Electronics & Communication Engineering

Research Supervision

Programme Name Scholar Name Research Topic Status Year Co-Suprivisor(s)
M.Tech Padhmashree V Human Emotion Recognition Based on Time Frequency Analysis of Multivariate EEG Signal Completed 2021
M.Tech Aarushi Verma Removal Of Ocular Artifacts In Multivariate EEG Signal Using Frequency-Spatial Filtering Completed 2021
M.Tech Ayushi Pal Detection Of Sleep Apnea From ECG Signal Using Empirical Wavelet Transform Completed 2021
M.Tech Prashant Kumar Das Classification of Epileptic EEG Signals using Empirical Wavelet Transform Domain Features and Machine Learning Techniques Completed 2022
M.Tech Harit Yadav Multivariate multiscale entropy based Schizophrenia detection from multichannel EEG signals. Completed 2022
M.Tech Divyanshu Bhaik Deep Learning Method for Classification of Schizophrenia Using Multivariate EEG Signals Completed 2022
M.Tech Harshita Singh A machine learning–based classification of human emotions based on multivariate iterative filtering and multichannel EEG recordings Completed 2022
M.Tech Inderjeet Approximation of IIR Filter from FIR filter Completed 2020
M.Tech Kavya Sharma Electrocardiomatrix: A Technique for Accurate Detection of Atrial Fibrillation, Atrial Flutter and Congestive Heart Failure Completed 2020
M.Tech Mohit Kumar Sipani ECG based Heart beat classification for Arrhythmia Detection Completed 2020
M.Tech Pankaj Kumar Gupta Pupil Localization using Isophote Curvature and Gaze Control Virtual Keyboard using Landmark Detection Approach Completed 2020
Ph.D BADAVATH MOHAN RAO Biomedical Signal Processing Pursuing 2020
M.Tech Samritika Thakur Automated Detection and Classification of Covid-19 Pursuing 2021
M.Tech Karan Singh Parmar Automated Hypertension Detection Pursuing 2021
M.Tech Uppal Kalita Enhancing Performance of Hearing Aids using Filter Banks Pursuing 2021
Ph.D Surendra Kumar Gupta Microstrip Antenna Onging 2019
M.Tech Priyanshu Sadwal Design and Analysis of Microstrip Bandpass Filter Completed 2020
M.Tech Gaurav Dhiman Design and Analysis of Filtenna for Cognitive Radio Application Completed 2020
M.Tech Gaurav Kumar Design and Analysis of Microstrip Antenna Completed 2020
M.Tech Param Dev Design and Analysis of MIMO Antenna Completed 2021
M.Tech Abhishek Kumar Design and Analysis of Microstrip Antenna for Different Microwave Application Completed 2021
M.Tech Ritik Bhatia Design and Analysis of Wearable Antenna Completed 2021
M.Tech Prahalad Singh Tomar Design And Analysis of 2-Port MIM O Antenna Array For Sub-6GHz application Completed 2022
M.Tech Shubham Priyadarshi Wearable Antenna with enhanced g ain and Bandwidth for 5G Application Completed 2022
M.Tech Shreya Roychoudhury Design and Analysis of Meta-material Sensor for Virus Detection Completed 2022
M.Tech 184538 Rohan Ranjan Design and Analysis of Different Microstrip Filter Ongoing 2022 Dr. Chandra Shekhar Prasad
M.Tech 184512 Priyanka Negi Planar Insert Integrated Waveguide Filter Ongoing 2022 Dr. Chandra Shekhar Prasad
M.Tech 184560 Pawan Singh Harariya Varactor Diode based reconfigurable microstrip FIlter Ongoing 2022 Dr. Saurabh Kumar
M.Tech 184552 Aniket Bhandari Design and Development of High Isoltaed MIMO Antenna Ongoing 2022 Dr. Saurabh Kumar
Ph.D Mr. Gaurav Localization and Energy Efficient Operations in Randomly distributed Wireless Sensor Networks Awarded 2017
Ph.D Mr. Vicky Kumar Energy Efficient and Secure Operation of Wireless Sensor Networks Using Mobile Sink Awarded 2019
Ph.D Ashish Goswami Statistical Characterization and Performance Evaluation of Wireless Channels Submitted 2020
Ph.D Vivek Kanwar Localization Techniques in WSN ongoing 2017
Ph.D Mrs. Anshu Thakur Energy Harvesting based SP in CRN Ongoing 2017
Ph.D Neeraj Sharma Noise Reduction for Speed transmission from Remote Himalyan Region on Wireless Channel ongoing 2017
M.Tech Tarun Gupta Hybrid precoding technique for Spectral Efficiency Improvement Awarded 2020
M.Tech Lucky Singh An Efficient Method for Image Processing Based Fire Detection Awarded 2019
M.Tech Ankush Thakur Performance evaluation of dual hop decode and forward cooperative relaying protocol Awarded 2018
M.Tech Soni Yadav Performance of Energy Detector using Fusion Rules in Cognitive Radio Awarded 2018
M.Tech Deepika Bilyan On Packet throughput in Cognitive Radio under Primary Delay Constraints Awarded 2018
M.Tech Prabhleen Singh Wireless Sensor Network Based Landslide Prediction Awarded 2017
M.Tech Mohammad Jibran Hafeez Enhancement of WSN Lifetime Through New Clustering Algorithm Awarded 2017
M.Tech Mohd Feroz Shekh Modified Energy Efficient Chain- Based Hierarchical Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks Awarded 2017
