Programme Name Scholar Name Research Topic Status Year Co-Suprivisor(s)
Ph.D Neha Kumari The Spatial Geography as Reflected in Literature Ongoing 2019 NA
Ph.D Shivanee Critical Disability Studies Ongoing 2019 NA
Ph.D Mohd. Shad Time Series Models Ongoing 2018 -
Ph.D Bhupendra Kumar Time Series Models Ongoing 2019 -
Ph.D Shashi Kant - Completed 2015 -
Ph.D Abhishek Kawale Exploring Sustainable Housing in Rural Maharastra Ongoing 2020 -
Ph.D Anisha Devi Numerical solutions of PDEs Ongoing 2020 None
Ph.D Deepika Yadav Optimal Operation and Scheduling of Hydro Power Plant Awarded 2014
Ph.D Prateek Kumar Singhal Investigations using meta-heuristic based approaches to solve unit commitment problems Awarded 2016
Ph.D Goutham Kumar Nadakuditi Investigations using meta-heuristic based approaches to solve short-term hydro thermal scheduling problems Awarded 2017
Ph.D Preeti Optimal automatic generation control of interconnected power systems Awarded 2017
Ph.D Amita Singh MPC control of interconnected power systems Pursuing since Aug.2017 2018
Ph.D Sita Ram Slip power recovery schemes using Buck-Boost Chopper Pursuing since Aug.2014 2018
M.Tech B. Subhash Modified Sliding Mode Control for Inverted Pendulum System Awarded 2018
M.Tech Nazia Aslam Tracking Trajectory of Moving Object using Kalman Filter Awarded 2017
M.Tech Anushree Das Uncertainty Modelling in Control System and Design of a Robust Controller using H-infinity Method Awarded
M.Tech Lucky Implementation of PID Controller for CSTR Process Model using Different Tuning Algorithms Awarded
M.Tech Shivam Gujral Mathematical formulation and Analysis of Model Predictive Control Algorithms Awarded
M.Tech Pankaj Kumar Analysis of Dead Time Processes Using Smith Predictor and its Variants Awarded
M.Tech Vyoma Singh Sliding Mode Controller Design for DC Motor with Non-Linearities Awarded
M.Tech Deepak Mishra System Identification and Control of Processes Awarded
M.Tech Amita Singh Dissolved Gas Analysis of Power Transformer Using K-means and Support Vector Machine Awarded
M.Tech Ruchika Bansal Transformer Fault Diagnosis Using Fusion Techniques Based on Dissolved Gas Analysis Awarded
M.Tech Amit Singh Bisht Object Tracking in Real Time Video Awarded
M.Tech Arun Kumar Saini Control of Magnetic Levitation System Using Intelligent Algorithms Awarded
M.Tech Avinash Kumar Tuning of PID Controller using Evolutionary Approaches Awarded
M.Tech Khusbhu Thakur Dielectric Spectroscopic Analysis of Composite Insulation System for Moisture Assessment of Solid Insulation Awarded
M.Tech Abhishek Singh Auto-Tuning and Implementation of PID Controller in Industrial Processes by Using Soft Techniques Awarded
M.Tech J. Gireesh Kumar MPC Design for Industrial Processes and its Performance Study Under Disturbances Awarded
M.Tech Ankit Bansal H-Infinity Approach for Robust Optimal Control Awarded
M.Tech Gaurav Daga Model Order Reduction for Linear and Nonlinear Dynamical Systems Awarded
M.Tech Uma Shankar Modeling and Control of Hybrid Dynamical System Awarded
M.Tech Rajat Kamboj Comparative Study of Control Design Techniques for DC Motor Awarded
M.Tech Shanu Khan Modeling and Temperature Control of Heat Exchanger Process Awarded
M.Tech Koena Mukherjee Path Tracking Control of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Awarded
M.Tech Varun Sharma Analysis of Processes with Dead Time Awarded
M.Tech Prakash Dwivedi Formulation of Model Predictive Control Algorithms for Linear and Non-linear Processes Awarded
M.Tech VenkateshwarluKesari Optimal Reservoir Operation Using Dynamic Programming Awarded
M.Tech Anuradha Tomar Design of Earthing System for Substation Awarded
M.Tech Vikas Mohan State Space Controller Design for Inverted Pendulum System Awarded
M.Tech Vanita Thakur Optimal Environmental Dispatch Using Evolutionary Approach Awarded
M.Tech Manisha Vashisth Transformer Diagnostics Under Dissolved Gas Analysis Using Integrated Neural Fuzzy Approach Awarded
M.Tech D.Lavakishan Rewetting Behaviour Completed 2020
M.Tech Himanshu Liquid desiccant dehumidifier Ongoing 2020
Ph.D Sohan sharma Thermal Storage System Ongoing 2020
Ph.D Vijay Kumar Condition Monitoring, Vibrations On Going 2019
M.Tech Akshay Singh Condition monitoring of FSW Completed 2020
M.Tech Deepak Kaushal Parametric Analysis of FSW Completed 2020
M.Tech Niketan CFD Analysis On Going 2020
Ph.D Sonam Rani Photocatalytic degradation of pharmaceutical compounds in waste water using doped TiO2-SiO2 photocatalyst Ongoing 2021 Dr. Neetu Singh
M.Tech Inderjeet Approximation of IIR Filter from FIR filter Completed 2020
M.Tech Kavya Sharma Electrocardiomatrix: A Technique for Accurate Detection of Atrial Fibrillation, Atrial Flutter and Congestive Heart Failure Completed 2020
M.Tech Mohit Kumar Sipani ECG based Heart beat classification for Arrhythmia Detection Completed 2020
M.Tech Pankaj Kumar Gupta Pupil Localization using Isophote Curvature and Gaze Control Virtual Keyboard using Landmark Detection Approach Completed 2020
Ph.D BADAVATH MOHAN RAO Biomedical Signal Processing Pursuing 2020
Ph.D Surendra Kumar Gupta Microstrip Antenna Onging 2019
M.Tech Priyanshu Sadwal Design and Analysis of Microstrip Bandpass Filter Completed 2020
M.Tech Gaurav Dhiman Design and Analysis of Filtenna for Cognitive Radio Application Completed 2020
M.Tech Gaurav Kumar Design and Analysis of Microstrip Antenna Completed 2020
M.Tech Mr. Pradeep Kumar Hybrid Technique for Diagnosis of Eye Diseases using Fundus Images Awarded 2018 Dr. Ravinder Nath
M.Tech Mr. T. Siddartha Reddy ECG Biometric Recognition using Model-based Estimation Techniques Awarded 2017 Dr. Ravinder Nath
M.Tech Mr. K. Naresh Reconstruction of Images by using Super Resolution Technique Awarded 2017 Dr. Ravinder Nath
M.Tech Mr. Praveen Kandula Image Inpainting using Partial Differential Equations and Exemplar Based Techniques Awarded 2017 Dr. Ravinder Nath
M.Tech Ms. Chitter Rekha Transformation Based Approaches for Copy-Move Image Forgery Detection Awarded 2016 Dr. Ravinder Nath
M.Tech Mr. Naveen Kumar Singh Face Recognition using PCA and DCT Awarded 2016 Dr. Ravinder Nath
M.Tech Ms. Tanvi Kaushal Image Steganography in Transform Domain Awarded 2016 Dr. Ravinder Nath
M.Tech Mr. Vineet Kumar Image Inpainting Based on Partial Differential Equations Awarded 2016 Dr. Ravinder Nath
M.Tech Mr. Yashasvi Chauhan Alzheimer’s Diseases Detection using PCA and Neural Network Awarded 2015 Dr. Ravinder Nath
M.Tech Mr. Dhanesh Agarwal Spectrum Sensing Schemes in Cognitive Radio Network Awarded 2015 Dr. Ravinder Nath
M.Tech Mr. Mohd. Yusuf Optical Character Recognition of Handwritten Devnagari Script Awarded 2015 Dr. Ravinder Nath
M.Tech Mr. Gaiga Matthew Ruangmei Face recognition in Frequency Domain Awarded 2015
M.Tech Mr. Ravi Kumar Kanaujia Palmprint Recognition using Subspace Method Awarded 2015 Dr. Ravinder Nath
M.Tech Surasani Ashok Kumar Reddy Convergence and Tracking Performance of General Kalman Filter for Echo Cancellation Awarded 2014 Dr. Ravinder Nath
M.Tech Nagireddy Bhanu Iris Recognition using GUI Awarded 2014 Dr. Ravinder Nath
M.Tech Sekhar Rajendran S Face recognition using Subspace Methods Awarded 2014 Dr. Ravinder Nath
M.Tech Er. Manoj Sood Wind load analysis on tall rectangular building with modification of side ratio. Completed 2015 NO
M.Tech Md. Mohsin Khan Wind Flow around Power Station Chimney with interference effect. Completed 2015 NO
M.Tech Dhiraj Kr. Ghosh Wind Flow around pyramidal roof building with different percentage of openings on the walls. Completed 2016 NO
M.Tech Manish Kumar Variation of Wind loads around Power Station Chimney with interference effect. Completed 2016 NO
M.Tech Vinay Kr. Pandey Wind load analysis on tall rectangular building with modification of plan shape Completed 2016 NO
M.Tech Atul Sardalia Characteristics of wind interference around tall buildings with various configuration Completed 2017 NO
M.Tech Rahul Sharma Wind effects on low rise pyramidal roof building with window openings Completed 2017 NO
M.Tech Aslam Aziz Effect of wind load on canopy roofs of low rise buildings with interference through CFD simulation Completed 2018 NO
M.Tech Adarsh Kumar Manwal Effect of interference of surrounding structures on performance of a roof mounted wind turbine – A case study Completed 2018 NO
M.Tech Ankur Sharma Effect of Side Ratio on High Rise Building through CFD Simulation Completed 2018 NO
M.Tech Desh Deepak Verma Effect of interference of surrounding structures on performance of a roof mounted wind turbine – A case study Completed 2019 NO
Ph.D Jagbir Katyal Singh Aerodynamic characteristics on building roofs under forced excitation Ongoing 2015 NO
Ph.D Surya Pratap Singh Soil and Structure interaction Ongoing 2018 NO
Ph.D Anupam Anand Bharti Soil and Structure interaction Ongoing 2019 NO
M.Tech Rishab Agarwal Wind and Erthquacke effect on Qutb Minar Ongoing 2019 NO
M.Tech Pankaj Kumar Wind and Erthquacke effect on Qutb Minar Ongoing 2019 NO
M.Tech Mr. Ghanshyam Thakur Daylight Optimization for Apartment Buildings- A Case Study of Type-V Residence at National Institute of Technology Hamirpur Completed 2015
M.Tech Ms. Mansi Study of Bioclimatic Features in Row Houses for Hot and Dry Climate: Case Study of Ahmedabad Completed 2018
M.Tech Ms. Geetika Kaundal Achieving sustainability through selection of building material – A case of Dharamshala Completed 2018
M.Tech Mr. Rajat Nainwal To study the feasibility of ECBC in Himachal Pradesh Ongoing 2019
Ph.D Mr. Rohit thakur Role of fenestrations for daylight performance in government offices of Hamirpur Ongoing 2019
M.Tech Rishabh Verma Comparative Study of Order Reduction Techniques Completed 2020 NA
M.Tech Shristi Power Flow Control of Hybrid Renewable Energy System Completed 2020 NA
M.Tech Gopal Sanodiya Position Control of Electronic Throttle Completed 2020 Dr. B.B. Sharma
M.Tech Ipuri Anil Comparative Analysis of Maximum Power Point Tracking Techniques for Solar Photovoltaic System Completed 2020 NA
M.Tech Pavan Sunil Fuke Performance Analysis of Different Solar Photovoltaic Technology Completed 2020 NA
M.Tech Kamal Singh Power System On going 2020 NA
Ph.D Pawan Kr. Pathak An Extensive Study on Intelligent Control of Renewable Energy System On going 2018 Dr. PA Alvi
Ph.D Maloth Ramesh Renewable Energy On going 2019 NA
M.Tech Mr. Amit Kumar Reconfigurable Multi-Band Fractal Antenna for Cognitive Radio Awarded 2013 Er. Krishan Kumar
M.Tech Mr. Varun Punia Design of Koch Fractal loop Antenna Awarded 2014 Prof. Vinod Kapoor
M.Tech Mr. Deepak Rana Design of patch antenna for Ultrawide band Awarded 2014 Dr. S. Soni
M.Tech Mr. Krishinjeet Bandwidth enhancement of E shape slot patch antenna Awarded 2015 Dr. S. Soni
M.Tech Mr. Praveen Neural CAD for Multiband Antennas Awarded 2015 Dr. S. Soni
M.Tech Mr. Shivendra Singh Parametric Study on Frequency Selective Surfaces Awarded 2016 NA
M.Tech Mr. Ruchit Gupta Design of 2×6 Butler Matrix for smart antennas Awarded 2016 NA
M.Tech Mr. Anil Kumar Design of Multiband frequency selective surfaces Awarded 2016 NA
M.Tech Mr. Abhishek Deo Design of Reconfigurable slot antenna Awarded 2017 NA
M.Tech Ms. Aastha Gupta Investigative Study on Meta-material Loaded Koch Fractal Antenna Submitted 2019 NA
Ph.D Mr. Deepanshu Kaushal Design of Multiband and Broadband antennas in- Progress 2017 NA
Ph.D Naresh Dhiman Fabrication and Characterization of Functionalized Photonic Crystals Awarded 2014 Prof. B.P. Singh
Ph.D Ankita Sharma Synthesis and Characterization of Gold nanoparticles for bio-conjugation and optical applications Awarded 2015 Prof. B.P. Singh
Ph.D Neha Rani Rana Band gap engineering of ZnO by cadmium and magnesium doping using sol-gel synthesis Awarded 2016 Dr. Subhash Chand
