site layout planning in hilly regions. Awarded 2017 Sole
Ph.D Anjul Tomar Identification and resolution of workspace conflicts of repetitive construction projects using GIS. Awarded 2020 Sole
Ph.D Akhilesh Kr. Sharma Landslide hazard analysis in Middle Himalayan Awarded 2020 As co-supervisor
Ph.D Neetu Kapoor, Assistant Prof., Deptt. of Architecture, NIT Hamirpur GeoDesign based approach for spatial planning in hill areas. Submitted 2020 As co-supervisor
Ph.D Rohitashw Kumar Modeling moisture uptake in multi-layer soil Completed 2013 Dr. M.K. Jat, (MNIT Jaipur)
M.Tech Tanmay Garg Estimation of Reference Evapotranspiration using the FAO Penman-Monteith Method for Climatic Conditions of Himachal Pradesh, India Completed 2014
M.Tech Ashutosh Singh Multivariate Statistical Analysisof Groundwater for Unnao District (UP) Completed 2014
M.Tech Krishan P. Shekhawat Daily Discharge Prediction for a River in a Hilly Subtropical humid Zone using ANN and ANFIS Completed 2015
M.Tech Sumit Jaswal Empolying HEC-RESSIM 3.1 for reservoir maintenance and decision making Completed 2015
M.Tech Nitin Lakhera Water Balance Study of Beas River (up to Pong Dam) in Himachal Pradesh using ARCGIS Technique Completed 2015
M.Tech Ankit Negi Daily Discharge Prediction for a River in a Hilly Subtropical humid Zone using ANN and ANFIS Completed 2015
M.Tech Ashish Dobhal Near-surface soil moisture modelling using Genetic algorithm and particle swarm optimization Completed 2016
M.Tech Aman Chandel Sediment yield estimation using RUSLE Model Completed 2016
M.Tech Saurabh Singh Rainfall modeling and prediction using MARKOV model Completed 2016
M.Tech Paras Gupta Performance evaluation of different reference evapotranspiration equations Completed 2017
M.Tech Navsal Kumar Modelling soil moisture dynamics in Unsaturated zone for different boundary conditions Completed 2017
M.Tech Vishal Chaudhary Estimate changes in runoff due to change in land use pattern using various techniques Completed 2017
M.Tech Ashish Sharma Field investigation of soil hydraulic and retention characteristics Completed 2017
M.Tech Shankar Ghosh Hydropower generation and its impact on space time distribution of dissolved oxygen content in Beas river basin Completed 2017
M.Tech Pradeep Kumar Rainfall runoff modelling for sustainable water resources management: Case study Completed 2017
M.Tech Pushpendra Kumar Integration of remote sensing and GIS for delineation of watershed of Ramgarh dam, Jaipur Completed 2017
M.Tech Akshika Guleria Factor analysis of reference evapotranspiration methods for sub-humid sub-tropical climate Completed 2018
M.Tech Snigdha Pandey Application of non-linear regression in estimating soil moisture characteristics Completed 2018
M.Tech Saurav Saini Evaluation of Hydraulic Conductivity based on grian size distribution and angularity on different types of materials Completed 2018
M.Tech Anurag Optimum cropping pattern of Kulsi river basin using simulation and linear programming model Completed 2018
M.Tech Abhishek Assessment of reservoir siltation using remote sensing in Bhakra and Pong reservoirs Completed 2018
M.Tech Nitish Mahant Study of infiltration characteristics of soil in Hamirpur region Completed 2018
M.Tech Ramraj Meena Analysis of hydraulic conductivity of various contaminated soil samples by Ksat Completed 2019
M.Tech Mekharaj Kunwar Chhetri Evaluation of CFD for spillway modelling Completed 2019
M.Tech Sajal Maharshi Estimation of reference evapotranspiration for various agro climatic zones of India using neural network approach Completed 2019
M.Tech Mohammad Umer Jan Deva Impacts of land use and climate change scenarios on the water flux: A case study of KUNAH KHAD river watershed in Hamirpur, H.P. Completed 2019