M.Tech Bhaumik G Patel Energy Efficient Multi-End Chain Based Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network Awarded 2016
M.Tech Bolla Vijender BER Performance Analysis of LDPC Convolution Codes Awarded 2015
M.Tech Manish Dhar Dwivedi Unequal Clustering Based Multihop Routing Protocol for Location Aware Wireless Sensor Networks Awarded 2015
M.Tech Manu Gupta Fuzzy Logic Based Energy Efficient Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network Awarded 2015
M.Tech Kumar Vivek An Agent Based Clustering Protocol for Energy Efficient Wireless Sensor Networks Awarded 2014
M.Tech Nilesh Dineshbhai Makwana An Energy Efficient WSNs Protocol for Avalanche Prediction in Himalayan Region Awarded 2014
M.Tech Shailendra Singh Autonomous Deployment of Sensor Nodes Using Bio-Inspired Algorithm Awarded 2014
M.Tech Sonu Kumar Localization of Sensor Nodes in Wireless Sensor Networks Awarded 2013
M.Tech Shobhi Kumar Srivastava Location based Clustering in Wireless Sensor Networks Awarded 2013
M.Tech Ramireddy Venkatesh Robust Multi-User Antenna Precoding with Limited Feedback Awarded 2012
M.Tech Monika Nanda Localization Scheme For 3-Dimensional Wireless Sensor Networks Awarded 2012
M.Tech Anita Panwar Localization of Signal Emitting Source in Wireless Sensor Networks Awarded 2012
M.Tech Anish Kumar U Energy Efficient Clustering and Routing Techniques for Wireless Sensor Networks Awarded 2012
M.Tech Shankar A Performance Comparison of Pulse Shaping Functions in OFDM System Awarded 2012
M.Tech Neeraj Sharma Energy Model for Low Power Wireless Sensor Networks Awarded 2011
M.Tech Naveek Chandar Reddy K Channel estimation Using SIT Sequence for LTE Air Interface Awarded 2011
M.Tech Vinay Kumar Localization Algorithms and Strategies for Wireless Sensor Networks Awarded 2011 SK Soni
M.Tech David L Implementation of WRED Congestion Control for the Mitigation of Denial of Service Attacks on data Networks Awarded 2011
M.Tech Sunil Jadav Study and Performance Analysis of Current Mode Interconnects Awarded 2010 Gargi Khanna
Ph.D Dr. (Mrs) Amita Nandal Low Power and High Speed Design of Low Pass Finite Impulse Response Filter using Reversible logic Awarded 2008 NA
Ph.D Dr Rajnish Sharma Analysis of Underlap Fully Depleted Strained SOI MOSFET Awarded 2017 NA
Ph.D Dr Rituraj Singh Rathore Variability Analysis of Nanoscale FinFET Awarded 2018 NA
Ph.D Er Vinod Sharma Thermal Aware FiNFET Design Ongoing 2019 NA
Ph.D Ms Shalu Analysis of graded channel Junctionless MOSFET for low power application Awarded 2019 NA
Ph.D Ms Shelja Kaushal Modeling and Analysis of Negative Capacitance Junctionless FinFET for Low Power SRAM Applications Awarded 2022 NA
M.Tech Abhishek Sharma Half-Mode Substrate Integrated Waveguide Based Circularly Polarized Antenna Completed 2020
M.Tech Harish Kumar Substrate Integrated Waveguide Filtenna Completed 2020
M.Tech Sumit Kumar Design of Half-Mode SIW Based Bandpass Filter Completed 2020
M.Tech Karan Mehra Substrate Integrated Waveguide Based Leakywave Antenna Completed 2021
M.Tech Aditya Anand Design of Electromagnetic Band Gap Flexible Antenna Completed 2021
M.Tech Rahul Kumar Dubey Electromagnetic Band Gap (EBG) Integrated Broadband Antenna Completed 2021
M.Tech Ram Niwas Siyag Circularly Polarized (CP) Antenna Based On EBG Structure Completed 2021
M.Tech Trilok Malav Design and Development of Planar Dipole Antenna for Terahertz Application Completed 2022
M.Tech Abhishek Design and Analysis of Circularly P olarized Graphene Based Microstrip Patc h Antenna for Terahertz Communication Completed 2022
M.Tech Akanksha Poonia Gain/Bandwidth Enhancement of Microstrip Patch Antenna at THz Frequency Completed 2022
M.Tech Rahul Study on reduction of Mutual Coupling in an Antenna System Completed 2022
M.Tech Somya Saraswat Performance Analysis of Tri-Metal Gate (TMG) FinFETs for low power applications Completed 2020 -
M.Tech Nitesh Parmar Charge Plasma Tunnel FET: Proposal, Design and Investigation Completed 2020 -
M.Tech Sachin Kumar Impactful Study of TFET for High Frequency Performance Estimation and Optimization Completed 2020 -
M.Tech Ritwik Sharma Comprehensive Study of Nanowire Tunnel Field Effect Transistor Completed 2020 -
M.Tech Prince Kumar Pandey Parametric Analysis of Different SRAM Cells and Designing 4x4 Array Completed 2021 -
M.Tech Manshi Kamal Analysis of Analog/RF and Linearity Performance for Step Channel Tunnel Field Effect Transistor Completed 2021 -
M.Tech Sangeeta Pandey Design and performance estimation of 12T SRAM cell on CMOS technology with stability analysis Completed 2021 -
M.Tech Ayush Sharma Investigation of Drain Engineering based CPTFET Completed 2022 -