Ph.D Satinder Kumar Synthesis and Characterization of pure and doped LiF phosphors for optical and dosimetric applications Awarded 2017 ---
Ph.D Shashi Kumar Synthesis and Characterizations of Phosphor Materials for Display Applications Awarded 2017 ---
Ph.D Ishant Kumar Luminescent materials for thermometry applications ongoing 2020
Ph.D Mr. Gaurav Localization and Energy Efficient Operations in Randomly distributed Wireless Sensor Networks Awarded 2017
Ph.D Mr. Vicky Kumar Energy Efficient and Secure Operation of Wireless Sensor Networks Using Mobile Sink Awarded 2019
Ph.D Ashish Goswami Statistical Characterization and Performance Evaluation of Wireless Channels Submitted 2020
Ph.D Vivek Kanwar Localization Techniques in WSN ongoing 2017
Ph.D Mrs. Anshu Thakur Energy Harvesting based SP in CRN Ongoing 2017
Ph.D Neeraj Sharma Noise Reduction for Speed transmission from Remote Himalyan Region on Wireless Channel ongoing 2017
M.Tech Tarun Gupta Hybrid precoding technique for Spectral Efficiency Improvement Awarded 2020
M.Tech Lucky Singh An Efficient Method for Image Processing Based Fire Detection Awarded 2019
M.Tech Ankush Thakur Performance evaluation of dual hop decode and forward cooperative relaying protocol Awarded 2018
M.Tech Soni Yadav Performance of Energy Detector using Fusion Rules in Cognitive Radio Awarded 2018
M.Tech Deepika Bilyan On Packet throughput in Cognitive Radio under Primary Delay Constraints Awarded 2018
M.Tech Prabhleen Singh Wireless Sensor Network Based Landslide Prediction Awarded 2017
M.Tech Mohammad Jibran Hafeez Enhancement of WSN Lifetime Through New Clustering Algorithm Awarded 2017
M.Tech Mohd Feroz Shekh Modified Energy Efficient Chain- Based Hierarchical Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks Awarded 2017
M.Tech Bhaumik G Patel Energy Efficient Multi-End Chain Based Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network Awarded 2016
M.Tech Bolla Vijender BER Performance Analysis of LDPC Convolution Codes Awarded 2015
M.Tech Manish Dhar Dwivedi Unequal Clustering Based Multihop Routing Protocol for Location Aware Wireless Sensor Networks Awarded 2015
M.Tech Manu Gupta Fuzzy Logic Based Energy Efficient Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network Awarded 2015
M.Tech Kumar Vivek An Agent Based Clustering Protocol for Energy Efficient Wireless Sensor Networks Awarded 2014
M.Tech Nilesh Dineshbhai Makwana An Energy Efficient WSNs Protocol for Avalanche Prediction in Himalayan Region Awarded 2014
M.Tech Shailendra Singh Autonomous Deployment of Sensor Nodes Using Bio-Inspired Algorithm Awarded 2014
M.Tech Sonu Kumar Localization of Sensor Nodes in Wireless Sensor Networks Awarded 2013
M.Tech Shobhi Kumar Srivastava Location based Clustering in Wireless Sensor Networks Awarded 2013
M.Tech Ramireddy Venkatesh Robust Multi-User Antenna Precoding with Limited Feedback Awarded 2012
M.Tech Monika Nanda Localization Scheme For 3-Dimensional Wireless Sensor Networks Awarded 2012
M.Tech Anita Panwar Localization of Signal Emitting Source in Wireless Sensor Networks Awarded 2012
M.Tech Anish Kumar U Energy Efficient Clustering and Routing Techniques for Wireless Sensor Networks Awarded 2012
M.Tech Shankar A Performance Comparison of Pulse Shaping Functions in OFDM System Awarded 2012
M.Tech Neeraj Sharma Energy Model for Low Power Wireless Sensor Networks Awarded 2011
M.Tech Naveek Chandar Reddy K Channel estimation Using SIT Sequence for LTE Air Interface Awarded 2011
M.Tech Vinay Kumar Localization Algorithms and Strategies for Wireless Sensor Networks Awarded 2011 SK Soni
M.Tech David L Implementation of WRED Congestion Control for the Mitigation of Denial of Service Attacks on data Networks Awarded 2011
M.Tech Sunil Jadav Study and Performance Analysis of Current Mode Interconnects Awarded 2010 Gargi Khanna
Ph.D Dr. (Mrs) Amita Nandal Low Power and High Speed Design of Low Pass Finite Impulse Response Filter using Reversible logic Awarded 2008 NA
Ph.D Dr Rajnish Sharma Analysis of Underlap Fully Depleted Strained SOI MOSFET Awarded 2017 NA
Ph.D Dr Rituraj Singh Rathore Variability Analysis of Nanoscale FinFET Awarded 2018 NA
Ph.D Er Vinod Sharma Thermal Aware FiNFET Design Ongoing 2019 NA
Ph.D Ms Shalu Analysis of graded channel Junctionless MOSFET for low power application Ongoing 2019 NA
Ph.D Ms Shelja Kaushal Graphene based MOSFET Ongoing 2022 NA
M.Tech Vipin Kumar Sentimental Analysis of Text Data Corpus Using Various Vectorizers and Machine Learning Algorithms Completed 2019
M.Tech Prakriti Gupta A Tfidfvectorizer and Singular Value Decomposition based Host Intrusion Detection System framework for detecting anomalous system processes Completed 2019
M.Tech Sourav Sahoo A novel hybrid image comparison framework for real time identifications of perceptually identical images Completed 2019
M.Tech Rohit Sharma Design and Analysis of Secure Framework in VANET to Prevent DOS attack Completed 2019
Ph.D Yogendra Kumar Game Theory and machine learning based IDS frameworks for wireless networks Ongoing 2019
M.Tech Simpy Kumari LSTM and GRU based sentimental analysisframework for text data corpus Ongoing 2020
M.Tech Ayushi Singh Game Theory based IDS framework for VANETs Ongoing 2020
M.Tech Renuka Jangid Host based IDS for detecting anomalous system processes in Windows Systems Ongoing 2020
Ph.D Manoj Kr. Shukla (2K14-PhD-EE-250) Control and Synchronization of Fractional Order Non-linear Dynamical Systems Awarded 2019 NA
Ph.D Vivek Sharma (2K13-PhD-EE-212) Nonlinear Unknown input Observer Design with Application to Synchronization Awarded 2018 Dr. R. Nath
Ph.D Himesh Handa (2K10-PhD-EE-202) Control and Synchronization of Chaotic System Networks Awarded 2017 NA
Ph.D Ravi Kumar Ranjan Output Feedback Schemes for Stabilization and Synchronization of Chaotic Systems for Stabilization and Sy Ongoing 2019 NA
M.Tech Abhishek Sharma Half-Mode Substrate Integrated Waveguide Based Circularly Polarized Antenna Completed 2020
M.Tech Harish Kumar Substrate Integrated Waveguide Filtenna Completed 2020
M.Tech Sumit Kumar Design of Half-Mode SIW Based Bandpass Filter Completed 2020
Ph.D Anant Kumar Verma Grid Synchronization Technique Ongoing 2017
Ph.D Manish Kumar Grid Integration of DG Systems Ongoing 2018 -
M.Tech Manoj Kumar Pathak A 3-D Numerical analysis on natural convection In narrow rectangular enclosure with heated finned base plate Completed 2012
M.Tech Ajay Kumar Saini Optimization of experimental performance & emission characteristics of a functionally graded material coating on the top of the Diesel Engine piston Completed 2012
M.Tech Arun Kumar Sharma Extraction of biodiesels by catalized transesterification and its experimental investigation to evaluate performance emission and combustion characteristics Completed 2013
M.Tech Ankur Dwivedi Natural convection heat transfer analysis for rectangular enclosure with heated triangular finned base plate Completed 2013
M.Tech Alwar Singh Yadav Experimental investigation to evaluate performance, combustion and emission characteristics of diesel engine with castor, karanja and mahua oil biodiesel Completed 2014
M.Tech Kamal Raj Sharma Thermo physical investigation of partially stabilized zirconia coated on Al2O3 bond coat over piston head of a diesel engine Completed 2014
M.Tech Gaurav Kumar Experimental investigation of optimum parametric design for natural convection heat transfer within a triangular enclosure with heated rectangular finned base plate Completed 2014
M.Tech Adarsh Soni Experimental Investigation of Natural Convection Heat Transfer through Finned Base Plate Completed 2015
M.Tech Est Dev Patel An experimental investigation of natural convective heat transfer within a triangular enclosure with heated rectangular staggered finned base plate Completed 2015
M.Tech Amrendra Kumar Experimental investigation to evaluate performance, emission and combustion characteristics of diesel engine with sesame, olive and turpentine oil biodiesel Completed 2015
M.Tech Amit Tripathi Thermal and Thermophysical investigation of different thickness of TBC materials on Diesel engine Substrate Completed 2015 Dr. Vishal Singh
M.Tech Anchal Yadav Experimental evaluation of performance, emission and combustion characteristics of ci engine fuelled with KARANJA-DIESEL-METHANOL And KARANJA-DIESEL-DEE Completed 2016 Dr. Anoop Kumar
M.Tech Satya Prakash Verma Experimental analysis of natural convection heat transfer through staggered pin fin and porous medium in a rectangular enclosure Completed 2016
M.Tech Amit Kumar Parametric investigation of natural convection heat transfer within triangular enclosure with heated pin finned base plate Completed 2016
M.Tech Vipul Kumar Pathak Experimental Study of Microstructure and Stability Analysis of TBC Coated Diesel Engine Pistons by ThermoPhysical and Material Testing Completed 2016
M.Tech Chaitanya Singapuri Comparative experimental investigation of natural convection in rectangular enclosure with pin fins and different sizes of porous medium of equal volume Completed 2017
M.Tech Ranbir Sharma Experimental evaluation of performance, emission and combustion characteristics of CI engine fueled with biodiesel of neem oil and mahua oil using methanol and diethyl-ether as additives Completed 2017
M.Tech Anshu Pandit Experimental analysis on effect of nano fluid additives blending on performance emission and combustion of diesel and biodiesel fuel in a C I Engine Completed 2018
Ph.D Vishal Kumar Experimental Investigation of biodiesel in modified diesel engine Ongoing 2018
M.Tech Rajesh Kumar Experimental Investigation to Investigate Different Heat Transfer Parameter with Different Shape of Fin Geometry into Triangular Enclosure Completed 2020
M.Tech Shubham Agarwal Evaluation of performance, Emission and Combustion characteristics of C.I. Engine fueled with biodiesel and some additives Completed 2020
M.Tech Abhishek Rai CFD Modelling and Simulation of Thermal Energy Storage using Phase Change Material Completed 2019
M.Tech Sandeep Kumar CFD Analysis on Heat Transfer Characteristics of Plate Heat Exchanger with Bubble Fin Assistance Completed 2020
Ph.D Sudhir Singh Boiling Heat Transfer Enhancement Ongoing 2019
M.Tech Manik Singh Sambyal CFD Heat Transfer Ongoing 2020
M.Tech Sabyasachi Mohanty Solar Energy Ongoing 2020
Ph.D Karan Singh Microbial fuel cell performance studies for wastewater treatment Perusing 2020
M.Tech K. Ann maria Studies of Biological Treatment of wastewater using MFC to Produce Electricity Completed 2016
M.Tech Ritika semwal Environmental Concern and Threat Investigation Due to Malpractices in Biomedical Waste Management Completed 2016
M.Tech Sachin Shankar Laboratory Scale Electrocoagulation Studies for the Treatment of wastewater Completed 2016
M.Tech Ajay Chalotra Environmental Impact Assessment on Mining & natural Resources Udhampur (J&K) Completed 2016
M.Tech Nimisha Anna Environmental Concerns through Municipal Solid Waste Management Behaviour: Concepts and Profile of Hamirpur Completed 2016
M.Tech Rasma K Laboratory Studies of Low-Cost Adsorbent Media Developed from Pine Cone for Dye Removal Completed 2015
M.Tech Petla Sri Hari Photo catalytic Treatment of Phenol Bearing Wastewater and its Optimization Completed 2015
M.Tech Deenanath Ratnaker Anaerobic digestion of food waste studies with varied organic loading rates Completed 2014
M.Tech Gaurav Design and studies of trickling filter media for NIT Hamirpur wastewater Completed 2014
M.Tech Manoj Yadav Up flow Anaerobic fixed film fixed bed (UAFFB) reactor study for NIT Hamirpur wastewater Completed 2014
M.Tech Paritosh Roy Side Channel Attack Completed 2020
M.Tech Mayank Kumar Singh Leader Election Completed 2019
M.Tech Saurabh Rashpa Leader Election Completed 2019
Ph.D Radha Rani Wait-Free Consensus Problem On going 2019
