Programme Name Scholar Name Research Topic Status Year Co-Suprivisor(s)
Ph.D Shashi Kant - Completed 2015 -
Ph.D Abhishek Kawale Exploring Sustainable Housing in Rural Maharastra Ongoing 2020 -
M.Tech Mr. Ghanshyam Thakur Daylight Optimization for Apartment Buildings- A Case Study of Type-V Residence at National Institute of Technology Hamirpur Completed 2015
M.Tech Ms. Mansi Study of Bioclimatic Features in Row Houses for Hot and Dry Climate: Case Study of Ahmedabad Completed 2018
M.Tech Ms. Geetika Kaundal Achieving sustainability through selection of building material – A case of Dharamshala Completed 2018
M.Tech Mr. Rajat Nainwal To study the feasibility of ECBC in Himachal Pradesh Ongoing 2019
Ph.D Mr. Rohit thakur Role of fenestrations for daylight performance in government offices of Hamirpur Ongoing 2019
Ph.D Ar. Sachin Yadav Socio-Economic and Environment Impact of Land Acquisition on Affected Families: A case study of Tribal area in Jajpur, Orrisa AWARDED 2018
Ph.D Ar. K.S.Hiteshi Impact of Urban Land Use Pattern on Environment; A Case Of Yamuna Expressway Ongoing 2016
Ph.D Ar. Priyank Jain Sustainable Model by Integrating Landscape w.r.t. built form Ongoing 2016
Ph.D Ar. Vikas Bhola “Sustainable development of Trikuta Hills Katra, Jammu” Ongoing 2010
Ph.D Ar. Gaurav Gangwar A study of Contextual Comparison of Traditional and Contemporary Courtyard Design for Hot Semi- Arid Region of Ahmedabad Ongoing 2017
Ph.D Ar. Harish Gupta Study & Analysis of Redevelopment and Rehabilitation of Slums in planned city: A case study of Chandigarh Ongoing 2017
M.Tech Ar.Vishakah Verma Healing gardens in hospital-a case of M.Y. hospital, Indore, MP Awarded 2019
M.Tech Ar. Deepika Vasudev Decentralized Renewable Energy as a Solution for Energy Poverty in Urban Poor Neighborhood in Chandigarh Awarded 2018
M.Tech Ar. Saurabh Kumar Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainable Public Transport System: Case Study of Karnal Awarded 2018
M.Tech Ar. Rashika Goswami Promoting Sustainable Tourism through Built environment in Katra (Jammu): Awarded 2017
M.Tech Ar. Akanksha Soni Revival of Ancient Water Resources : Kahn river Indore: Awarded 2017
M.Tech Ar. Safder Rizvi Evolution Of Sustainable Architecture Through Civilization Awarded 2017
M.Tech Ar.Mayank Tenguriya Influence of Independence on Rural Development and spatial organization of Residential Building near Firozabad Awarded 2016
M.Tech Ar. Ajesh Kapoor Sustainable Urban Development: An Approach to Net Zero Energy Buildings Awarded 2015
M.Tech Prashant Kumar Rejuvenation and Integration of Yamuna River and Its Precinct In Delhi Region. Completed 2017-18
M.Tech Ankit mittal Critical analysis of urban design projects in India Completed 2018-19
Ph.D Akanksha Soni Urban development model for Inner cities areas – Case of Sagar (M.P.), India Ongoing 2017-20
M.Tech Ankush Revival of urban spaces by tranforming of 'urban voids' case Zirakpur Completed 2019-20
Ph.D Gitika Kaundal Framework for Urban resilience of hill towns Ongoing 2019-20
M.Tech Akhila menon Reclaiming and rejuvenating urban water bodies – case of Mullassery canal, Kochi, Kerala Ongoing 2020-21
Ph.D Kalpana Thakur water resilience in hill towns Ongoing 2020 Dr. Inderpal Singh
Ph.D Shivani Construction waste management Ongoing 2020 Dr. Rashmi Kumari
Ph.D Ar. Asmita Yadav Gender Sensitive Strategies in Urban Planning ONGOING 2019
M.Tech Ar. Shivani Singhal Sustainable Water Resource Development-A Case of NIT Hamirpur Completed 2020
M.Tech Ar. Saumya Srivastava Impact of Land Use Change on the Urban System– A Case of Lucknow ONGOING 2021
Ph.D Rahul Bharmoria Visual Place Quality Framework for the hill towns of Himachal Pradesh Ongoing 2018
Ph.D Ridima Sharma Thermal Performance of Vernacular Houses in Himachal Pradesh Ongoing 2019
M.Tech Sneha Sara Varghese Adaptation to climate change in Kerala - a community based adaptation approach for the vulnerable coastal areas of Kochi Ongoing 2021
M.Tech Neethulakshmi B Community based approach towards flood resilient houses in Kerala Completed 2020
M.Tech Athul P Sustainable & Cultural Conformity in Vernacular Architecture: A Case Study of Primitive Tribal Settlement In Kerela Completed 2019
M.Tech Safder Rizvi Environmental Sustainability & Urban Development ( Case Study : Lucknow) Completed 2017
M.Tech Anchal Rawal Significance of Vastu Shastra and its Impact on User Satisfaction Completed 2018
M.Tech Srishti Sharma Significance of Intelligent Building Systems in Sustainable Design Completed 2019
M.Tech Farhan Asim Significance of Built Environment in Psychological Restoration in Technical Institute Completed 2019
M.Tech Kaushal Kumar Role of Intelligent Building in optimization of operational Energy Completed 2020
M.Tech Shubham Kanchan Study of BIPV panels Ongoing 2020-
Ph.D Jai Prakash Modeling of Building Energy Demand through Passive Design Strategies Ongoing 2020-
Ph.D Shiv Dayal Sharma Application of Vernacular Building construction Technique to achieve Sustainability Ongoing 2020-
Ph.D Aniket Sharma Study of Energy Efficient Building Regulations for Residential Buildings in Composite Climate – Case Study Hamirpur Himachal Pradesh. successfully completed 2017 Prof. Shyam Singh Chandel
Ph.D Vandna Sharma Improving Durability of Adobe Walls for Enhancing Vernacular Architecture successfully completed 2017 Dr. Hemant Kumar Vinayak
Ph.D Puneet Sharma Redefining the Urban Form of Hill Towns for Sustainable Development successfully completed 2018 Dr. Dharmendra
Ph.D Venu Shree Study of Ventilation and Indoor Paints in Primary School Classrooms of Composite Climate for Monitoring its Indoor Air Quality – Case Study Hamirpur (H.P.). successfully completed 2020 Dr. Pamita Awasthi
Ph.D Sakshi Tanwar Conservation of Shaktidevi Temple Complex Chhatrari Chamba (HP) successfully completed 2016
Ph.D Zinia Kar Environmental Behaviour Studies in Residential Architecture: A Post Occupancy Evaluation of Two West Bengak Housing Board LIG Apartments successfully completed 2017 Dr. Amitava Sarkar
Ph.D Arvind Kumar Dahiya Redevelopment of Tridev Nagar Slum, Puri successfully completed 2018
Ph.D Madhav Verma Climate Responsive Architecture in Composite Climate of Agra successfully completed 2019
Ph.D Abhilash Mohan A Design Proposal for International Research Institute of Ayurveda at Kalliyad, Kanur, Kerala successfully completed 2020