M.Tech Vibhash Choudhary Optimization of SRAM Cells with CMOS Technology Completed 2022 -
M.Tech Rakesh Murthy Gangadari Design and Investigation of CMOS and TFET based SRAM Memory cell for low power application Completed 2022 -
M.Tech Prajwal Roat Design and assessment of Tunnel FET with various Engineering Techniques Completed 2022 -
Ph.D Prabhat Singh Design and investigation of Tunnel FET for low power based circuit application Ongoing 2019 -
Ph.D Ms. Nidhi Sharma (Registration No. 2K19-PhD-ECE-455) Spectrum Management for small cell networks On-going, Fellowship Research Scholar (FT-01) 2019 Nil
Ph.D Mr. Monish Bhatia (Registration No. 2K20-Ph.D-ECE-513) Cooperative Uplink-Downlink Carrier Aggregation in LTE and WiFi in unlicensed spectrum for 5G system On-going, Under DST Project 2020 Nil
Ph.D Ms. Amandeep Kaur (Registration No. 2K18-PhD-ECE-391) [Working at Atal Bihari Vajpayee-Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management (ABV-IIITM), Gwalior]] Brain-empowered Dynamic Spectrum Allocation in Cooperative Cognitive Radio Networks PhD Awarded 2021, Under DST Project 2018 Nil
Ph.D Mr. Mani Shekhar Gupta (Registration No. 2K17-Ph.D-ECE-332) [Working at Adani Institute of Infrastructure Engineering (AIIE), Ahmedabad] Resource Allocation Techniques for Efficient Spectrum Management in Vehicular Cognitive Radio Networks PhD Awarded 2021 2017 Nil
Ph.D Mr. Ashok Kumar (Registration No. 2K17-Ph.D-ECE-337) [Working at NIT Hamirpur] NOMA based Spectrum Sharing Schemes for Cognitive Radio Networks PhD Awarded 2021 2017 Nil
M.Tech Ms. Jyotismita Barman (Roll No. 19M439)[ Currently pursuing PhD from IIT Delhi] Fair Resource Allocation in Cognitive Radio-Internet of Things (CR-IoT) Networks Completed 2021 Nil
M.Tech Mr. Gaurav Kumar Singh (Roll No. 19M435)[ Currently working with Infosys, Indian multinational information technology company ] Low Complexity ICI Mitigation For MIMO- OFDM In Time Varying Channels Completed 2021 Nil
M.Tech Mr. Zuber Khan (Roll No. 19M441) [ Currently pursuing PhD from IIIT Delhi] 5G (NR-U) New Radio in Unlicensed Spectrum Completed 2021 Nil
M.Tech Ms. Nidhi Verma (Roll No. 20MEC107)[ Working with Patent MNC] Deep Reinforcement Learning Based Resource Management with Fog Computing in IoT Networks Completed 2022 Nil
M.Tech Ms. Jaismin Thakur (Roll No. 17MI417)[Working with MediaTek Inc, Taiwanese fabless semiconductor company] Spectrum Access in Multichannel Wireless Systems Using Deep Reinforcement Learning Completed 2022 Nil
M.Tech Ms. Ayushi (Roll No. 17MI422)[ Working with Carrier, Multinational Comapny] Machine Learning Based Energy Efficient Offloading in 5G Networks using Mobile Edge Computing Completed 2022 Nil
M.Tech Mr. Rahul Raj (Roll No. 17MI439)[Working with Ansys, American multinational company] Deep Reinforcement Learning based Dynamic Multichannel Access for Heterogeneous Wireless Networks Completed 2022 Nil
M.Tech Mr. Prasoon Raghuwanshi (Roll No. 15MI440) [Pursuing PhD at Centre for Wireless Communication, University of Oulu, Finland] Self-Organizing LTE and Wi-Fi Coexistence for Next Generation Wireless Networks Completed 2020 Nil
M.Tech Mr. Rohit Nagar (Roll No. 15MI438) An Interference Aware and Energy Efficient Optimization in Small Cell Wireless Networks Completed 2020 Nil
M.Tech Mr. Kalintha Arun Sagar (Roll No. 15MI433) Frequent Handover Mitigation in Small cell networks Completed 2020 Nil
M.Tech Mr. Priytush Patel (Roll No. 21MEC104) [working with Qualcomm, American multinational corporation] Fedrated Learning for Vehicular Communication On-going 2023 Nil
M.Tech Mr. Mukul (Roll No. 184547)[ working with Texas Instruments Incorporated ,American technology company] Optimized machine learning for resource allocation in wireless network On-going 2023 Nil
M.Tech Mr. Akshay Goyal (Roll No. 17M430) [ Working with MNC through placement] Cognitive Radio Enabled Resource Optimization in LTE and Wi-Fi Coexistence Completed 2019 Nil
M.Tech Mr. Abhyuday Singh (Roll. No. 16M432) Resource Allocation using NOMA in 5G Networks Completed 2018 Nil
M.Tech Mr. Maharana P. Singh (Roll. No. 16M434) [ Currently pursuing PhD from IIT Indore] Design of SIW Fed Broadband Microstrip Patch Antenna for Wireless Communication Completed 2018 Nil
M.Tech Mr. Ranjan Kumar Gupta (Roll. No. 15M426)[ Working with BSNL] SNR Based Wi-Fi Offloading Decision Algorithm in Vehicular Networks Completed 2018 Nil
M.Tech Mr. Monish Bhatia (Roll. No. 15M437)[ Currently pursuing PhD from NIT Hamirpur under my supervision] Network Selection in Cognitive Radio Enabled Wireless Body Area Networks Completed 2017 Nil
M.Tech Mr. Manish Kumar Jatav (Roll. No. 11M459) Performance Analysis of Handover Management in Vehicular Ad hoc Networks Completed 2013 Nil
