Physics & Photonics Science

Research Supervision

Programme Name Scholar Name Research Topic Status Year Co-Suprivisor(s)
Ph.D Naresh Dhiman Fabrication and Characterization of Functionalized Photonic Crystals Awarded 2014 Prof. B.P. Singh
Ph.D Ankita Sharma Synthesis and Characterization of Gold nanoparticles for bio-conjugation and optical applications Awarded 2015 Prof. B.P. Singh
Ph.D Neha Rani Rana Band gap engineering of ZnO by cadmium and magnesium doping using sol-gel synthesis Awarded 2016 Dr. Subhash Chand
Ph.D Satinder Kumar Synthesis and Characterization of pure and doped LiF phosphors for optical and dosimetric applications Awarded 2017 ---
Ph.D Shashi Kumar Synthesis and Characterizations of Phosphor Materials for Display Applications Awarded 2017 ---
Ph.D Ishant Kumar Luminescent materials for thermometry applications ongoing 2019
Ph.D Avinash Kumar Luminescent Materials ongoing 2020
Ph.D Mr. Hardep Thakur Structural , Electronic, Magnetic and Optical Properties of Wide Band Gap Semiconductors Degree Awarded 2013 Prof. Ravi Kumar
Ph.D Ms Pawanpreet Kaur Structural, Electrical and Magnetic Studies of Transition Metal Oxides: GdFeO3 and SrRuO3 Degree Awarded 2015 Prof. Ravi Kumar
Ph.D Ms Rabia Pandit Effect of Cation Distribution on Structural, Electrical and Magnetic Properties of In and Al Substituted Cobalt Ferrites Degree Awarded 2015 Prof. Ravi Kumar
Ph.D Ms Minaxi Sharma Structural, Magneto-Transport and Magnetic Study of YBa2Cu3O7-?/La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 Heterostructures Degree Awarded 2016 Prof. Ravi Kumar
Ph.D Mr. Joginder Pal Structural, Dielectric, Multiferroic and Magnetoelectric Study of Bi4-x Smx Ti3-x Fex O12±?, Bi4-x Smx Ti3-x Cox O12±? and Bi4-x Smx Ti3-x Nix O12±? Ceramics Degree Awarded 2016
Ph.D Mr. Ashwani Kumar, Propagation of Acousto-diffusive Surface Waves in Semiconductor-Piezoelectric Composite Continua Degree Awarded 2013 Prof. J. N. Sharma
Ph.D Ms. Nisha Kumari Disturbance due to Mechanical, Thermal and Mass Loads in Elastothermo-diffusive Solids Degree Awarded 2014 Prof. J. N. Sharma
Ph.D Mr. Arvind Kumar Fabrication and Electrical Characterization of Metal/Titanium Dioxide/Silicon and Metal/Silicon Heterojunctions Degree Awarded 2020
Ph.D Dr. Shagun Thakur Study of Decay Modes of Superheavy Elements Completed 2014
Ph.D Dr. Vinod Kumar Study of Ni Substitution in Rare Earth Cobaltites (ACoO3)Functional Materials Completed 2014 Dr. Ravi Kumar
Ph.D Mr. Atul Kapil Synthesis, characterization and charge transport study of chemically synthesized polyaniline and its derivatives Awarded 2011 --
Ph.D Mr. Manish Taunk Chemical synthesis, characterization and electrical transport studies of polypyrrole powder and thin films over wide range of temperature Awarded 2012 --
Ph.D Ms. Indu Sharma Accousto-diffusive surface wave propagation in semiconductor materials Awarded 2012 Prof. J.N.Sharma, Department of Mathematics, NIT Hamirpur (HP)
Ph.D Ms. Priyanka Kaushal Numerical simulation study of Schottky diode characteristics using semiconductor device equations Awarded 2015 --
Ph.D Ms. Neha Rani Rana Band gap engineering of ZnO by cadmium and magnesium doping using sol-gel synthesis Awarded 2016 Dr. Arvind Kumar, Department of Physics, NIT Hamirpur (HP)
Ph.D Mr. Rajinder Kumar Fabrication and characterization of /metal/ZnO/ silicon and metal/silicon heterojunctions. Awarded 2016 --
Ph.D Mr. Sumit Bhardwaj Synthesis and characterization of ceramics and ceramic-polymer composites for electronic applications Awarded 2016 --
Ph.D Ms. Saroj Bala Simulation studies of current voltage characteristics of Schottky diodes Awarded 2007 Dr. Nagesh Thakur, Department of Physics, H P University Shimla
Ph.D Rohan Samkaria Structural, dielectric and electrical properties of yttrium doped nano sized magnesium, nickel and zinc aluminates Completed 2015 NA
Ph.D Hemant Pal Mechanical, electrical and thermal properties of CNT reinforced silver nanocomposites Completed 2015 NA
Ph.D Manjula Sharma Synthesis and characterization of carbon nanotube reinforced aluminium nanothermites Completed 2017 NA
Ph.D Manisha Sharma Synthesis and characterization of nano thermites for application in explosives On going 2019 NA