M.Tech Prafull Dhiman Scalable Leader Election Completed 2019
M.Tech Rakesh Kumar Consensus Algorithm On going 2020
M.Tech Aman Pratap Singh Graph Isomorphism Problem On-Going 2021
M.Tech Vibhor Sood Blockchain Problem On-Going 2021
M.Tech Muskan Saini Load Balancing in Cloud Computing On-Going 2021
M.Tech Kapil Dev On-Line K-Taxi Problem On-Going 2021
M.Tech Mr. Sudhir Chaurasiya Fabrication of Magnetorheological Finishing Tool and Its Performance Evaluation Completed 2020 NIL
Ph.D Mr. Prince Oliver Horo Magnetorheological Finishing (In broad) On-going 2020 NIL
M.Tech Mr. Gaurav Mishra Solar Energy Harvesting On-going 2020 NIL
Ph.D Pooja Gupta A Novel Approach for Context Based Focused Search Engine Awarded 2014 Dr Sandeep Kr Singh
Ph.D Arun Kr Yadav Design of search engine to optimize spatial search results Awarded 2016
Ph.D Mukta Goyal Intuitionistic Fuzzy logic based E-learning Awarded 2016 Dr Alka Chaubey
Ph.D Madhulika Bhatia Novel Approach to Analyze MRI images Awarded 2016 Dr Abhay Bansal
Ph.D Irphan Ali An NLP Based Question Answering System for Semantic Web Submitted 2019
M.Tech Seema Singh Sentiment Analysis for Social Media Using Natural Language Processing Awarded 2019
M.Tech Shashank Gupta Super Resolution of Single Image Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks on Google Colab Awarded 2019
M.Tech Tripti Tripathi Mining Frequent Itemset on Temporal Data Awarded 2019
M.Tech Rupal Singh Sentiment Analysis from twitter data Awarded 2018
M.Tech Rishabh Jain Kryptic Creations Awarded 2016 Dr Prakash Kumar
M.Tech Priyadarshini Maurya Kryptic Creations: Bussiness and Revenue Model Awarded 2016 Dr Prakash Kumar
M.Tech Amandeep Kaur Sentiment Analysis of Movie Review Using Classification Algorithms Awarded 2016
M.Tech Neha Kryptic Creations: Product and Order Management Awarded 2016 Dr Prakash Kumar
M.Tech Manogya Tiwari Kryptic Creations: Marketing and Functional Overview Awarded 2016 Dr Prakash Kumar
M.Tech Manvee Chauhan Sentiment Analysis on Product Reviews Awarded 2015
M.Tech Amar Kewlani Sentiment Analysis of Movie Reviews Awarded 2015
M.Tech Gaurav Agarwal Real Time Facial Expression Recognition Awarded 2015
M.Tech Geetika Gautam Classification o Users Review for Electronic Gadgets Awarded 2014
M.Tech Hitesh Rokana Document Retrieval Based on Spatial Information Awarded 2014
M.Tech Shailendra Pushkin Recognition of printed devnagrari script of different font styles by using soft computing Awarded 2011
M.Tech Madhvi, Gaur Information retrieval from web using vector space model Awarded 2011
M.Tech Sanjeev Kr Punia Develop an application for the management of automated teller machine Awarded 2009
M.Tech Akanksha A Novel Contrast Streching Based Preprocessing and FCM Clustering Segmentation, Used with CNN for Identification of Apple Leaf Disease Awarded 2020
M.Tech Aniket Bhardwaj A hybrid Approch to Heart Disease Prediction using Machine Learning Awarded 2020
M.Tech Anishka Gupta Context Based Spoken Document Retrieval of Political Speeches Awarded 2020
Ph.D R N P Singh Comparative study of Seismic Design Methods for Bridge Pier Completed 2017
Ph.D Suresh Kumar Walia Structural Health Assessment of Bridges using modal parameters Completed 2016 Dr Raman Parti
Ph.D Vandna Sharma Improving durability of adobe walls for enhancing vernacular architecture Completed 2017 Dr Bhanu Marwaha
M.Tech Narendra Yadav Analysis of lateral Load on a Masonry Building in Earthquake Zone IV and V Completed 2018
M.Tech Shammi Saini Study of Beam Strengthening Measure Completed 2018
M.Tech Ataur Rehman Effect of Non-Linear Soil Types on Seismic Response of Bridge Pier supported on Well Foundation Completed 2017
M.Tech Rahul Kumar Singh Fragility Curves of Bridge Piers with Flexible Base Completed 2017
M.Tech Bharat Khullar Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Important Buildings in Hamipur and Shimla City Completed 2017
M.Tech Divyanshu Mishra Development and Comparison of Seismic Fragility curves for Bridge Pier Completed 2016
M.Tech Jitendra Meghrajani Effect of Soil Types on Seismic Analysis of Bridge Pier Supported on Well Foundation Completed 2016
M.Tech Argha Ghosh Structure vulnerability Assessment of Important of Buildings in Shimla city Completed 2016
M.Tech Harshvardhini Suman Fragility Curves for School Building Completed 2015
M.Tech Sivaasenthil N A K Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Pier Cap Using Strut and Tie Model Completed 2014
M.Tech Rahul Kumar Shape optimization of Roof Truss Completed 2014
M.Tech Chandra Sekhar K Dynamic Response of Single Span Highway Bridge Subjected to Moving Vehicle Load using Vehicle Bridge Interaction System Completed 2014
M.Tech Gaurav Nagar Guidelines for model school construction in Himachal Pradesh Completed 2014
M.Tech Pershotam singh Structural Behavior of Plain Cement Concrete with over Dosaged Steel, Polyamide and Polyester Fibres Completed 2013
M.Tech Anoop Sharma Comparison of Capacity Based Design and Force Based Design of Reinforced Concrete Structure Completed 2013
Ph.D Ar. Sachin Yadav Socio-Economic and Environment Impact of Land Acquisition on Affected Families: A case study of Tribal area in Jajpur, Orrisa AWARDED 2018
Ph.D Ar. K.S.Hiteshi Impact of Urban Land Use Pattern on Environment; A Case Of Yamuna Expressway Ongoing 2016
Ph.D Ar. Priyank Jain Sustainable Model by Integrating Landscape w.r.t. built form Ongoing 2016
Ph.D Ar. Vikas Bhola “Sustainable development of Trikuta Hills Katra, Jammu” Ongoing 2010
Ph.D Ar. Gaurav Gangwar A study of Contextual Comparison of Traditional and Contemporary Courtyard Design for Hot Semi- Arid Region of Ahmedabad Ongoing 2017
Ph.D Ar. Harish Gupta Study & Analysis of Redevelopment and Rehabilitation of Slums in planned city: A case study of Chandigarh Ongoing 2017
M.Tech Ar.Vishakah Verma Healing gardens in hospital-a case of M.Y. hospital, Indore, MP Awarded 2019
M.Tech Ar. Deepika Vasudev Decentralized Renewable Energy as a Solution for Energy Poverty in Urban Poor Neighborhood in Chandigarh Awarded 2018
M.Tech Ar. Saurabh Kumar Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainable Public Transport System: Case Study of Karnal Awarded 2018
M.Tech Ar. Rashika Goswami Promoting Sustainable Tourism through Built environment in Katra (Jammu): Awarded 2017
M.Tech Ar. Akanksha Soni Revival of Ancient Water Resources : Kahn river Indore: Awarded 2017
M.Tech Ar. Safder Rizvi Evolution Of Sustainable Architecture Through Civilization Awarded 2017
M.Tech Ar.Mayank Tenguriya Influence of Independence on Rural Development and spatial organization of Residential Building near Firozabad Awarded 2016
M.Tech Ar. Ajesh Kapoor Sustainable Urban Development: An Approach to Net Zero Energy Buildings Awarded 2015
Ph.D Samriti Hybrid nanostructures for environmental applications ongoing 2020
M.Tech Aniket Chaturvedi (Electrical Eng. Department) Polymer nanocomposites for power cable insulations Completed 2020 as Co-Superisor
M.Tech Tanya (MSc Chemistry) Hydrothermal synthesis of 1D TiO2 Nanostructures Completed 2020
M.Tech Pooja (MSc Chemistry) Sol-gel synthesis of doped TiO2 Nansostructures Completed 2020
M.Tech Sahil (MSc Chemistry) Hydrothermal synthesis of CdS nanoflowers and nanocomposites Completed 2020
Ph.D M. Sreenu Blockchain Technology On-going 2019
M.Tech Amar Kumar Effective Monitoring and Prediction of Parkinson Disease in Smart Cities Using Intelligent Health Care System Completed 2020
M.Tech Anubhav Markanday QoS aware Cloud Service composition using HMWOA Completed 2020
M.Tech Gautam kumar Poddar Energy-aware virtual machine allocation using MIWO Completed 2020
M.Tech Gopal Khatri A Novel Chaos Theory based Hybrid LSTM Model for Bitcoin Completed 2020
M.Tech Ankur Jain Bi-level Optimization of Resource allocation Using Fog of Things (FOT) Framework Completed 2020
M.Tech Akshay Kumar Stability Analysis of Different Shapes of Tunnel in Sandy Soil Using Plaxis 2D Ongoing 2021
M.Tech Keshav Kumar Pressure Settlement Behaviour of Circular Footing Resting on Geotextile Encased Stone Column Ongoing 2021
M.Tech Vishal Kumar Pressure Settlement Behaviour of Ring Footing Resting on Geotextile Encased Stone Column Ongoing 2021
M.Tech Vishal Raghuvanshi Slope Stability Analysis of Expansive Soil Amended with Biochar Using PLAXIS 2D Ongoing 2021
M.Tech Suhas S Babu Dynamic Analysis of Aqueducts Subjected to Seismic Forces Awarded 2019
Ph.D Vaibhav Chaudhary Soil Stabilization Ongoing 2020
M.Tech Gaurav Patel Impact of Climate Change on Hydrology of Beas River Basin in Himachal Pradesh Completed 2020
M.Tech Ashraf Raja Assessment of Spatial and Temporal Variation of Surface Water Quality in Tawi River, Jammu and Kashmir, India Completed 2020
M.Tech Rajat Kumar Average Annual Trend Analysis of Observed Rainfall and its Impact on other Meteorological Parameters, in Himachal Pradesh, India. Completed 2020
M.Tech Arun Kumar Singh Analysis of Snowmelt Processes & Study of Bara Shigri Glacier via Modelling of Snowmelt Runoff with GIS & WinSRM Completed 2020
M.Tech Paulomi Porai Rainfall Runoff Modelling Using SCS-CN Method Completed 2020
M.Tech Sanjeet Kumar Dam Breach Analysis Using HEC-RAS Completed 2020
M.Tech Pulkit Singh Structural Health Monitoring Completed 2018 1
M.Tech Rakesh Structural Health Monitoring Completed 2018 1
M.Tech Shubham Health Monitoring of 3D steel frame structures using FE model updating technique Completted 2019
M.Tech Shaswat Health Monitoring of 3D steel frame structures using classical techniques Completted 2019
Ph.D Maloth Naresh Health monitoring of Tubular Joints Ongoing 2020
M.Tech NikHil Saini Image Processing based Structural Health Monitoring Ongoing 2020
M.Tech Sandeep Yadav Image Processing based Structural Health Monitoring Ongoing 2020
M.Tech Maninder Pal Singh Image Processing based Structural Health Monitoring Ongoing 2020
Ph.D Virajan Verma, (2K17Ph.D CE 329) Response of Horizontally Curved Thin-walled Box-Girder Bridge to High-Speed Railways Train Vehicular Loads Ongoing 2017
M.Tech Anupam Anand Bharathi(12M143) Dynamic and Fatigue Analysis of Horizontally Curved Box-Girder Bridge Completed 2014
M.Tech Syed Abdul Razack(12M155) Dynamic and Fatigue Analysis of Chimney due wind load Completed 2014
M.Tech Kavin Mathi .K (12M165) Analysis and Modeling of Rigid Air Field Pavement using Finite Element Methods-A Case Study on Mangalore Air Port Completed 2014
M.Tech Naynish Pandey(12M167) Analysis and Designing of Rigid Pavement by Finite Element Techniques Completed 2014
M.Tech Rahul Dhankar (13M127) Dynamic and Fatigue Analysis of Railway Truss Girder Bridge Completed 2015
M.Tech Rakesh Kumar (13M129) Dynamic and Fatigue Analysis of Elevated Steel Water Tank Completed 2015
M.Tech Pothireddy Chandramohan (14M121) Dynamic and Fatigue Analysis of Electrical Tower With Cable for wind & seismic load by finite element Techniques Completed 2016
M.Tech Prem Chandra (14M123) Dynamic and Fatigue Analysis of wind mill for wind & seismic load by finite element Techniques Completed 2016
M.Tech Ishan Shankar Vats (15M127) Static and Dynamic Analysis of Natural Draught Hyperbolic Cooling Tower Completed 2017
M.Tech Ravi Kumar (15M119) Dynamic Analysis Of T-Beam Deck Slab Bridge Subjected To Moving Vehicle Load Completed 2017
M.Tech Sougata Mukherjee (16M127) Dynamic Response of Concrete Arch Gravity Dam under Hydrodynamic Water Pressure and Seismic Forces By Finite Element Technique Completed 2018
M.Tech Avdesh Badgal (14M124) Dynamic and Fatigue Analysis of Offshore jacket structure for hydro dynamic load& wind load by finite element Techniques Completed 2017
M.Tech Alok Tiwari (17M133) Static and Free Vibration Behaviour Study of Multi- Span Cable Stayed Bridge Completed 2019