M.Tech Mr. Manjeet Singh (Roll. No. 11M463) [Working Assistant Professor at NIT Jalandhar] Performance Analysis of Spectrum Decision Schemes for Cognitive Radio Networks Completed 2013 Nil
M.Tech Mr. Amit Kumar (Roll. No. 11M451) Reconfigurable Multi-band Fractal Antenna for Cognitive Radio Completed 2013 Dr. Anuradha Sonkar, Co-Supervisor
M.Tech Mr. Shivank Kumar Sahu (Roll. No. 10M452) Analysis of Network Selection problem in multi-access network environment Completed 2012 Nil
M.Tech Mr. Achyuth Reddy M (Roll. No. 10M458) [ Working with MNC through placement] Development of Test-bed for Inter-technology Handover in Advanced Wireless Networks Completed 2012 Nil
M.Tech Mr. Mani Shekhar Gupta (Roll No. 09M436) [Working at Adani Institute of Infrastructure Engineering (AIIE), Ahmedabad, also awarded PhD under my supervision in 2021] Seamless & Secure Mobility Management fir Next Generation Networks (NGNs) Completed 2011 Nil
M.Tech Ms. Sunita[ Roll No.09M426) Study of Media Independent Handover (MIH) and Vertical Handover Optimized Performance in Heterogeneous Networks Completed 2011 Nil
M.Tech Mr. Sankit R. Kassa (Roll No. 09M433){Working Assistant Professor, Engineering Institution in Pune] Performance Analysis of Femtocell Location Management and Power Control Mechanism in Next Generation Wireless Networks Completed 2011 Nil
Ph.D Raj Kumari RF-MEMS On-going 2020
M.Tech Sushila kumari MEMS Technology based Microphone and Energy Harvester completed 2021
M.Tech Vivek Verma RF-MEMS Technology based SPDT Switches for 5G Applications completed 2021
M.Tech Prateek Singhal PCM Material based switching devices On-going 2022
M.Tech Umesh Thakur RF-MEMS Technology based ohmic Switches On-going 2022
M.Tech Jaiprakask RF-MEMS Technology based Capacitive Switches On-going 2022
M.Tech Mr. Sandeep Kumar Radio Resource Management in Wireless OFDMA Networks Awarded 2011
M.Tech Mr. Deepak Singh Performance Analysis of Intercarrier Interference Cancellation Techniques in OFDM Systems Awarded 2012
M.Tech Mr. Kamal Singh Performance Analysis of PAPR Reduction Techniques in Wireless OFDMA Networks Awarded 2012
M.Tech Mr. Rohit Sharma Performance Analysis of Adaptive Resource Allocation Algorithms in Wireless OFDMA Networks Awarded 2012
M.Tech Mr. Sandeep Kumar Jain Performance Analysis of Power Control Schemes in Cognitive Radio Network Awarded 2013
M.Tech Mr. Amardip Kumar Performance Analysis of Spectrum Sensing Schemes in Cognitive Radio Networks Awarded 2013
M.Tech Mr. Anil Kumar Performance Analysis of Radio Resource Allocation Schemes in OFDM-based Cooperative Networks Awarded 2014
M.Tech Mr. Ankur Gangwar Performance Analysis of Adaptive Resource Allocation Schemes in MIMO-OFDM Systems Awarded 2014
M.Tech Mr. Ravindra Kumar Yadav Performance Analysis of Dynamic Resource Allocation Algorithms in OFDM-based Cognitive Radio Networks Awarded 2014
Ph.D Ms. Tanuja Dogra Wireless Communications Ongoing 2019
M.Tech Ms. Parmila Devi Spectrum Shaping for OFDM-based Cognitive Radio System Awarded 2019
Ph.D Ms. Parmila Devi Wireless Communications Ongoing 2019
M.Tech Ms. Neha Verma Power Allocation for Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access Based Wireless Communication Systems Awarded 2020
M.Tech Mr. Shubham Performance Analysis of LED Distribution Patterns for Indoor Visible Light Communication System Awarded 2020
M.Tech Mr. Ashish Kaushal Physical Layer Security Performance Study and Analysis of Energy Harvesting Wireless Networks Awarded 2020
M.Tech Mr. Vaibhav Thakur Spectral Efficiency Analysis of Massive MIMO Systems Awarded 2020
M.Tech Ms. Anushka Srivastava Anomaly Detection in Unlabelled Dataset of Wireless Sensor Networks Using Machine Learning Awarded 2021
M.Tech Mr. Jagdeep Energy Efficiency Analysis for Massive MIMO Systems Awarded 2021
M.Tech Mr. Siddhartha Kumar Singh Max Pool Convolutional Long Short-term Deep Neural Network For Modulation Classification Awarded 2021
M.Tech Mr. Anil Kumar Pilot Contamination Attack Detection for NOMA in 5G Communication Awarded 2021
M.Tech Abhimanyu Singh Udawat Detection of Atrial Fibrillation from Single Lead ECG Signals Completed 2021
M.Tech Anmol Sharma Classification of EEG Signals for brain tumor detection using FDM and SVM Completed 2021
M.Tech Nitesh Kumar Classification of Supraventricular Arrhythmia using Fourier Decomposition Method and Machine Learning Completed 2021
M.Tech Prerna Chaudhary Prediction Models for the Monitoring of COVID-19 Pandemic Completed 2021
Ph.D G. Devendhar Polarmetric SAR data processing Ongoing 2020
Ph.D Sakshi Anand Development of image enhancement and compression algorithms for hyper-spectral data Ongoing 2020