M.Tech Preeti Bisht Delineation of groundwater recharge zone in Hamirpur district using RS and GIS techniques Completed 2019
M.Tech Shivendra Chaubey The effects of the shape parameters on hydraulic conductivity of different granular materials and their mixtures Completed 2019
Ph.D Arunava Poddar Modelling soil moisture dynamics in crop root zone under shallow ground water table Ongoing 2019
Ph.D Rajat Kango Modelling hydraulic conductivity for flow through porous media Ongoing 2019
Ph.D Lalit Goel Effect of mulching on soil moisture retention characteristics Ongoing 2020 Dr. R. K. Sharma
Ph.D Navsal Kumar Crop Water Stress Index tool for estimating soil moisture depletion Ongoing 2020
Ph.D Suman Kumari Modeling landslide activation under excessive soil moisture regime in mid-hills of northwestern Himalayas Ongoing 2021
Ph.D Abhishish Chandel Modeling of Hydraulic Conductivity of Porous media- A semi-theoretical approach Ongoing 2022
M.Tech Ankush Study for Rainfall thresholds for the initiation of landslides and Landslide Susceptibility Mapping of Western Himalayas (H.P, India) Ongoing 2020
M.Tech Aakriti Chauhan Study of climate change and its effects on landslidesof Western Himalayas (H.P, India) Ongoing 2020
M.Tech Gargi Bindal Spatio-temporal trend analysis of climatic variables for various districts of Himachal Pradesh Ongoing 2020
M.Tech Atul Mishra Effect of land use and land cover on stream flow of Hind on river (Delhi) Ongoing 2020
M.Tech Deepanshu Verma Effect of mulching on retention characteristics of soil Ongoing 2020
Ph.D Surinder Pal Guleria Investigation on Flyash-Lime-Gypsum mix mixed with Tire Chips Awarded 2014 None
Ph.D Sushil Sagar Sharma Geotechnical characterisation of flyash-redmud mix stabilised with different additives Awarded 2018 Raman Parti
M.Tech Ajay Sharma Prediction of Ultimate Bearing Capacity of Strip Footing Over Layered Sand Using Artificial Neural Network Awarded 2018 None
M.Tech Vaibhav Chaudhary Prediction of Ultimate Bearing Capacity of Strip Footing Resting Over Dense Sand using GRNN Awarded 2018 None
M.Tech Prabhat Kumar Prediction of Shear Wave Velocity for All Soils Using Artificial Neural Network Awarded 2018 None
M.Tech Vishal Panwar Ultimate Bearing Capacity of Rectangular Footing on layered Granular Soil under Inclined Loading Awarded 2018 None
M.Tech Ashfaq Ahmed Saqi Effect of Alccofine and Tire buffings on Engineering Properties of River Sand Awarded 2018 None
M.Tech Gaurav Kumar Sharma Development of Generalized Ultimate Bearing Capacity Equation for Unconventional Shapes of Footing Awarded 2018 None
M.Tech Anuj Pal Mobile App on Soil Bearing Capacity Using Standard Penetration Test Results Awarded 2018 None
M.Tech Suman Kumari Prediction of leakage rate through composite liner due to geomembrane defect using artificial neural networks Awarded 2017 None
M.Tech Radha Rani Prediction of ultimate bearing capacity of skirted foundation resting on sand using artificial neural networks Awarded 2017 None
M.Tech Vivek Thakur Engineering properties of bentonite stabilized with alccofine Awarded 2017 None
M.Tech Uddyan Pratap Singh Effect of salt content on the engineering properties of bentonite Awarded 2017 None
M.Tech Surya Pratap Singh Mobile App for plane wedge reinforced rock slope Awarded 2017 None
M.Tech Ajay Singh Prediction of free swell index using artificial neural networks Awarded 2017 None
M.Tech Sanjay Kumar Sharma Three alternate ANN models for the prediction of the support pressure in tunnels Awarded 2016 None
M.Tech Roushan Kumar Mobile application for various soil classification system Awarded 2016 Kamlesh Dutta
M.Tech Singasani Sai Kumar Prediction of horizontal stress for underground excavations using artificial neural networks Awarded 2016 Kamlesh Dutta