M.Tech M.Abhilash (18M129) Dynamic Response of railway Track due to high speed train vehicles by finite element Techniques Completed 2020
Ph.D Priyanka Chauhan Schiff Bases and Flavonoids as Inhibitors of Human ?D-crystallin Aggregation and their Interactions with Human ?A-crystallin: An Approach to Impede Cataract Degree Awarded 2013 NIL
Ph.D Vandna Sharma Studies on Fibrillation of Human gammaD-Crystallin and its Inhibition by using Small Molecules and Nanoparticles Degree Awarded 2014 NIL
Ph.D Shiwani Rana Inhibition of posttranslational modifications and amyloid fibrillation of human gammaD-crystallin Thesis submitted 2016 NIL
Ph.D Anchal Sharma Inhibition of protein fibrillation using nanomaterails In progress (State of Art completed) 2017 NIL
Ph.D Shivani Sharma Studies on interactions between biomacromolecules and nanomaterials In progress (State of Art completed) 2018 NIL
M.Tech Sristhi Verma (M.Sc.) Protein chemistry Completed 2019 NIL
M.Tech Sheetal (M.Sc.) Protein chemistry Completed 2019 NIL
M.Tech Subham Sharma (M.Sc) Bionanochemistry Completed 2019 NIL
M.Tech Arvind (M.Sc) Bionanochemistry Completed 2019 NIL
M.Tech Sakshi (M.Sc.) Synthesis & development of metal sensors Completed 2020 NIL
M.Tech Neha (M.Sc.) Synthesis & development of metal sensors Completed 2020 NIL
Ph.D Mr. Mani Shekhar Gupta Spectrum Management for Next Generation Wireless Networks On-going 2017 Nil
Ph.D Mr. Ashok Kumar Non Orthogonal Multiple Access for 5G Systems On-going 2017 Nil
Ph.D Mr. Hardep Thakur Structural , Electronic, Magnetic and Optical Properties of Wide Band Gap Semiconductors Degree Awarded 2013 Prof. Ravi Kumar
Ph.D Ms Pawanpreet Kaur Structural, Electrical and Magnetic Studies of Transition Metal Oxides: GdFeO3 and SrRuO3 Degree Awarded 2015 Prof. Ravi Kumar
Ph.D Ms Rabia Pandit Effect of Cation Distribution on Structural, Electrical and Magnetic Properties of In and Al Substituted Cobalt Ferrites Degree Awarded 2015 Prof. Ravi Kumar
Ph.D Ms Minaxi Sharma Structural, Magneto-Transport and Magnetic Study of YBa2Cu3O7-?/La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 Heterostructures Degree Awarded 2016 Prof. Ravi Kumar
Ph.D Mr. Joginder Pal Structural, Dielectric, Multiferroic and Magnetoelectric Study of Bi4-x Smx Ti3-x Fex O12±?, Bi4-x Smx Ti3-x Cox O12±? and Bi4-x Smx Ti3-x Nix O12±? Ceramics Degree Awarded 2016
Ph.D Mr. Ashwani Kumar, Propagation of Acousto-diffusive Surface Waves in Semiconductor-Piezoelectric Composite Continua Degree Awarded 2013 Prof. J. N. Sharma
Ph.D Ms. Nisha Kumari Disturbance due to Mechanical, Thermal and Mass Loads in Elastothermo-diffusive Solids Degree Awarded 2014 Prof. J. N. Sharma
Ph.D Mr. Arvind Kumar Fabrication and Electrical Characterization of Metal/Titanium Dioxide/Silicon and Metal/Silicon Heterojunctions Degree Awarded 2020
M.Tech Vishal Chaube Performance evaluation of rotary dehumidifier and desiccant based evaporative cooling system Awarded 2017 -
M.Tech Gaurav Mishra Experimental investigation of desiccant based evaporative cooling system using silica gel Awarded 2017 -
M.Tech Khushboo Singh Mathematical investigation of desiccant wheel for circular and sinusoidal shape of channel Awarded 2017 -
M.Tech Amarjeet Prasad Performance Analysis of different design of desiccant wheel Awarded 2018 -
M.Tech Awanish Kumar Regeneration of various solid desiccants using parabolic dish collector Awarded 2018 -
M.Tech Ravi Pratap Effect of matrix property on the performance of desiccant wheel Awarded 2018 -
M.Tech Abhinav Mishra Experimental investigation of Rotary desiccant evaporative cooling system Awarded 2019 -
M.Tech Sanjay Performance Analysis of counter flow cooling tower using Reciprocating Desiccant Mesh Awarded 2019 -
M.Tech Mahendra Kumar Yadav Effects of Sectors on the Performance of Desiccant Wheel at Different Operating and Design Conditions Awarded 2020 -
M.Tech Navneet Experimental Study of Hydrodynamic Journal Bearing at Different Load and Speed Awarded 2020 -
Ph.D Ashutosh Kumar Verma Tentative Topic On going 2020 -
Ph.D Abhishek Kumar Development of Amine functionalized membranes for Reduction of CO2 ongoing 2019
M.Tech Nitin Dlave Effect of Imine Functional Group Polymer on Electrochemical Reduction of CO2 completed 2020
M.Tech S V China Swamy Naik Design of Electrochemical Reactor For Electrochemical Reduction of CO2 completed 2020
M.Tech manmohan Jangra Effect of Imidazolium Functionalized Electrolyte on Electrochemical Reduction of CO2 completed 2020
Ph.D Pankaj Kumar (2K17-PhD-CSE-342) IoT Based Smart City: Design, Framework, and Application Ongoing 2019 -
M.Tech Rahul Bhatia (15M530) Addressing and Identification scheme for the objects in IOT Completed 2017 -
M.Tech H.S. Lalventhangi (15M511) Adaptive Energy based Solution for Fronthaul Problem in C RAN Completed 2017 -
M.Tech Ankit Songara(16M531) Blockchain: A Decentralized Technique for Securing Internet of Things Completed 2018 -
M.Tech Sumit Bainda (16M514) Task Allocation based on Energy and Schedule in Edge IoT Completed 2018 -
Ph.D Amita Integration of Cloud and IoT Ongoing 2020 -
M.Tech Tarsem Singh A Novel Approach to Identity Management using Blockchain Completed 2019 -
M.Tech Ashish Kumar Secure Health Care Approach Using Blockchain Completed 2019 -
M.Tech Navanshu Agarwal (14MI515) Blockchain based Smart Contracts and Their Applications Completed 2019 -
M.Tech Atul Kumar (14MI534) Scheduling and Routing for SolidWaste Collection in Smart City Completed 2019 -
M.Tech Rahul Kumar (14MI538) User Behaviour Prediction in Smart Home Completed 2019 -
M.Tech Himanshu Kumar (14MI553) CSE Completed 2019 -
M.Tech Pavan Bansal (14MI556) Energy Aware Routing based on Reliability Factor (EARRF) in Wireless Sensor Network Completed 2019 -
M.Tech Akshay Koli (18M504) Image Forgery Detection Ongoing 2020 -
M.Tech Prashant Gupta (15MI542) Use of EDGE Computing in IoT Ongoing 2020 -
M.Tech Rashi Shah (15MI528) Detection and Classification of BOTNET Ongoing 2020 -
M.Tech Pramod Kumar Singh (15MI547) Blind Image Deblurring using Smoothing Ongoing 2020 -
Ph.D Dr Vivek Prakash Pankaj Isolation and Identification of Indigenous Microalgae for Biofuel production in Hamirpur (H.P) completed 2016 -
Ph.D Dr Amit Yadav Solar radiation prediction using artificial neural network completed 2015 Prof SS Chandel
Ph.D Dr Sunanda Ganguli Study of photovoltaic wind based hybrid power generation systems in western himalayan terrain completed 2016 Prof SS chandel
Ph.D Prashant Malik Techno-economic analysis of solar-biomass hybrid system Ongoing 2018 -
M.Tech Kumar vaibhav Analysis of Existing E-waste Disposal in Indian Scenario & System Dynamics modelling for sustainable disposal Ongoing 2019 -
M.Tech Kavinder Patial Constructional and Operational Study of Biogas Plant in Hamirpur District. completed 2012 -
M.Tech Vineeta Bharti Pine needle briquetting in Hamirpur completed 2012 -
M.Tech Shiwali Rana Pretreatment for Ethanol production through banana peel completed 2013 -
M.Tech Jot sindhu Ethanol production through water hyacinth completed 2013 -
M.Tech Karishma Rani Biogasification of rice husk completed 2013 -
M.Tech Ankush Gaur Green IT Policy completed 2015 Dr Rajiv, CSE
M.Tech Gopesh Tiwari Power production through biogas: A case study completed 2015 -
M.Tech Manish Economical Algal bioreactor fabrication in laboratory completed 2016 -
M.Tech Satyaprakash Design of algal photobioreactor for inoculum development completed 2016 -
M.Tech Esther Decentrallized Composting for hamirpur completed 2016 -
M.Tech Harshit Tyagi Life cycle assessment of water treatment plant completed 2017 -
M.Tech Amit Electrochemical Treatment of Wastewater from in and around Hospital Area completed 2017 -
M.Tech Sarabjeet chawla Effect on groundwater by landfill in ludhiana completed 2017 -
M.Tech Manu Sharma A study on preparation and dissemination of compost through urban solid waste completed 2017 -
M.Tech Monika Dubey Photo Fenton process for treatment of landfill leachate completed 2017 -
M.Tech G Yagneshwar Rao Microbial Fuel cell for wastewater treatment and power generation completed 2017 -
M.Tech Arunjyoti Performance analysis of Solar power plant completed 2017 -
M.Tech Gaurav Joshi Performance Analysis Of Evacuated Solar Water Heater completed 2017 -
M.Tech Hans Biodiesel production and engine efficiency completed 2017 -
M.Tech Deepak Arya Decolorization of Synthetic Dyes using mono and mixed culture technique completed 2018 -
M.Tech Vivek Agrawal Potential of Cordia obliqua and Tradescantia pallida in Turbidity removal of Surface Water completed 2018 -
M.Tech Sachin Kumar Singh Analysis of Food Waste Utilization in NIT Hamirpur completed 2018 -
M.Tech Sandeep Kumar Analysis of Phosphate removal using Ca(OH)2 Modified Zeolite based Adsorbents completed 2018 -
M.Tech Neha Mishra Performance of Algal Assisted Microbial Fuel Cell Generating Electricity from Wastewater completed 2018 -
M.Tech Pradeep Kumar Developing a Low Cost water Purifier for Non-Industrial region and Industrial region, India completed 2018 -
M.Tech CH Vikram Power Quality Improvement for Single-Phase Grid Connected Small-Scale WECS completed 2018 -
M.Tech Aditya Ushara Energy and Cost Analysis for Efficient Mushroom Cultivation: A Case Study completed 2018 -
M.Tech Jitendra Yadav Economically Feasible Processing of Algae for Biofuel Production completed 2018 -
M.Tech Faisal Ali Evaluation of Aloe vera gel as flocculant for harvesting microalgae Chlorella vulgaris completed 2018 -
M.Tech Anoop Panwar Phosphorus recovery in the form of struvite from urine completed 2019 -
M.Tech Kumar Vaibhav Vermicompost as a Waste Management Technique for Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste completed 2019 -
M.Tech Aftab Hussain Plastic Waste Generation, Composition And Potential For Recycling In South Dehli, India completed 2019 -
M.Tech Prakhar Prakash Cost Effective Ettringite Precipitation & Removal Efficiency of Sulphate from Municipal Wastewater completed 2019 -
M.Tech Bindu Efficiency of Waste Tea Leaves and Grounded Pine Cone as Bio-adsorbent for Iron Removal completed 2019 -
M.Tech Vishakha Photocatalytic Degradation of Congo Red Dye by Iron Doped Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles completed 2019 -
M.Tech Deepa Analysis of ammonia removal using Zeolite as Adsorbent completed 2019 -
M.Tech Rahul Impact of Fins on Solar Distillation completed 2019 -
M.Tech Ashwini Analysis of Indirect Solar Dryer with Phase Change Material completed 2019 -
M.Tech Priyashree Performance Evaluation of Electrocoagulation Treatment for Dairy Wastewater completed 2019 -
M.Tech Shashank Shrinit Title of Dissertation: : Recovery of phosphorus through vivianite crystallization formation from wastewater treatment processes. completed 2020 -
M.Tech Ankita Soni Title of Dissertation: : Fluoride removal using Pine cone biochar and Banana Peel dust completed 2020 -
M.Tech Rahul Singh Title of Dissertation: : CHARACTERIZATION OF PINE BIOCHAR completed 2020 -
M.Tech Ashok Kumar Potential of Natural Coagulants used for Turbidity completed 2020 -
M.Tech Aditya Harsh Removal of Colour from Water using Natural Coagulants completed 2020 -
Ph.D Rahul Shakya Effect of Underground Tunnels on Adjacent Buildings under Seismic Loading on going 2020
M.Tech Shantanu Saraswat SEISMIC BEARING CAPACITY OF fOOTINGS ON SLOPE on going 2020
M.Tech Mohd. Asif Effect on the ground surface due to construction of east-west metro tunnels in Kolkata on going 2020
M.Tech Mr Kavish Jian An Analytical Hierarchy Process based approach for Effective Maintenance Prioritization of Power Transformers Completed 2017 Dr. Y. R. Sood
M.Tech Mr. Abhishek Saini Transformer Interturn Fault Diagnosis by Sweep Frequency Response Analysis Completed 2018 N.A.