Ph.D Pawan Gupta Next generation wireless networks Ongoing 2021 Dr. Ashok Kumar
Ph.D Anchal Thakur Performance Investigations in Nanotube Junctionless Field Effect Transistor from GIDL and Reliability Perspectives Awarded 2021
Ph.D Ashish Singh Study of Mixed Carbon Nanotube Bundles for VLSI Interconnects in Sub-threshold Regime Awarded 2022
Ph.D Ajay Kumar Electrical Characterization of Through Packaging Vias for Three-Dimensional Integration On-going 2019
Ph.D Sachindra Bharti Novel Junctionless Field-effect Transistor for Low Power ICs Ongoing 2020 Dr. Gargi Khanna
Ph.D K. Madhu Kiran Through Package Vias in Glass and Silicon Interposers for Heterogeneous Three-Dimensional Integration On-going 2022
M.Tech Kashish Wattal Deep Learning Based Time Series Forecasting Completed 2021
M.Tech Kshitij Gaur Deep Learning Based Power Consumption Prediction and Electricity Theft Detection Completed 2021
M.Tech Nikhil Garg Machine Learning based Forecasting of Wind Power Completed 2021
M.Tech Ankit Kumar Adaptive MAC (A-MAC) Protocol Based Energy Model for IEEE 802.15.6 WSN Complete 2021 NA
M.Tech Akhil Sharma A Hybrid Relay based Energy Consumption Model for IEEE 802.15.4 Network Complete 2021 NA
M.Tech Ajay Kumar IEEE 802.15.6 WBAN PHY Layer Error Performance Evaluation Complete 2021 NA
M.Tech Shubham Gautam An Improved Energy-Efficient Clustering Protocol to Prolong the Lifetime of the WSN-Based IoT On Going 2022 NA
M.Tech Alisha Mehta Wireless Body Area Network using two way Amplify Forward Relay with Improved Packet size On Going 2022 NA
M.Tech Aditya Kumar Improve Network Stability and Routing of WSN On Going 2022 NA
M.Tech Vishal Sharma Efficient Routing in Wireless Ad hoc Networks using Multi-objective optimization On Going 2022 NA
M.Tech Ms. NEHA SINGH Compact Broadband Circularly Polarized Slotted Ground Monopole Antenna Completed 2020 -
M.Tech Mr. RAJAN VERMA Compact Circularly Polarized Patch Antenna for 5G Application Completed 2020 -
M.Tech Mr. AMAN CHOUDHARY Performance Enhancement of Thin Film Solar Cell Using Plasmonic Nanoantenna Completed 2020 -
M.Tech Mr. UTKARSH KUMAR Design and Analysis of Hybrid Plasmonic Waveguide and its bend Completed 2020 -
M.Tech Mr. PRASHANT SHAH Design and Investigation of Compact Antenna for small satellite applications Ongoing 2021 -
M.Tech Mr. NILESH KUMAR JANGIR Design and Analysis of compact wideband antennas with stable gain for 5G applications Ongoing 2021 -
M.Tech Mr. AJIT KUMAR YADAV Design and Analysis of Conformal Microstrip Patch Antenna For Aircraft Applications Ongoing 2021 -
Ph.D Mr. AAKASH JOSHI Plasmonics Ongoing 2024 Dr. Surender Soni
M.Tech Mr. KUSHAL KUMAR Fractal Antenna Ongoing 2021 -
Ph.D Dr. Manjeet Singh Energy Efficient Routing and Channel Access Techniques for Wireless Sensor Networks Awarded 2018
Ph.D Er. Vinith Chauhan Wireless Sensor Networks Awarded 2021
Ph.D Er. Jyoti Bhola Wireless Sensor Networks Awarded 2021
Ph.D Dr. Nithin Varma Low Complexity Imaging Algorithms for wireless endoscopic capsules Awarded 2020
Ph.D Er. Rajesh Kumar Garg Wireless Sensor Networks Awarded 2022
Ph.D Er. Rahul Mishra Cognitive Radio On-going 2018
Ph.D Er. Nikita Shandil Wireless Sensor Networks On-going 2019
M.Tech Ashima Rani Rangbulla(08M413) Simulative analysis and performance investigation of SRAM Cells Completed 2010 -
M.Tech Girish (09M403) Design and implementation of low power small area digital CED standard I/O cells Completed 2011 -
M.Tech Sai kumar (09M404) Low power high radix serial parallel multiplier Completed 2011 -
M.Tech D Sajan Kumar (09M406) Investigation of scaling on the various parameters of VLSI circuits Completed 2011 -
M.Tech Diwakar Singh (09M413) Crosstalk analysis of interconnect in VLSI circuits Completed 2011 -
M.Tech Siva Jagarlamudi (10M407) Area Centric Design of 8bit DAC using Current Steering Element Completed 2012 -
M.Tech Tarun Chaudhary (10M405) Study of MISISFET structure Completed 2012 -
M.Tech Manohar Ku Sonwani (10M411) Effect of variability on VLSI circuits Completed 2012 -
M.Tech Amit Kumar Keshari (11M402) Reduction of Gate Induced Drain Leakage Current in Short Channel SOI MOSFET Completed 2013 -
M.Tech Sanjeev Kumar (11M413) Performance Analysis of quantum well tunneling MOSFET Completed 2013 -
M.Tech Vikas Kumar (12M442 A New 7T Cell for low Power Application Completed 2014 -
M.Tech Syed Ateequr Rahman (12M440) Performance Metrics Analysis of Different Multiplier circuits using Adiabatic 2 PASCL Logic Completed 2014 -
M.Tech Porag Jyoti Ligira (12M434) Reduction of Short Channel Effects in Bulk Planar Junctionless Transistor Completed 2014 -
