Photo Name Responsibility Tel. No.

Awasthi Pamita

Coordinator, Bio-Technology Centre,Local Coordinator(GIAN) 254120

Chand Narottam

Coordinator Automation, Accreditation 254430

Chandel Ashwani

Coordinator, QIP Center,Institute of Engineers 254535

Chandel Rajeevan

Coordinator, Research,Testing & Consultancy, Chief Investigator(SMDP-C2S) 254624

Chauhan Naveen

Spoken Tutorial, Aravali Trainee Hostel,Faculty Incharge Satpura Guest House 254432

Chauhan Siddhartha

Institute Website Documentary 254428

Chauhan Sushil

Coordinator Medical Facilities 224390 254010

Daniel P.

Coordinator, Communication 254650

Dogra V.S

PMSGY, Continuing Education center,International Cooperation Officer 254300

Gupta Yogesh

Coordinator, Community Development Initiative & Tribal Development Programmes 254132

Husain Zakir

TIFAC Core 254530

Katoch S.S.

Coordinator Guest House 254334

Khana Gargi

Coordinator SPICMACAY,Acad-ECE, IIITU, Co-coordinator Cultural Fest/ Hill”ffair 254634

Kherb Jaibir

Coordinator AIU 254102

Kumar Anil

Coordinator Internet,Network 254412

Kumar Parshant

Coordinator ISTE 254736

Kumar Rajeev

Spoken Tutorial, DTH, NMEICT 254434

Kumar Sunand

Coordinator (Consortium) 254724

Kumari Madhu

Coordinator, DTH & NMEICT; Acad(CSE)- IIITU 254452

Jarial R.K.


Rana Ashwani

Co-Chief Investigator(SMDP-II),Coordinator Yoga 254638

Roy Amrit Kumar

Coordinator NCC 254306

Sharma Aniket

Coordinator,Information Brochure & News Letter, Co-coordinator-Culturalfest/Hillffair 254928

Sharma Manisha

Co coordinator, OOCs 254501

Sharma Rajesh

Coordinator, Satpura Guest House 254454

Sharma Ravi Kumar

Chairman,Licensing Committee 254324

Sharma Ram Naresh

Coordinator, TEQIP 254526, 254015

Sharma Ravindra Nath

Coordinator DASA 254532

Sharma T.P.

Coordinator, Restructuring of Curriculum 254426

Shree Venu

Co-coordinator Cultural Fest, Techfest / Nimbus 254922

Singh Pardeep

Coordinator, Institute Website Documentary 254436

Sood P.K.

Programme Officer NSS 254728

Thakur N.S.

Energy Centre 254728

Thakur Saroj

Coordinator Cultural Club, Techfest / Nimbus, Hill”ffair, Institute Magazine,Safety of Women Empowerment 254130

Varma Jagdish

Coordinator Institute Website 244406

Vashishtha Siddhartha

Coordinator Information Centre 254736

Vinayak Hemant

Coordinator Innovation,Co-coordinator Cultural Fest, Techfest / Nimbus 254346