M.Tech Mr. Arun Chantola Evaluation of Health Index of Power Transformer Using Fuzzy Logic Approach Completed 2018 N.A.
M.Tech Jamil Ahmad Some Investigations in Drilling Process Improvement of EN31 Steel using Box-Behnken Design Completed 2018
M.Tech Deendayal Singh An experimental study on turning of Al 6063 in dry and wet conditions Completed 2018
M.Tech Mayank Chaurasia Investigations on Metal Inert Gas Based Additive Manufacturing Completed 2020
M.Tech Ashish Jaswal Nano-film synthesis with high super-hydrophobicity and transparency Completed 2020
M.Tech Abhay Semwal Study and simulation of Airflow pattern and Particle dispersion in a Closed computer room Completed 2020
Ph.D Rahul Dhiman Performance Analysis of Indian Textile Exports: A study of Post- Reform Period Awarded 2018
Ph.D Ritu Rana Causality Testing Between Foreign Direct Investment, Economic Growth and CO2 Emissions in India Awarded 2019
Ph.D Daljit Singh Performance Evaluation of Public Transport: A Study of Himachal Pradesh Road Transport Corporation ongoing 2016 Prof Piar Chand
Ph.D Sukhwinder Singh Environmental Economics ongoing 2019
Ph.D Shailja Kanwar Economics ongoing 2020
Ph.D Swati Verma Economics ongoing 2020
Ph.D Chhaya Devi Economics ongoing 2020
M.Tech Mr. Sandeep Kumar Radio Resource Management in Wireless OFDMA Networks Awarded 2011
M.Tech Mr. Deepak Singh Performance Analysis of Intercarrier Interference Cancellation Techniques in OFDM Systems Awarded 2012
M.Tech Mr. Kamal Singh Performance Analysis of PAPR Reduction Techniques in Wireless OFDMA Networks Awarded 2012
M.Tech Mr. Rohit Sharma Performance Analysis of Adaptive Resource Allocation Algorithms in Wireless OFDMA Networks Awarded 2012
M.Tech Mr. Sandeep Kumar Jain Performance Analysis of Power Control Schemes in Cognitive Radio Network Awarded 2013
M.Tech Mr. Amardip Kumar Performance Analysis of Spectrum Sensing Schemes in Cognitive Radio Networks Awarded 2013
M.Tech Mr. Anil Kumar Performance Analysis of Radio Resource Allocation Schemes in OFDM-based Cooperative Networks Awarded 2014
M.Tech Mr. Ankur Gangwar Performance Analysis of Adaptive Resource Allocation Schemes in MIMO-OFDM Systems Awarded 2014
M.Tech Mr. Ravindra Kumar Yadav Performance Analysis of Dynamic Resource Allocation Algorithms in OFDM-based Cognitive Radio Networks Awarded 2014
Ph.D Ms. Tanuja Dogra Wireless Communications Ongoing 2019
M.Tech Ms. Parmila Devi Spectrum Shaping for OFDM-based Cognitive Radio System Awarded 2019
Ph.D Ms. Parmila Devi Wireless Communications Ongoing 2019
M.Tech Ms. Neha Verma Power Allocation for Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access Based Wireless Communication Systems Awarded 2020
M.Tech Mr. Shubham Performance Analysis of LED Distribution Patterns for Indoor Visible Light Communication System Awarded 2020
M.Tech Mr. Ashish Kaushal Physical Layer Security Performance Study and Analysis of Energy Harvesting Wireless Networks Awarded 2020
M.Tech Mr. Vaibhav Thakur Spectral Efficiency Analysis of Massive MIMO Systems Awarded 2020
M.Tech Abhay Anand Barriers to the Adoption of Green Management Practices in Hotels of Himachal Pradesh: An Empirical Investigation Completed 2017
M.Tech Abhishek Modelling the Relationship among Service Delivery, Customer Satisfaction and Retention for a State Level Bank: A Case Study of Kangra Central Co-Operative Bank Completed 2017
M.Tech Robin Saklani Determinants of Consumers’ Initial Trust and Behavioral Intention in m-Banking Completed 2018
M.Tech Rajat Chauhan Advertising Effect, Memory-Based Measures and Brand Recall: An Experimental Study Completed 2018
M.Tech Roopali Measuring Attitude of Women Working in Self-Help Groups (SHGs) of Kangra and Hamirpur Completed 2019
M.Tech Himanshu From Thinking Green to Buying Green: A Study on Students of NIT Hamirpur Completed 2019
M.Tech Kanika Sharma Determinants of Investment Behavior and Attenuation of Risk towards Mutual Funds Completed 2020
M.Tech Nikhil Bhardwaj Measuring Consumer Ethnocentrism: A Comparison of Two Scales Completed 2020
M.Tech Prashant Thakur Role of Theory of Planned Behaviour in the Context of Organic Food Consumption Completed 2020
M.Tech Mohit Chandel Role of Attitude and Intention on Mobile Viral Marketing Completed 2020
M.Tech Sachin Bhandralia Adoption of Mobile Payment Services among Youths: An Analysis of Influencing Factors Completed 2020
Ph.D Sahil Garg Numerical simulation of Fracture Mechanics Problems using Meshfree Method Awarded 2018 NIL
Ph.D Chandra Shekhar Maurya Simulation of fracture problems in functionally graded materials using extended finite element method Awarded 2018 NIL
Ph.D Reena Meshfree Simulation of Fracture Problems in Non Convex Domains Awarded 2019 NIL
Ph.D Akash Tyagi Meshfree Simulation of Functionally Graded Material by Element Free Galerkin method Awarded 2020 NIL
Ph.D Divyanshu Bajpai Simulation of crack problems using Extended Finite Element Method Awarded 2020 NIL
Ph.D Ajay Kumar Modelling and simulation of bimaterial interfacial cracks using element free Galerkin method Awarded 2016 NIL
Ph.D K. Susheel Kumar Image Processing Ongoing 2019
M.Tech Himanshu Sharma (18M510) Skin Pattern Based Gender Classification Completed 2020
M.Tech Raj Rahi (15MI530) Offline Hand Writting Based Gender Classification Completed 2020
M.Tech Sunidhi Chaudhary (15MI513) Retinal Image Segmentation Completed 2020
M.Tech Amandeep Singh (15MI539) Image Enhancement Completed 2020
M.Tech Manjeet Singh Rana (16MI526) --- Ongoing 2020
M.Tech Gopesh Singhal (16MI532) --- Ongoing 2020
M.Tech Odedara Krishnaben (16MI552)) --- Ongoing 2020
M.Tech Rohit Bhatia (16MI519) --- Ongoing 2020
Ph.D Brij Bihari Dubey Improving Data Availability in Vehiular Ad Hoc Networks Awarded 2017 -
Ph.D Rajesh Sharma Energy Efficient Data Dissemination in Wireless Sensor Networks Awarded 2017 Prof. Lalit K. Awasthi
Ph.D Prashant Kumar Resource Optimization in Opportunistic Networks Awarded 2019
Ph.D Rajeev Kumar Improving Peformance of Wireless Sensor Networks Submitted 2015 Dr. Narottam Chand
Ph.D Nishant Sharma Improving Data Availability in Internet of Vehicles Environment Ongoing 2015
Ph.D Himanshu Verma Internet of Things Ongoing 2019
Ph.D Rangu Manjula Security in Wireless Networks Ongoing 2020
Ph.D Harender Kumar Numerical Solution of differential equations using ANN Under Progress 2019 NIL
M.Tech Harish Thakur Indian Power Sector under Restructured Environment Awarded 2007 -
M.Tech Anoop Kumar Condition Monitoring of Power Transformer by Oil Analysis Awarded 2007 -
M.Tech Nirmal Kumar Agarwal Refurbishment of Aged Hydro Power Plants Awarded 2008 -
M.Tech S. Thulasi Nayak Optimal Location of Facts Devices to Enhance the Power Transfer Capability Awarded 2008 -
M.Tech Praveen Optimal Power Flow Considering Facts Devices Awarded 2008 -
M.Tech Manoj Kumar Application of Extended Relation Function Method for Transformer Fault Diagnosis Awarded 2009 -
M.Tech Bhupesh Kumar Voltage Stability Assessment through Artificial Neural Network Awarded 2009 -
M.Tech Nitin Gaharwar Load Estimation and Service Restoration of Distribution System Awarded 2009 -
M.Tech Isarar Ahamad Adaptive Transmission System Relaying Awarded 2011
M.Tech Amit Kumar Yadav (Roll No. 09M217) Optimal Placement of Capacitor in Electrical Power Distribution System Awarded 2011
M.Tech Amit Kumar Yadav (Roll No. 09M218) Optimization of Power Transformer Design Awarded 2011
M.Tech Navneet Kumar Transformer Diagnosis using Ultraviolet Spectrophotometer Awarded 2011
M.Tech Amit Kumar (Roll No. 09M263) Ageing Characteristics of Porcelain Insulator Awarded 2011
M.Tech Vaibhav Kumar Gupta Modeling & Simulation of Electronic Load Controller Awarded 2012
M.Tech Pankaj Kapoor Control of Micro Hydro Power Plant Awarded 2012
M.Tech Ajay Khatri Design of Power Transformer Awarded 2012
M.Tech Sanjeev Kumar Gagrai Modeling and Simulation of Hydraulic Turbine Awarded 2014
M.Tech Shailendra Kumar Rai Design and Simulation of Micro Hydro Power Controller Awarded 2015
M.Tech Avinash Kumar Simulation and Control of Small Hydro Power Plants Awarded 2015
M.Tech Sunil Kumar Kushwaha Economic Dispatch using Artificial Intelligence Techniques Awarded 2015
M.Tech Sunil Kumar Condition Monitoring of Power Transformer Using Fuzzy Logic Awarded 2015
Ph.D Sreerama Murthy Kella Wind Power Potential Assessment using Computational Techniques Awarded 2019
Ph.D Preeti Sonkar Active Power Support from Wind Power Plants Awarded 2020
Ph.D Sita Ram Performance Analysis of Induction Motor Drive Using Slip Power Recovery Scheme Awarded 2020 Dr. Veena Sharma
M.Tech Nitish Bhardwaj Investigations into Seasonal Influence on the Substation Grounding Grid Performance and Its Optimal Design to Neutralize the Influence Awarded 2016
M.Tech Nimish Bhatt Protection of Power Transformer using Artificial Intelligence Awarded 2016
M.Tech Ankit Kumar Gautam Wind Turbine Control for Load Frequency Requirement using Pitch Angle Variation Awarded 2018
M.Tech Ravish Kumar Reactive Power Pricing & its Impact in Restructured Power System Awarded 2018
M.Tech Deepak Kumar Study & Design of Controller for Small Hydro Power Plant Awarded 2018
M.Tech Utsav Kumar MPC Based Temperature Control of CSTR Process Awarded 2019 Dr. Veena Sharma
M.Tech Deepak Kanumuri Analysis of Various Methods for Residual Life Assessment of Paper Insulation in Power transformer Awarded 2019 Dr. Veena Sharma
M.Tech Vineet Kumar Robust Control of Position and Speed of DC Servomotor Awarded 2019 Dr. Veena Sharma
M.Tech Arun Kumar Bugaliya Design & Analysis of Substation Grounding Grid Performance Considering Seasonal Influence Awarded 2020
M.Tech Gourav Vardhan Slip Power Recovery Scheme For Induction Motor Using Cuk Converter Awarded 2020
M.Tech Saurabh Ranjan Sharma Modeling and Simulation of Small Hydro Power Plants Awarded 2020
M.Tech Susheel Kumar Das Design and Analysis of MPPT Controller for Hybrid Solar and Wind Energy System Awarded 2020
Ph.D Shilpa Dogra Studies on interactions of anthraquinone based anticancer drug mitoxantrone with different DNA sequences Completed 2015 Dr. Nayar
Ph.D Priyanka Sharma Computational designing, synthesis and biological evaluation of juvenile hormone analogues as a potential pesticide Completed 2016 None
Ph.D Nitesh Kumar Synthesis, characterization, cytotoxic and DNA binding studies of Titanium complexes Completed 2016 Dr. Raj Kaushal
Ph.D Manu Vatsal Synthesis, characterization, biological and computational studies of anthraquinine based drugs to be potential anticancer agents Completed 2020 None
Ph.D Ar. Veenu Shree Study of ventilation and indoor paints in primary school classrooms of composite climate for monitoring its indoor air quality - Case study hamirpur (H.P.) Completed 2020 Dr. Bhanu Marwah