M.Tech Gaurav Kumar (13M412) Performance Evaluation of Graphene Nano-Ribbon (GNR) Interconnects Completed 2015 -
M.Tech Pushpendra Singh (13M402) Performance Comparison between Electrical and optical Interconnects at Deep Submicron Technologies Completed 2015 -
M.Tech Y. Mary Asha Latha (13M414) Performance Comparison between Electrical and optical Interconnects at Deep Submicron Technologies Completed 2015 -
M.Tech Khalilullah Ibrahim (14M402) Design of MEMS Piezoelectric Micropump for Drug Delivery Completed 2016 -
M.Tech Komal Kumari (14M405) Design and Simulation of Vibration based MEMs Piezoelectric Energy Harvester Completed 2016 -
M.Tech Ramya Sravani Ediga (15M410) Energy Harvesting system for low power devices from vibration of vehicles Completed 2017 -
M.Tech Satyam Kumar (15M403) Performance analysis and optimization of Tunnel Field Effect Transistor Completed 2017 -
M.Tech Sunil (08M403) Study and Performance Analysis of Current Mode Interconnects Completed 2010 Dr. Ashok Kumar
M.Tech Samarth Saxena (07M414) Design of adhoc network core Completed 2009 Dr. Surinder Soni
M.Tech Rohit Dhiman (07M416) Design and Analysis of CMOS operational amplifiers in low power environment Completed 2009 -
M.Tech V. Sulochna (07M415) Simulative Investigation on VLSI Interconnects using Wavepipling Completed 2009 -
M.Tech Gaurav Saxena (07M406) Implementation of low power technique on arithmetic and logic circuit Completed 2009 -
Ph.D Tarun Chaudhary Regn. No. 2K13-Ph.D-E&CE-217 Design and Analysis of Junctionless Vertical Slit Field Effect Transistor for Low Power VLSI Circuits Completed 2017 -
Ph.D Apoorva Dwivedi Regn. No. 2K13-Ph.D.-E&CE-240 Performance Enhancement of MEMS Based Fully Implantable Microphone for Hearing Application Completed 2019 -
Ph.D Prateek Asthana Regn. No. 2K15-Ph.D.-E&CE-292 Performance Enhancement of Vibration based Micro-scale Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting System Completed 2021 -
M.Tech Anudita Gaur (19M418) ASymmetric SECE Piezoelectric Energy Harvester under Weak Excitation Completed 2021
M.Tech Vishnu P. Reddy (19M403) Design and Implementation of 8 bit Vedic Wallace Multiplier Completed 2021
M.Tech Akshit walia (16MI404) Analysis of temperature Characteristics of TFET Completed 2021
M.Tech Aditya Ranjan(17M411) Interface Circuitry for Enhancing Power of Piezoelectric Energy harvesting system Completed 2019
M.Tech Sanjeev Kumar Varun (17M413) Real time image classification for visually impaired Completed 2019
M.Tech Bargaje Ganesh P. (18M411) ime Slack prediction of digital circuit using artificial intelligence Completed 2020
M.Tech Radha Yadav (18M404) Design and Simulation of double gate dual metal junctionless transistor Completed 2020
M.Tech Bijendra Kumar Ray (15MI422) Handwritten mathematical character recognitation using machine learning and deep learning Completed 2020
M.Tech Lekhraj Kumar(15MI449) Rice disease detection using deep learning architectures Completed 2020
M.Tech Atul Maurya Pperformance analysis of various adiabatic logic circuits Completed 2012
M.Tech M Balakrishna, VLSI Based Design and Implementation of Modified Viterbi Algorithm for a Wi-Fi Receiver Completed 2012
M.Tech J Balakrishna Performance comparision of various pulse shaping functions used in OFDM system with carrier frequency offset Completed 2012
M.Tech Niranjan Performance analysis of Sub-22nm Metal Gate Fully Depleted SOI MOSFET with High-K Gate Dielectric Completed 2012
M.Tech Paras Singhariya Design, Analysis and Optimization of DG-MOSFET using Channel Doping level Completed 2021
M.Tech Raghunandan Meena Analysis, Design and Optimization of MOSFET/FinFET using different Gate Dielectric Materials Completed 2021
M.Tech Vikash Kaswan Design, Analysis and Optimization of CMOS using Different Scaling Techniques Completed 2021
Ph.D Er. Gargi Khanna, Reg. No. 2K6-Ph.D.-ECE-30. [Asso. Prof. NITH] Investigations on VLSI Interconnects for Performance Enhancement and Mitigation of Non Ideal Effects. Awarded 2012 Dr. Ashwani K. Chandel
Ph.D Er. Sandeep Singh Gill 2K7-PhD-ECE-85 [Prof. NITTTR Chandigarh] VLSI Circuit Partitioning using Evolutionary Optimization Techniques Awarded 2012 Dr. Ashwani K. Chandel
Ph.D Er. Rohit Dhiman 2K9-PhD-ECE [Asst. Prof. NITH] Performance Investigations in VLSI Interconnects for Ultra-Low Power Regime Awarded 2014 -
Ph.D Er. Philemon Daniel 2K8-PhD-ECE-107 [Asst. Prof. NITH] Software Based Self-test Techniques for Online Test and Diagnosis of Embedded Controllers and Memories Awarded 2015 -
Ph.D Er. Yash Agarwal 2K13-Ph.D.-E&CE-208 [Asst. Prof. DA-IICT Gujarat] Design, Modeling and Analysis of High Performance VLSI Interconnects Awarded 2016 -