M.Tech Arushi Gupta Ultimate bearing capacity of square/rectangular footing on layered soil Awarded 2016 R. Shrivastava
M.Tech Rajinder Gupta Prediction of unsoaked and soaked California bearing ratio from index properties of soil using artificial neural networks Awarded 2016 None
M.Tech Athul Raj P. Strength behaviour of flyash stabilized with lime and modified with alccofine Awarded 2015 None
M.Tech S.S.L. Durga Engineering properties of flyash-lime-alccofine mixture Awarded 2015 None
M.Tech Vipin Chandra Joshi Ultimate bearing capacity of circular footing on layered soil Awarded 2015 R. Shrivastava
M.Tech Jeevanandham S. Prediction of deviator stress of sand reinforced with waste plastic strips using neural network Awarded 2015 None
M.Tech Vidya Tilak B. Strength Characteristics of Bentonite-Lime-Gypsum mix Reinforced with Coir Fibers Awarded 2014 None
M.Tech Varun Panwar Strength Characteristics of Fly Ash Stabilized with Lime and Modified with Phosphogypsum Awarded 2014 None
M.Tech Vaibhav Kumar Assessment of Suitability of Flyash-Lime-Phosphogymsum Composite in Road Pavements Awarded 2014 None
M.Tech Sujeet Kumar Application Potential of Bentonite-lime-mix Modified with Phosphogypsum and Reinforced with Sisal Fibres Awarded 2014 None
M.Tech Munish Kumar Investigation on the Behaviour of fibrous concrete using Tyre Shreds Awarded 2004 S.K.Verma, Roshan Lal, R.K.Dutta
M.Tech Manish Kumar Yadav Correlation in liquidity index and unconfined compressive strength of lime sludge stabilized expansive soil Awarded 2019 None
M.Tech Mohammad Saqib Bin Lateef Properties of bentonite stabilised with fluorogypsum Awarded 2019 None
M.Tech Ambuj Kumar Shukla Stabilisation of bentonite using cement Awarded 2019 None
M.Tech Smriti Sagar Development of correlation between liquidity index and unconfined compressive strength for alccofine stabilized bentonite Awarded 2019 None
M.Tech Neelesh Kumar Stabilisation of the expansive soil using gypsum Awarded 2019 None
Ph.D Vivek Potential of Treated Coir Geotextiles in Unpaved Roads Awarded 2020 Raman Parti
Ph.D Tammineni Gnananandarao Performance of Multi Edges Footing with Structural Skirts Resting on Sand Submitted in March 2020 None
M.Tech Abrar Suhil Chowdhary ANN Based Prediction of Bearing Capacity of Footings over Reinforced Sand Awarded 2020 None
M.Tech Nitesh Kaundal Ultimate Bearing Capacity of Strip Footing over Two Layered Soil under Inclined load Awarded 2020 None
M.Tech Mohd Sajid Soft Computing Based Prediction of Ultimate Bearing Capacity of Eccentrically Loaded Strip Footing Resting on Reinforced Soil Awarded 2020 None
M.Tech Shreya Maheshwari Ultimate Bearing Capacity for Rectangular Footing Resting on Layered Soil under Inclined Load Awarded 2020 None
M.Tech Sonam Ladol Soft Computing Based Prediction of Friction Angle of Clay Awarded 2020 None
Ph.D Dr. Bikram Singh Landslide Hazard Analysis & its mitigation along National Highway-21 in the mid-Himalayan zone of Himachal Pradesh, India. Completed 2014 Dr. R.K.Sharma
Ph.D Dr. Suresh Walia Structural Health Assessment of Bridges using Nodal Parameters Completed 2016 Dr. H.K.Vinayak
Ph.D Dr. Sunil Sharma Location based planning of Highway Construction Projects in Hilly region using GIS Completed 2017 Dr. V.K.Bansal
Ph.D Dr. Sushil Sagar Sharma Assessment of Engineering Properties of different Types of Composite in Rural Roads Completed 2018 Dr. R.K.Dutta
Ph.D Sh. Vivek Potential of Treated Coir Geotextiles in Unpaved Roads Submitted 2019 Dr. R.K.Dutta
Ph.D Sh. Deepak Awasthi Road Safety Aspects ongoing 2019 ----
M.Tech Sh. Ashok Kumar Identification of Traffic Accident hotspots on NH-88 (from Km 132-Km 171) using GIS 9 Awarded 2014 ------