Ph.D Anjali Sharma Drug-DNA interactions of synthesized analogues of anthracycline class of anticancer drugs using spectroscopic and computational tools- A novel approach to develop new class of drug candidates. Ongoing None
Ph.D Nitika Bali Synthetic, computational and biological study of analogues of Juvenile hormone analogues to be potential Insect Growth Regulators Ongoing None
Ph.D Kirna Devi Synthesis, characterization, biological screening and computational studies of sulphonamide analogues to be multifunctional agents Ongoing None
Ph.D Vandana Devi Synthesis, Characterization, computational and bioassay of juvenile hormone analogues to be insect growth regulators Ongoing None
M.Tech Ruby Singh Finite Element Simulation of Laser Beam Bending Process Completed 2019 Prof. (Dr.) Vinod Yadava
M.Tech Faiez Ahmed Khan Modelling and Optimization of Friction Stir Welding Process Parameters for Dissimilar Alloys Completed 2020 -
M.Tech ISHAN SHARMA Thermal Analysis of Friction Stir Welding On-going 2020 -
Ph.D Roopak Varshney Assisted Electrical Discharge Machining On-going 2019 -
M.Tech Deepak Angra Analysis of Multispan Arch Bridges Using NISA software Completed 2007
M.Tech Baljeet Yadav Simultaneous size shape and topology optimization of plane truss. Completed 2014
M.Tech Lal Singh Mechanism based assessment of skewed masonry arch bridges. Completed 2014
M.Tech P V Mallikarjun Rao Seismic performance of secondary systems housed in isolated and non-isolated building structures. Completed 2014
M.Tech Ghanshyam Gupta Dynamic analysis of pre-stressed concrete box girder highway bridge. Completed 2014
M.Tech Sandeep Petwal Seismic performance of Secondary systems housed in isolated and non-isolated structures Completed 2015
M.Tech Sumeet Sahoo Crack Growth Analysis of a cylindrical Pressure Vessel using CASCA and FRANC2D/L Completed 2015
M.Tech Udit Kumar Behavior of Skewed Masonry arch bridges Completed 2016
M.Tech Lalit Mohan Bahuguna Experimental investigation on the Skewed Slab bridges Completed 2016
M.Tech Anand Kumar R Durability assessment of Concrete Completed 2017
M.Tech Nishi Gangwar Building Risk Monitoring and hazard Mitigation using Wireless sensor Network Completed 2017
Ph.D Rahul Dubey Optimization of self-compacting concrete mixes and its use in retrofitting Completed 2015
Ph.D Vivek Sharma Seismic Micro zonation of Hamirpur (Himachal Pradesh) Ongoing . R K Sharma
Ph.D Anshul Sharma Damage Detection in Steel Bridges due to induced vibration of Moving vehicles Ongoing . Suresh Walia
Ph.D Japneet Sidhu Hydrophobic Concrete Ongoing .
Ph.D Bavita Geo Polymer Concrete Ongoing .
M.Tech Vishal Kumar Gupta Determination of cement Content In Hardened concrete Completed 2019
M.Tech Jyoti Comparative Finite Element analysis of Brick masonry and Autoclave aerated Block masonry Completed 2019
M.Tech Vinay Kumar Coconut Shells in concrete Ongoing 2019
M.Tech Arun Chanotra Cable Stayed Bridges Ongoing 2019
M.Tech Anurag Gupta Seismic base Isolation Ongoing 2019
M.Tech Anjali Kaushal, Roll No. 15MI503 Sentiment Analysis of Movie Reviews Using CNN and SVM and Their Performance Comparison Completed 2020
M.Tech Aayush Gupta, Roll No. 15MI504 mage Description Generation Using Neural Networks Completed 2020
M.Tech Abhishek Kumar, Roll No. 18M512. Detecting Types of Sarcasm using Artificial Neural Network(ANN) Completed 2020
M.Tech Vrinda Gupta, Roll No. 15MI512. Fake News Detection using Machine Learning Algorithms Completed 2020
M.Tech Yash Chaudhary, Roll No. 14MI522 Automatic Text Summarization using Hierarchical Encoding and Content Selection Completed 2019
M.Tech Vineet Kumar, Roll No. 14MI514 Priority Based Resource Allocation in Cloud Computing using AHP Completed 2019
M.Tech Sudhanshu Raman, Roll No. 14MI543 Privacy Preserving Data Mining using K-means Clustering and Secret Sharing Completed 2019
M.Tech Shubham Kumar Jain, Roll No. 14MI518 Sentiment Analysis of Movie Reviews Using Artificial Intelligence Completed 2019
M.Tech Rajat Patiyal, Roll No. 14MI512 atural Language Interface for generating SQL Queries Completed 2019
M.Tech Navin Kumar Pandey, Roll No. 17M509 A Machine Translation Framework for English To Bhojpuri Translation Completed 2019
M.Tech Mukesh Kumar Kharita, Roll No. 14MI542 Automatic Text Summarization using Combined Extraction and Compression Technique Completed 2019
M.Tech Deepanshu Singh Satwaliya, Roll No. 17M512 Loss Prediction based on Random Forest in Agriculture in India Completed 2019
M.Tech Atul Thakur, Roll No. 14MI549 Road Network Recovery Using Ant Colony Optimization Completed 2019
M.Tech Priyanka Gautam, Roll No. 16M511 Word Sense Disambiguation for Hindi Completed 2018
M.Tech Nilanshi Chauhan, Roll No, 15M507 Feature Extraction and Opinion Summarization of Online Product Reviews Completed 2017
M.Tech Rajesh Kumar, Roll No. 15M512 ilingual Code Mixing in Indian Social Media Text for Hindi and English Completed 2017
M.Tech Vimal Dixit, Roll No, 14M516 Word Sense Disambiguation Using Geo-Referencing for Hindi Completed 2016 Dr. Kamlesh Dutta
M.Tech Daya Shankar Yadav, Roll No. 14M512 Predictive Modeling to Reduce Feature Set for Anaphora Resolution Completed 2016
M.Tech Arvind Kumar, Roll No. 14M504 Dynamic Streaming Network Traffic Classification Using Improved Hoeffding Bound Completed 2016
M.Tech Saurabh Chhabra Optimized POS Tagger for Hindi Completed 2015
M.Tech Vandana Sahaya Evaluation of Automatic Machine Translation Completed 2015
M.Tech Vikas kumar Jha Pronominal Anaphora Resolution in Hindi Completed 2014
M.Tech Ankit Asati Two Pass Port Scan Detection Technique based on Connection Pattern and Status on Sampled Completed 2013 Dr. Pardeep Singh
M.Tech Mohamed Azim Efficient Detection Mechanism of DDoS Attacks using Traffic Flow Analysis Completed 2012
M.Tech Rohit Singh Optimizing Flexible Broadcasting in Mobile Devices Completed 2012
M.Tech Aditya Kumar Optimizing Image Compression Algorithm using Block Truncation Coding for Gray Scale Image Completed 2011
M.Tech Upasna Singh Pre-authentication Based Security Scheme for Vehicular Networks Completed 2011
M.Tech Asheesh Kumar Dogra Optimizing QoS by Mobility Prediction in MANETs Completed 2010
M.Tech Amit Kumar Jaiswal Mobility Adaptive Zone protocol Completed 2010
M.Tech Manish Kumar Yadav Optimizing the performance of MANETs using Data Replication Completed 2009
Ph.D Kusum Lata Coreference Resolution for Hindi Ongoing 2017
Ph.D Namarta Kumari Text Summarisation for Hindi Ongoing 2018
Ph.D Poonam Kashtariya Causality Reference in Text Ongoing 2019
Ph.D Saurabh Thakur SPIF Ongoing 2020
M.Tech Navdeep Singh Manufacturing Ongoing 2020
M.Tech Khusboo Uprety Application of Polar Harmonic Transforms in Thumb Impression Recognition Completed 2016 No
M.Tech Polem Joshila Devi Human Gait Identification using SVD Completed 2016 No
M.Tech Rabikumar Meitram Palm Vein Recognition Based on 2D Gabor Filter and Artificial Neutral Network Completed 2016 No
M.Tech PK Bhagat Enhanced Local Texture Feature Sets for Brian Tumor Classification Completed 2017 No
M.Tech M Sheetal Singh Stroke Prediction using Artificial Intelligence Completed 2017 No
M.Tech Sourav Mondal Detection of Normal and Abnormal ECG Signal using Artificial Neutral Network Completed 2017 No
M.Tech Amit Sharma Automatic Image Annotation Using Support Vector Machine Completed 2018 No
M.Tech Kumar Shivam Automatic Video Surveillance For Detecting Motorcyclist Without Helmet Completed 2018 No
M.Tech Thota Pradeep A Randomized Load Balancing Criteria Using Traffic Flow in SDN Completed 2018 No
M.Tech Abhishek Hazra Chest Disease diagnosis Using Deep Convolutional Neural Network Completed 2018 No
M.Tech Ashita Batra A Hybrid Architecture of Wavelet Decomposition and CNN for Multi-Focus Image Fusion Completed 2020 No
M.Tech Gourav Kandoria A tool to build Vocabulary using Spaced Repetition Learning Completed 2020 No
M.Tech Shubham Sharma Disease detection in a Chest X-ray using deep learning Completed 2020 No
M.Tech Apurav Sen Performance Analysis between Apache Tez and Apache Spark Completed 2020 No
M.Tech Sumit Sharma Thermal Performance of Double Flow Packed Bed Solar Air Heater – A Simulation Study Awarded 2011
M.Tech Kaali Dass Taguchi Design of Experiment Approach to Study Their Machinability of Grade-5 Titanium Alloy Awarded 2011 Dr. Sant Ram Chauhan
M.Tech Sunil Kumar Optimization of Machining Parameters in Turning of Titanium (Grade-5) Alloy using Response Surface Methodology Awarded 2011 Dr. Sant Ram Chauhan
M.Tech Sudhanshu Dogra An Experimental Investigation of A Double Pass Solar Air Heater Having Inclined and Transverse Ribs on The Absorber Plate Awarded 2012
M.Tech Avdesh Kumar Effect of Artificial Roughness on Heat Transfer and Friction Factor Characteristics of Double Pass Solar Air Heater Awarded 2012 Dr. Varun Goel
M.Tech Satyender Singh Second Law Analysis of Double Pass Solar Air Heater Having Artificial Roughened Absorber Plate Awarded 2013
M.Tech Akhilesh Kumar Singh Thermal Performance Investigation of Pin Finned Plate Solar Air Heater with and without Recycling Awarded 2014
M.Tech Hariram Patel Performance Investigation of Earth to Air Heat Exchanger Coupled with Solar Air Heater for Winter Heating Application Awarded 2014
M.Tech Dinesh Kumar Mathematical Modelling of Stepped Solar Still Coupled with Solar Air Heater Awarded 2014
M.Tech Neeraj Gogia CFD Analysis of Heat Transfer Enhancement of Fin and Flat Tube Heat Exchanger using Rectangular Winglets Awarded 2015
M.Tech Rahul Slathia CFD Study of Double Pass Solar Air Heater with Symmetric and Staggered Arrangement of Artificial Roughness on Both Side of the Absorber Plate Awarded 2015
M.Tech Rahul Kumar Thermal Performance Investigation of Solar Air Heater with Rectangular Staggered Discrete Rib Roughened Absorber Plate using CFD Approach Awarded 2015
M.Tech Sunny Kaura Thermal Optimization of Heat Exchanger for Automobile Exhaust Based Thermoelectric Generator System using CFD Analysis Awarded 2015
M.Tech Krishan Kant Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer within a Rectangular Microchannel Array of Different Manifold Shapes Awarded 2015
M.Tech Abhishek Srivastav Performance Study on the Thermal Performance of Radiant Cooling System Awarded 2016
M.Tech Chanderkant Thermal Performance of Three Sided Artificially Roughened Double Duct Parallel Flow Solar Air Heater Awarded 2016
M.Tech Pankaj Kamboj Thermal Performance of Curved Absorber Plate Solar Air Heater Awarded 2016
M.Tech J.S.S. Tejaswai Thermal Performance of Finned Absorber Plate Solar Air Heater Integrated with Thermal Energy Storage Awarded 2016
M.Tech Ankit Agarwal Film Cooling Effectiveness Downstream of a Single Row of Holes with Variable Blowing Ratio Awarded 2017