Ph.D Er. Girish M. Kumar 2K13-Ph.D.-E&CE-236 [Asso. Prof. DoECE, TKRCET, Hyderabad] Investigations in CNT and Graphene Interconnects for Deep Submicron Technologies Awarded 2018 -
Ph.D Er. Sunil Jadav, YMCA Univ of S&T, Faridabad, Haryana [Asst. Prof. YMCA Faridabad] Modeling and Simulation of Low Power Interconnect Awarded 2018 Dr. Munish Vashishtha
Ph.D Er. Dilip Singh Design, Analysis & FPGA Prototyping of VLSI Modules for Speech Coding Applications On going 2018 -
Ph.D Er. Deepanshu Kaushal Design of Fractal Monopole Antennas for Multiband Applications On going 2018 -
M.Tech Ms. Kanika Nadda [with ST Microelectronics] Optimal Design of Interconnects using GA Completed 2008 Er. G. Khanna
M.Tech Mr. Harsh Sohal Flash ADC for SoC Applications Completed 2008 -
M.Tech Mr. Ashwani Kr Sanwal Investigations on Low Power Techniques on CMOS Circuits Completed 2008 -
M.Tech Ms. Rakhi Puri Optimal Design of Adder Circuits Completed 2008 -
M.Tech Mr. Y. Nataraj ASIC Prototyping of DTV Input Processing Engine Completed 2008 Er. Robert KA, ST Microelectronics
M.Tech Ms. Preeti Sharma Investigations on Repeaters & Buffers for Interconnects Completed 2008 Er. G. Khanna
M.Tech Mr. Ankush Chunn Performance analysis of Sample and hold circuits for VLSI applications Completed 2009 -
M.Tech Mr. Praveen Kumar V Investigations on Low power CMOS Adders & Multipliers Completed 2009 -
M.Tech Ms. Neha Agarwal Implementation and study of various dynamic logic circuits Completed 2009 -
M.Tech Mr. Sudhakar Singh Chauhan [Asst. Prof. NITK] Design and Performance Analysis of Low Power High Speed Flash ADC Completed 2009 Dr. SC Bose, CEERI Pilani
M.Tech Mr. Surya Naik Ultra low Power Standard Cell Library design Completed 2009 -
M.Tech Mr. Kiran Kr. Chadda Design & Analysis of Low Power CMOS Adders and Multipliers Completed 2010 -
M.Tech Mr. Ashutosh Nandi [Asst. Prof. NITK] Design and analysis of low power high performance digital adders with on-chip testing feasibility Completed 2010 Er. P. Daniel
M.Tech Mr. Sandeep Sharma Modeling and Analysis of Performance Parameters of Different Interconnects for VLSI circuits Completed 2010 -
M.Tech Ms. Viveka Paliwal Noise Tolerance Improvement Techniques for High Performance Dynamic Circuits Completed 2010 -
M.Tech Mr. Rajneesh Sharma [Asst. Prof. TIET, Patiala] Design and analysis of Threshold Inverter Quantization based Flash Analog to Digital Converter Completed 2010 Er. G. Kumar
M.Tech Ms. Purnima Sharma (09M419) [Asst. Prof. MIET, Sikar] Noise Tolerance Improvement Techniques for Dynamic Circuits in Super and Sub-Threshold Regimes Completed 2011 -
M.Tech Mr. Atul kumar Nishad (09M401) [Asst. Prof. NIT Warangal] Design and Analysis of Low Power Hybrid CMOS and GDI Technique VLSI Circuits Completed 2011 -
M.Tech Mr. Dhrub Solanki (09M414) Design and Analysis of Low Power VCO for VLSI and Communication Systems Completed 2011 -
M.Tech Mr. Tafseer Alam (09M411) Modelling and Analysis of CNT Interconnects for high Performance VLSI applications Completed 2011 -
M.Tech Mr. Ravi Goel (10M401) Design and Analysis of Ultra Low Power SRAM Cache Memory Cell Completed 2012 -
M.Tech Mr. Dhirender Kumar (10M414) PVT Analysis of Ultra-Low Power Digital Subthreshold Logic Circuits Completed 2012 -
M.Tech Mr. Sudershan Neekhra (10M417) IDDQ Testing in Deep Submicron Region Completed 2012 -
M.Tech Mr. Chandan Jha (11M406) Power and Throughput Centric Design of Digital VLSI Circuits using Pipelining Technique Completed 2013 -
M.Tech Mr. Gautam Kumar (11M412) Power, Delay and Area Efficient Asynchronous Logic Design Completed 2013 -
M.Tech Mr. Bishwajeet (11M403) Design Techniques for Improvement of Noise Tolerance in VLSI Dynamic Circuits for Ultra Low Power Applications Completed 2013 -
M.Tech Ms. Sonal Shreya (12M439) [PhD IIT Roorkee] Design and analysis of digital circuits using carbon nano-material based transistor for multivalued logic Completed 2014 -
M.Tech Mr. Raghvandra P. Singh (12M439) Source Coupled Logic Circuits Completed 2014 -
M.Tech Mr. Chandresh K. Sharma (12M439) Design & Analysis of SRAM Cells for Low Power Applications Completed 2014 -
M.Tech Mr. Rahul Kumar Singh (13M408) Analog Front End Design of Hearing Aid Device Completed 2015 -
M.Tech Mr. Ritesh Rampal (13M410) Design and Implementation of Network-on-Chip based Interconnection Network for Neuromorphic Systems Completed 2015 -
M.Tech Mr. Rohit Agarwal 13M404 Performance Evaluation of Carbon Nano Tube (CNT) Interconnects Completed 2015 Dr. Rohit Dhiman
M.Tech Mr. Sanjay Singh Rajput (14M409) Front-End Amplifier for Bio-Medical Signal Acquisition Completed 2016 -
M.Tech Mr. Pankaj Sharma (14M416) [PhD IIT Dhanbad] Design of Vibrational based piezoelectric Energy Harvester for powering wireless sensor nodes Completed 2016 -