M.Tech Sh. Nimesh Kumar Study of saturation flow at signalized intersection under mixed traffic conditions Awarded 2014 ----
M.Tech Ms. Kavin Mathlk Analysis and Modelling of Rigid airfield pavement using finite element methods –a case study on Mablore airport Awarded 2014 Dr. Nalla Shivam
M.Tech Sh. Shoeb Masood Effect of different chemicals on the compaction and unconfined Supervisor compressive strength of flyash lime Supervisor mix Awarded 2014 ----
M.Tech Sh. Yogesh Kumar Route planning and feasibility study of Metro railway in hilly terrain using GIS 9 Awarded 2014 Dr. Chander Parkash
M.Tech Sh. Sandeep Panchal Landslide susceptility mapping along SH-22 (Km 0.000 to 69.000) using GIS in Himachal Pradesh Awarded 2014 Dr. Chander Parkash
M.Tech Ms. Kokil Agarwal Assessment of Engineering properties of red mud flyash lime sludge composite Awarded 2015 Dr. R.K.Dutta
M.Tech Sh. Vivek Sharma Evaluating percent time spent flowing (PTSF) for two lane highway in hilly-terrain- A case study in J & K Awarded 2015 ----
M.Tech Sh. Abhimanyu Gupta Assessment of Engineering properties of red mud cement kiln dust composite Awarded 2015 Dr. R.K.Dutta
M.Tech Sh. Himanshu Verma Assessment of Engineering properties of red mud flyash marble dust composite Awarded 2015 Dr. R.K.Dutta
M.Tech Sh. Ranjan Kumar Swain Development of Pedetraian level of service Criteria for urban hilly regions using cluster analysis Awarded 2015 ------
M.Tech Sh. Deep Jyoti Das Fuel optimization for air transportation using parametric studies Awarded 2016 Dr. Somesh Sharma
M.Tech Sh. Vipul Pareek Evaluating percent time spent following (PTSF) for two lane highway of Hamirpur District Awarded 2016 ----
M.Tech Sh. Kshitish Jaiswal Strength & rutting behaviour of flexible pavement with modified bitumen Awarded 2016 Dr. Shashi Sharma
M.Tech Sh. Rohit Panwar Development of pedestrian level of service criteria for urban hilly regions Awarded 2016 ----
M.Tech Sh. Sonia Sharma Landslide susceptibility mapping along NH-70 using GIS in Himachal Pradesh Awarded 2016 ------
M.Tech Sh. Vishal Kuntal Use of Pozzolanas in the development of pavement quality concrete admixed with polypropylene fibre Awarded 2016 Dr. Shashi Sharma
M.Tech Sh. Vishal Sudan Effect of Acrylic fibre on flexural strength and durability of pavement quality concrete Awarded 2016 Dr. Shashi Sharma
M.Tech Sh. Prabhjot singh Gan Comparison of Number of followers as a proportion of capacity (NFPC) with freedom of flow for evaluating level of service under mixed traffic conditions- Acase study in Jammu Awarded 2017 Dr. Sunil Sharma
M.Tech Sh. Priyanshu Aman Estimation of Passenger Car Unit for undivided two-lane roads in the mountainous region Awarded 2020 --------
M.Tech Sh. Faizan Ali Ansari Determination of Pedestrian Lavel of Service (PLOS) in Urban Areas of Hilly Regions Awarded 2020 -------
M.Tech Ms. Saumya Anand Redesign of Existing Bus Transit System to complement metro in Lucknow City Awarded 2020 ------
Ph.D Biikram Singh Mehta Landslide Hazard Analysis and its Mitigation along National Highway- 21 in the Mid himalayan Zone of Himachal Pradesh, India Awarded 2014 Dr. Raman Parthi
Ph.D Abhishek Uplift Capacity of Granular Pile Anchor in Stabilized Expansive Soil Awarded 2015 (registration)
Ph.D Akhilesh Kumar Landslide hazard analysis in Middle Himalayas Submitted 2016 (registration) Dr. Vijay Kumar Bansal
Ph.D Vivek Sharma Seismic Micro zonation of Hamirpur (Himachal Pradesh) Ongoing 2016 (registration) Dr. Pardeep Kumar
Ph.D Lalit Goyal Effect of Mulching on Soil Moisture Retention Characteristics Ongoing 2017 (registration) Dr. Vijay Shankar Dogra