M.Tech Kartikay Tripathi Numerical Investigation of Rotating Detonation Engine Using Hydrogen Air Mixture Awarded 2017
M.Tech Dharmendra Meena Mixing Behaviour of Non-Newtonian Fluids In Different Geometric Configurations of Microchannel – CFD Analysis Awarded 2017
M.Tech Gautam Kumar Thermal Performances of In2O3 Nanofluid in Microchannel Awarded 2018
M.Tech Navneet Singh Thermal Analysis of SnO2 Nanoparticles for Thermal Energy Storage in Buildings Awarded 2018
M.Tech Sagar Mehta Thermal Performance Analysis of Ni-Water Based Solar Water Heater Awarded 2019
M.Tech Pradeep Kumar Performance Investigation of Perforated Absorber Plate Solar Air Heater Awarded 2019
M.Tech Navneet Kumar Performance Analysis of Solar Air Heater with Jet Impingement through Flat Plate Absorber Awarded 2019
M.Tech Devender Kumar Performance Analysis of Solar Air Heater with Jet Impingement through Corrugated Absorber Plate Awarded 2019
M.Tech Shubham Silswal Performance Analysis of Recyclic Type Photovoltaic-Thermal System Awarded 2020
Ph.D Satyender Singh Performance Evaluation of Double Duct Packed Bed Solar Air Heaters Awarded 2017
M.Tech Rupesh Kumar Tiwari Analysis of Extraction of Cenosphere from Fly ash and its Potential Applications: A Fuzzy Logic Integrated Approach Completed 2019 NA
Ph.D Biswajit Sahoo Robotics Ongoing 2020 NA
M.Tech Prashant Kumar Rejuvenation and Integration of Yamuna River and Its Precinct In Delhi Region. Completed 2017-18
M.Tech Ankit mittal Critical analysis of urban design projects in India Completed 2018-19
Ph.D Akanksha Soni Urban development model for Inner cities areas – Case of Sagar (M.P.), India Ongoing 2017-20
M.Tech Ankush Revival of urban spaces by tranforming of 'urban voids' case Zirakpur Completed 2019-20
Ph.D Gitika Kaundal Framework for Urban resilience of hill towns Ongoing 2019-20
M.Tech Akhila menon Reclaiming and rejuvenating urban water bodies – case of Mullassery canal, Kochi, Kerala Ongoing 2020-21
Ph.D Kalpana Thakur water resilience in hill towns Ongoing 2020 Dr. Inderpal Singh
Ph.D Shivani Construction waste management Ongoing 2020 Dr. Rashmi Kumari
Ph.D Dr. Vizender Sihag Fixed Point Theorems for Mapping in Metric, G-Metric and Fuzzy Metric Space Completed 2013
Ph.D Dr. Manju Grewal Existence of Fixed Point for Mappings in Metric , Menger and Fuzzy Metric Spaces Completed 2017
Ph.D Mr. Sachin Kumar Solutions of Fractional Differential Equation by using concept of fixed point theory On Going 2015
Ph.D Mr. Ankit Kumar Nain Existance of Solutions of Fractional Boundary Value Problems On Going 2017
Ph.D Dr. Amit Kumar Some Fixed Point Theorem on Fuzzy Metric and Generalized Metric Spaces Completed 2015
Ph.D Mr. Ankit Kumar Nain Existence of solutions for fractional boundary value problems On Going 2017
Ph.D Mr. Ankit Kumar Fractional Differential and Integral Equation On Going 2017
Ph.D NItesh Kumar Synthesis , characterization, biological evaluation and computational study of Titanium Complexes completed 2015 Dr Pamita awasthi
Ph.D Sheetal Synthesis , characterization and biological evaluation of titanium and ruthenium complexes with biologically important ligands completed 2016
Ph.D Archana Thakur Titanium –Indole complexes and their biological Applications Submitted 2020
Ph.D Mandeep Kaur Chalcone based vanadium complexes, their antibacterial and antidiabetic studies ongoing 2017
M.Tech Neha Kumari Computational chemistry and type 2 Diabetes melletus completed 2017
M.Tech Shaifali Sharma Cobalt chalcone complexes and their in silico alpha glucosidase inhibition completed 2018
M.Tech Akanksha Katoch Synthesis of mixed ligand complexes of titanium using indole and substituted phenols completed 2018
M.Tech Vikrant Taliyan Synthesis of alkoxo phenoxo titanium (IV) complexes and their ct-DNA cleavage study using Agarose gel electrophoresis completed 2019
M.Tech Ajay Organotin(IV) complexes of aminoacid Schiff bases and their ct-DNA interactions completed 2019
M.Tech Harish Kumar Harit Synthesis, spectroscopic characterization and ct-DNA ligation of vanadium(IV) indole complexes completed 2019
M.Tech Renu Thakur Study and Analysis on EMI/EMC issues Awarded 2008 Dr Y R Sood
M.Tech Naveen Kumar Sharma Experimental Investigation of DGA of Transformer Oil Awarded 2010 Dr Y. R. Sood
M.Tech Ravinder Singh Design & Performance Analysis of a FLC for SCADA System Awarded 2011 Dr. Y R Sood
M.Tech Virender K. Sharma Failure analysis of power transformer Awarded 2011 -
M.Tech Vinay Kumar Failure analysis of distribution transformer Awarded 2011 -
M.Tech Deven Vatsal Electrical Health Monitoring of an Electrical apparatus by Insulation Analyzer Awarded 2011 Dr. Y R Sood
M.Tech Amit Kumar Aging Characteristic of Porcelain Insulator Awarded 2011 Dr O.P.Rahi
M.Tech Rajanish Kumar Kaushal Transmission Expansion planning in deregulated power sector Awarded 2012 Dr. Y R Sood
M.Tech Ranga Chilaka An Investigation of novel approach for fault diagnosis in power electronics converters: the case of sub synchronous cascade drive Awarded 2012 -
M.Tech Mohan Rao Ungarala Expert system in transformer diagnostics Awarded 2012 -
M.Tech Kapil Gandhi Experimental investigation of accelerated stress on transformer insulation using FITR spectroscopy Awarded 2012 Dr. Y R Sood
M.Tech Sunandan Kumar Rotor fault diagnosis of induction motor using current signature analysis Awarded 2012 -
M.Tech Navin Chandra Joshi Simulation of distribution transformer with internal incipient faults Awarded 2012 Dr Y R Sood
M.Tech Tarkeshwar To investigate EMI/EMC phenomena in electric and electronic gadgets Awarded 2012 Dr Y R Sood
M.Tech Kiran Jumar Kandregula Condition monitoring of induction motor and reliability estimation – An industrial case Awarded 2012 Dr. Rajiv K Sharma
M.Tech Hasmat Application of artificial intelligence for incipient fault diagnosis and condition assessment of power transformer Awarded 2012 -
M.Tech Rakesh Thaplyal Design and temperature rise analysis of cascade H-bridge solid state transformer Awarded 2012 Dr. Y R Sood
M.Tech Suryakant Diagnosis of variable induction motor speed drives Awarded 2012 -
M.Tech Suresh Kumar Dogra Monitoring of Peripheral Temperature of Electrical apparatus using Infrared Thermal imaging device (HOT-Shot) Awarded 2013 Dr. Y R Sood
M.Tech Pankaj Shukla Experimental Investigation regarding prediction of residual life and health index of transformer using fuzzy logic Awarded 2013 Dr Y R Sood
M.Tech Gurmeet Singh Condition monitoring of PLC Controlled Induction Motor Drive Awarded 2013 -
M.Tech Sonu Kumar Study and analysis of Interfacial Tension of Transformer Oil and Impact on Assessing health Conditions of a Power Transformer Awarded 2013 -
M.Tech Mithun Mondal Earth Ground Resistance Measurement & Design of Earthing System for Electrical Grounding Awarded 2013 Dr Zakir Husain
M.Tech M. Raghuram Modulation and Protection Techniques in Matrix Converter Topology for Multi Converter Operation Awarded 2014 Dr Y R Sood
M.Tech Priyesh Kumar Pandey Formulation of Health Index and End-of-Life assessment of Power Transformers Awarded 2014 -
M.Tech Abhas Kumar Singh Electricity Pricing in Deregulated Power Sector Awarded 2014 Dr Y R Sood
M.Tech Harmendra Singh To investigate the Insulation Aging Of Transformer by BDV, Moisture, C & Tan Delta and DC Resistivity Measurement Awarded 2014 Dr Y R Sood
M.Tech Madan Lal Modelling Of Partial Discharge activity in Solid Dielectric material Awarded 2015 -
M.Tech Shrikant Residual Life assessment of power Transformer Awarded 2015 -
M.Tech Abhishek Singh Condition assessment of OIP type power transformer bushing by latest dielectric response technique Awarded 2015 -
M.Tech Jagnandan Negi Assessment of Oil-paper Insulation of Aged Power Transformer Awarded 2015 -
M.Tech Alok Kumar Mathematical Modelling of winding dislocation of Transformer by Sweep Frequency Response Analysis Awarded 2015 -
M.Tech Natla Sudheer Reddy Thermal evaluation of rotating machine insulation paper Awarded 2016 -
M.Tech Santanu Kumar Seth Analysis of electrical health of power transformer bushing and winding using insulation analyser Awarded 2016 -
M.Tech Katuru Subramanyam Exploration and feasibility of vegetable oil for electrical apparatus Awarded 2016 -
M.Tech Gaurav Upadhyay Investigation of forces using electromagnetic analysis of triangular wound core transformer Awarded 2016 -
M.Tech Pavan Kumar Kandregula Modelling of partial discharge detection and calibration circuits Awarded 2016 -
M.Tech Ajay Singh Negi Estimation of flux level for optimal operation and Improved aging of variable speed matrix converter fed induction motor drive Awarded 2017 -
M.Tech Anurag Kumar Burman Effective interpretation of transformer SFRA signature using multi-resolution decomposition technique Awarded 2017 -
M.Tech Alok Richarya Condition assessment of rotating machine using fuzzy logic based approach Awarded 2017 -
M.Tech Veer Singh Meena Performance analysis of an induction motor drive by direct torque control method using MATLAB simulation Awarded 2017 -
M.Tech Rachna Panwar End-of-life estimation of power transformer using risk based approach Awarded 2017 -
M.Tech Md. Sabir Hasan Solar Photovoltaic Modelling for Extraction of Maximum Power using Artificial Intelligence Based Technique Awarded 2018 Dr. Chandrasekaran
M.Tech Neera Yadav Performance Analysis Nomex Paper Awarded 2018 Dr. Chandrasekaran
M.Tech Ankit Chouhan Comparative Evaluation of Nomex-910 and TUK Insulating Paper Thermally aged in Soya-based Natural Ester Oil Awarded 2018 Dr Zakir Husain
M.Tech Sujit Kangsabanik Condition Monitoring of Bushing of Oil-filled Power Transformers by using Thermo-graphic Tool Awarded 2018 Dr Zakir Husain
M.Tech Kingshuk Chatterjee A novel Prediction Certainty based Graphical Dissolved Gas Analysis Technique for Oil- Filled Power Transformer Awarded 2018 Dr. Vinay Jadoun
M.Tech Ujjawal Prakash Bhushan Evaluation of Health Index Assessment of Power Transformers Located in HPSEB Substation Awarded 2018 Dr. Vinay Jadoun
M.Tech Atul Jaysing Patil Condition Assessment Of Transformers Feeding Steel Mills Awarded 2020 -
M.Tech Arush Singh Reliability Centric Condition Monitoring of Transformers to prevent failures Awarded 2020 Dr Rajiv K Sharma
M.Tech Aniket Chaturvedi Morphological Characterization & Dielectric properties of Nano Composites Awarded 2020 Dr Jai Prakash
M.Tech Seema Chauhan Solar photovoltaic array powered-brushless DC motor drive of industrial applications In progress 2020
M.Tech Kirti Kumari Power quality improvement in distribution systems using active shunt compensation In progress 2020
M.Tech Ayush Purwar Design and analysis of power converters for battery charging of electric vehicles In progress 2020