M.Tech Mr. Ashish Singh (14M417) Full On-Chip CMOS Low Dropout Voltage Regulator Design and Analysis Completed 2016 -
M.Tech Ms. Neha Sharma (15M401) Design and Analysis of Low Power SRAM Architectures using CMOS and Floating Gate MOS Technologies Completed 2017 -
M.Tech Mr. Parmjit Singh (15M402) Design and Performance Analysis of Digital Circuits using Carbon Nanotube Transistors Completed 2017 -
M.Tech Ms. Sakshi Goel (16M401) Design, Analysis and Estimation of Line Spectral Frequencies for Speech Encoder and Decoder Completed 2018 -
M.Tech Mr. Dilip Singh (16M407) Hardware Design and Implementation of CELP Based Speech Vocoder Completed 2018 -
M.Tech Mr. Ankit Kumar Maurya (17M401) Characterization of SRAM Tile of size 32x32 with Access Time Constraint Completed 2019 -
M.Tech Mr. Bharat Kumar Jangid (17M410) Implementation of Stochastic and Adaptive Modules for Vocoder Design Completed 2019 -
M.Tech Mr. Animesh Shrivastava (15MI445) Performance Enhancement in VLSI Circuits using Quantum Cellular Automata Design Completed 2020 -
M.Tech Mr. Kommukuri Madhu Kiran (18M405) Design and Analysis of SRAM Tiles Using Lector Technique For Low Power Applications Completed 2020 -
M.Tech Mr. Pawan Kumar Pandey (18M412) Hardware Design of Low Power Linear Prediction Coder for Speech Application Completed 2020 -
M.Tech Mr. Dasari Nagasai Nagarjuna (15MI437) Implementation of Zero-Input Zero-State Method For Codebook Search In CELP Based Vocoder Using Vivado HLS Completed 2020 -
M.Tech Mr. Vollite Bhargav (15MI453) Design and Implementation of Various Modules in Advanced High-performance Bus (AHB)-Lite Completed 2020 -
M.Tech Ms. Sonalika Singh (19M401) Design and Analysis of Low Noise Amplifier using Active Inductor for 100nm CMOS Technology Completed 2021 -
M.Tech Mr. Baisen Razda (19M419) Machine Learning Usage Analysis for Decision Making in Automobile Sector Completed 2021 -
M.Tech Ms. Afreen Haider (16MI434) Design and Analysis of a Single Stage Differential Amplifiers using MOSFETs and FINFETs Completed 2021 -
M.Tech Mr. Samarth Agarwal (16MI448) Design and Analysis of SRAM using CMOS, FinFETs and Gallium Nitride Field Effect Transistors Completed 2021 My 50th PG Student
M.Tech Mr. Aaryadharshan Dwivedy (20MEC001) Design and Verification of Dual-Port RAM using Machine Learning Completed 2022 -
M.Tech Ms. Nivali Yadav (17MI424) Performance Analysis of Low Power SRAM Cells Designed using CMOS and CNTFET Technologies Completed 2022 -
M.Tech Ms. Rohini Raj (17MI454) Antlion Optimized Framework for Neuromorphic Computing Completed 2022 -
M.Tech Mr. Subhashish Anand (17MI451) A High-Power Class-D Amplifier with Low Total Harmonic Distortion Completed 2022 -
Ph.D Mr. Ashwani Rana “Gate Tunneling Current Models for Circuit Simulation of MOSFET Based Nanoscale Devices” Completed 2011 Dr. Narottam Chand
Ph.D Mr. Ashok Kumar “Localization and energy efficient operational techniques for UWB Based Wireless Sensor Networks” Completed 2013 Dr. Narottam Chand
Ph.D Sh. Naresh Kumar “Performance Investigation on OFDM- SCM and RoF optical Transmission link”. Completed 2013 Dr. Ajay Sharma
Ph.D Ms. Baljeet Kaur Hura “Performance Evolution and Analysis of EPON with Radio over Fiber Optical Networks” Completed 2014 Dr. Ajay Sharma
Ph.D Sh. Neeraj Sharma Analysis and Performance Improvement of High Speed DP-QPSK WDM System” Completed 2021 Dr. Sunil Agrawal
M.Tech Maneesh Kumar Singh Modeling & Simulation to Study the Performances of Free Space Optical Communication System using Various Parameters Completed 2011 -
M.Tech Koushik Barman Optical Performance Monitoring For the Future Optical Networks Completed 2011 -
M.Tech Jitendra Singh Performance Evaluation of Different Modulation Format in Optical Wireless Communication System Completed 2012 -
M.Tech Munish Singh Transmission Improvement in Ethernet Passive Optical Network With Triple Place Services Completed 2012 -
M.Tech Satyendra Kumar Srivastav Study of Nonlinear Effects in Optical Fibers used in all WDM Optical Networks Completed 2013 -
M.Tech Mayank Srivastava To Study Nonlinearities in WDM Systems Completed 2014 -
M.Tech Divya Prakash To Study and Analyze the Performance of FWM in WDM System Completed 2015 -
M.Tech Kunam Lakshmi Narayana Analysis of Cross Phase Modulation Effects in WDM System in the Presence of Chromatic Dispersion Completed 2015 -
M.Tech Shailesh Singh, Analyzing Traffic Measurement Capabilities of a Software Defined Network Completed 2016 -
M.Tech Anjal Kaushik Analysis of Wide range Hybrid Optical Amplifier for Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing System Completed 2016 -