Ph.D Avinash Bhardwaj Geotechnical Behaviour of Clayey Soil Stabilized with WFS and Admixtures Ongoing 2018 (registration)
M.Tech Amrendra Kumar Effect of Industrial Waste Materials and Reinforcement on Subgrade Characteristics of Clayey Soil Completed 2014
M.Tech Babita Singh Modification of Clayey Soil using Waste Materials Completed 2014
M.Tech Chavali R. V. Prasad Utilization of Industrial Waste Materials in Soil Stabilization Completed 2014
M.Tech Chayan Gupta Influence of Waste Materials on Geotechnical Characteristics of Expansive Soil Completed 2014
M.Tech Hymavathi Jampani Clayey Soil Stabilization using Fly Ash, Lime and Construction Demolition waste Completed 2015
M.Tech Vikas Kumar Clayey Soil Stabilization using Saw Dust Ash, Lime and Cement Completed 2015
M.Tech Amritpal Kaur Slope Stability Analysis Using Particle Swarm Analysis Techniques Completed 2016
M.Tech Deepak patial Use of Sand, Brick Powder and Fiber in Clayey Soil Stabilization Completed 2016
M.Tech Tanmay Stabilization of Clayey Soil using Brick Dust, Foundry Sand and Chemical Additives Completed 2016
M.Tech Aditya Compaction and Subgrade Behaviour of Clay Blended with Bagasse Ash, Lime and Cement Completed 2015
M.Tech Nanung Borang Effect of Municipal Solid Waste on Geotechnical Properties of Soil and its Stabilization Completed 2017
M.Tech Ankush Thakur Bearing Capacity of Circular Footing Resting on Reinforced Layered Sand by Numerical Analysis Completed 2017
M.Tech Gaurav Juneja Numerical Modelling of Circular Skirted Footing on Loose Sand Using PLAXIS 3D Completed 2017
M.Tech Tushar Kumar Stabilization of Clayey Soil using Construction & Demolition Waste, Wood Ash and Cement Completed 2017
M.Tech Rishabh Kumar Bearing Capacity of Square Footing with Skirts Resting on Loose Sand by Numerical Analysis Completed 2017
M.Tech Rahul Goswami Analysis of Hollow Piled Raft: A Finite Element Study Completed 2019
M.Tech Mohan Bajaj Uplift Behaviour of GGPA in sand Completed 2019
M.Tech Rohit Chaurasia Pullout Behaviour of inclined GPA in cohesionless soil Completed 2019
M.Tech Mohammad Naushad Road Cut Slope Stability Analysis of Kotropi Landslide Zone along NH- 154, HP, India Completed 2019
M.Tech Gyan Garima SIngh Behaviour of Piled Raft Foundation in Layered Soil Completed 2019
M.Tech Randeep Lohra Clayey Soil Stabilization using Wheat Straw Ash, Pottery Waste and Lime Completed 2017
M.Tech Waychal Rohit Stabilization of Black Cotton Soil using Kiln Coal Ash, Lime and Fibre Completed 2017
M.Tech Gupta Abhishek Keerat Stabilization of Clayey Soil using Construction & Demolition waste, Wood Ash and Cement Completed 2017
M.Tech Gopal Verma Laboratory Study on Stabilization of Clayey Soil Using Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag and Metakaolin Completed 2018
Ph.D Gaurav Juneja Beahviour of footing on reinforced sand overlaying clayey soil Ongoing 2019
M.Tech Ashok Chimpa A Laboratory study on performance of geogrid enclosed granular pile anchor subjected to vertical loading in layered sand Completed 2020
M.Tech Shubham Jagid An analytical study on Inclined Granular Pile Anchor pull-out behaviour in cohesionless soil Completed 2020
M.Tech Kapil Kumar Gautam Geotechnical Characterstics of black Cotten soil using Lime, Municipal Solid Waste Incinerator Ash and Polypropylene Fiber Completed 2020
M.Tech Deepali Anand Stabilization of Black Cotton soil using waste quarry dust, polyester fiber and lime: An Experimental Approach Completed 2020
M.Tech Sharadmani Tiwari Numerical Study on Capabilities of Vertical Granular Anchor Piles against uplift embedded in stratified soil using Abaqus Software Completed 2020
M.Tech Shweta Singh Arresting Heave of Stabilized Black Cotten soil using Geogrid Reinforced Granular Pile Anchor Completed 2020