Ph.D Vivek Kumar Control and implementation of multi-functional multi-phase-compensator for grid-tied solar PV energy conversion systems In progress 2019 Guiding as Co-Supervisor
Ph.D Amit Chauhan Experimental and Theoretical Investigations of the Thermal Behaviour of Some Non Circular Journal Bearing Profiles Awarded 2011 Main Supervisor-Dr. Rakesh Sehgal
Ph.D Gaurav Agrawal Thermo-mechanical properties and three body abrasive wear analysis of bidirectional and chopped glass, kevlar, carbon and glass – SiC reinforced epoxy composites Awarded 2015 Main Supervisor-Dr. Amar Patnaik
Ph.D Devinder Priyadarshi Development and Optimization of Machining and Wear of Aluminium Matrix Nanocomposites Awarded 2016
Ph.D Sushant Negi Parametric Optimization and Characterization of Selective Laser Sintered Glass Filled Polyamide Awarded 2016
Ph.D Saurabh Kango Studies of Journal Bearings Performance using Surface Textures/ Grooves and Non Newtonian Rheology of Lubricant Awarded 2016 Dr. R. K. Pandey, IIT Delhi
Ph.D Nitin Sharma Investigations on the influence of textures/roughness on the performance of porous journal bearing Awarded 2017 Dr. Sunil, NIT Hamirpur
Ph.D Sonu Sharma Analysis, Optimization and Design of a Modified Savonius Rotor Awarded 2018
Ph.D Vishal Jagota Impact of Heat Treatment on the wear behavior of AISI H13 tool steel Submitted 2020
Ph.D Vivek Singh Joined in 2019 Ongoing 2019
Ph.D Ritesh Sharma Joined in 2020 Ongoing 2020
Ph.D Ankita Bisht Boundary layer study of complex nanofluid Ongoing 2017
Ph.D Sanjalee Stability Analysis of Fluid Flow Ongoing 2019
Ph.D Dr. Shagun Thakur Study of Decay Modes of Superheavy Elements Completed 2014
Ph.D Dr. Vinod Kumar Study of Ni Substitution in Rare Earth Cobaltites (ACoO3)Functional Materials Completed 2014 Dr. Ravi Kumar
Ph.D Pratima Mishra Investigation, Measurement and Analysis of SCM dimensions and their effect on SMEs performance Awarded 2015 NIL
Ph.D Prashant Chauhan Modeling of Offshore Outsourcing Risks in Supply Chain Awarded 2016 Sunand Kumar
Ph.D Manoj Nayak Investigating Machinability and Tool Wear/Performance of CBN Tool Inserts in Hard Turning of D6 Steel Awarded 2016 Dr.Rakesh Sehgal
Ph.D Manjeet Kharub Investigating the Role of Quality Management Practices on Competitive Positioning of MSMEs” Awarded 2017 NIL
Ph.D Jagdeep Singh Investigation and Optimization of Process Parameters for the Powder Mixed EDM of Tungsten Carbide Alloy Awarded 2018 NIL
M.Tech ........... Experimental study of energy appropriation in low heat Rejection Diesel engine Awarded 2009 NIL
M.Tech .......... Condition Monitoring of Induction motors and Reliability Assessment Awarded 2012 NIL
M.Tech Kulbhushan Phogat Framework for characterizing the Design of Vendor managed Inventory. Awarded 2013 NIL
M.Tech ..... Modelling and analysis performance issue in flexible manufacturing cells Awarded 2013 NIL
M.Tech Arun Sivaraj Design and Analysis of Cellular Manufacturing systems. Awarded 2013 NIL
M.Tech Naveen kumar Mitigating bullwhip effect in SCM. Awarded 2013 NIL
M.Tech ...... Investigating Flexibility and Cell formation Issues in FMS Awarded 2013 NIL
M.Tech ...... Analysing the effect of Maintenance strategies on the Throughput of FMC Awarded 2014 NIL
M.Tech ...... Analysing Reliability aspects of industrial robot in Flexible Manufacturing cell Awarded 2015 NIL
M.Tech ......... Investigation of Material Handling Issues in FMS Awarded 2015 NIL
M.Tech ........ Scheduling in Flexible Manufacturing System Awarded 2015 NIL
M.Tech ..... Parametric Optimization for Fused deposition modelled parts of Rapid prototyping Awarded 2016 NIL
M.Tech ..... Optimization of Cutting parameters for drilling of cenosphere filled E Glass Vineylester reinforced polymer Composites Awarded 2016 NIL
M.Tech ..... Identifying modelling and analysing risks in an automotive supply chain Awarded 2016 NIL
M.Tech ..... Metrological investigation on improvement in accuracy and precision in the secondary vibration calibration Awarded 2017 NIL
M.Tech .... Experimental investigation of process parameter on MRR and surface finish in EDM on AISI H13 Tool steel Awarded 2017 NIL
M.Tech ....... Supplier selection in outsourcing environment Awarded 2017 NIL
Ph.D G. Devendhar Polarmetric SAR data processing Ongoing 2020
Ph.D Manish Kumar Pandey Control System On-going 2020
Ph.D Anup Kumar Renewable Energy Sources On-going 2019
M.Tech Ashish Kumar Speed Control of EV and HEV Using Converters On-going 2020
M.Tech Vishwajeet Kumar Design and Analysis of Hybrid Energy Storage System for Electric Vehicles On-going 2020
Ph.D Tarkeshwar Prasad Bhardwaj Multiple Sub-Filter based Adaptive Echo Cancellation in Acoustic Channel Awarded 2014
Ph.D Gaurav Jaswal Multimodal Biometric Authentication using Palmer and Dorsal Hand Patterns Awarded 2018
Ph.D Vivek Sharma Nonlinear Unknown Input Observer Design With Application to Synchronization Awarded 2018 Dr Bharat Bhushan Sharma
Ph.D Chander Kant Impact of Climate Change on Runoff and Sediment Transport from Watershed Ongoing 2020
M.Tech Shubham Bhardwaj Rainfall Runoff Modelling using Artificial Neural Network Ongoing 2020
M.Tech Rohit Assessment of Reservoir Sedimentation Using Remote Sensing and Recommendation for Desilting in Gobind Sagar Reservoir Ongoing 2020
M.Tech Abhinav Kumar Flood inundation modelling using HEC-RAS and nonlinear regression models Ongoing 2020
M.Tech Sakshar Sharma Developing soil water retention curves (SWRC) for lower Kosi river basin Ongoing 2020
M.Tech Prerit Machiwar Morphometric analysis of Sutlej river basin Ongoing 2020
M.Tech Mohammed Rafi Mechanical and Microstructural Analysis of Electrodeposited Copper on Heat Treated Mild Steel Awarded 2020 -
M.Tech Ashwin Shah Electrodeposition of Nickel Based Composite Coatings on Copper Awarded 2020 -
M.Tech Ankush Yadav Copper based Metal Matrix Composites Electrodeposited on Mild Steel Awarded 2020 -
Ph.D Piyush Priyadarshi Composite Coatings On-Going 2020 -
M.Tech Ms. NEHA SINGH Compact Broadband Circularly Polarized Slotted Ground Monopole Antenna Completed 2020 -
M.Tech Mr. RAJAN VERMA Compact Circularly Polarized Patch Antenna for 5G Application Completed 2020 -
M.Tech Mr. AMAN CHOUDHARY Performance Enhancement of Thin Film Solar Cell Using Plasmonic Nanoantenna Completed 2020 -
M.Tech Mr. UTKARSH KUMAR Design and Analysis of Hybrid Plasmonic Waveguide and its bend Completed 2020 -
M.Tech Mr. PRASHANT SHAH Design and Investigation of Compact Antenna for small satellite applications Ongoing 2021 -
M.Tech Mr. NILESH KUMAR JANGIR Design and Analysis of compact wideband antennas with stable gain for 5G applications Ongoing 2021 -
M.Tech Mr. AJIT KUMAR YADAV Design and Analysis of Conformal Microstrip Patch Antenna For Aircraft Applications Ongoing 2021 -
Ph.D Mr. AAKASH JOSHI Plasmonics Ongoing 2024 Dr. Surender Soni
M.Tech Mr. KUSHAL KUMAR Fractal Antenna Ongoing 2021 -
Ph.D Akant Kumar Singh Investigation on fiber augmented functionally graded material based polymer spur gears Completed 2018 None
Ph.D Sanjay Kumar Yadav Thermo hydraulic performance study of solar air heater having protrusions as artificial roughness on absorber plate Completed 2015 Dr. Varun
Ph.D Anil P Singh Heat transfer and friction characteristics study of multiple arc shaped roughness elements used in solar air heaters Completed 2015 Dr. Varun
M.Tech Rishiraj Mishra Experimental investigation of Mechanical and dry sliding wear characteristics of Madhuca Longifolia wood dust and dry leaf powder filled polyester based bio composites Completed 2017 None
M.Tech Prashant Kumar Optimization of Operating Parameters for polymer gears to minimize Wear and surface temperature of Gears. Completed 2016 None
M.Tech Bharat S Chahar A mathematical model to estimate erosion wear rate of a strain rate sensitive material by considering the effect of erodent particle Rotation. Completed 2016 None
M.Tech Deepak Gora A Comparative Study on Mechanical and Three Body Abrasive Wear Characterization of TiO2 and ZnO filled Glass Fiber based Polyester Composites Completed 2015 None
M.Tech Prabhakar Gupta Mechanical and Erosive wear Characterization Of TiO2 and ZnO Filled Glass Fiber Based Vinyl Ester Composites: A Comparative Study Completed 2015 None
M.Tech Sabir Hussain Mechanical & Dry sliding wear characterization of ZnO & TiO2filled polyester based FGMs using GRG analysis. Completed 2014 None
M.Tech Akant Kumar Singh Mechanical & wear characterization of Short e-glass fibre Filled polyester based FGMs Completed 2012 None
M.Tech Renu Bisht Exploring the analytical aspects of Erosion wear for its better predication Completed 2012 None
M.Tech Vikash Gautam Sliding Wear Response of Long & short carbon fiber reinforced FGMs Completed 2011 None
M.Tech Ajay Dhiryan Influence of process parameters during centrifugation process based manufacturing of cenosphere fly ash-epoxy based functionally graded materials on their mechanical and wear characteristics Completed 2011 None
M.Tech Kuldeep Gupta Abrasive Wear Response of Bi-direction and chopped glass fiber reinforced polymer composites Completed 2011 None
M.Tech Naveen Sharma Application of trained particle swarm optimization algorithm for Optimization of thermal performance of a smooth flat plate solar air heater Completed 2011 None
M.Tech Alok Kumar A meta-Heuristic Algorithm for Curve & Surface generation using Genetic Operators for aesthetic Applications Completed 2010 None
M.Tech Ritesh kaundal LCA of 200KW SPV Plant at Khatkarkalan Completed 2009 None
M.Tech Vivek Singh Friction and Wear Characterization of Titanium Grade-5 Alloy at elevated temperature. Completed 2018 Prof. R Sehgal
M.Tech Vivek Kr Sharma Tribological behavior of bio-degradable castor oil modified with Copper oxide and Zinc oxide nano particles. Completed 2018 Prof. R Sehgal
M.Tech Kuldeep Jodha Investigation on Mechanical and Erosive wear peculiarity of Boron Nitride and Boron Oxide filled Bi-directional Glass fiber Based Polyester Composite: A comparative study Completed 2018 None
M.Tech Shashank Kumar Investigation on performance characteristics of Polyamide-66 Gear pairs. Completed 2019 None
M.Tech Gyanesh Mangal Mechanical Characterization and Air jet erosion Behavior of AA6082 T6 Aluminum alloy. Completed 2019 None
Ph.D Arvind Dhaka Characterization and Statistical Optimization of Fading Impairments in a MIMO Channel Awarded 2018 Vidhyacharan Bhaskar
Ph.D Shashi Gurung Security in Wireless Mobile Ad Hoc Network Awarded 2020
Ph.D Deepshikha Body Area Networks Submitted 2020
Ph.D Anamika Surveillance Wireless Sensor Networks Submitted 2020
Ph.D Nilanshi Chauhan Energy Efficient Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks Ongoing 2019
Ph.D Piyush Rawat Lifetime Enhancement of Wireless Sensor Networks Ongoing 2019
M.Tech Varsha Katre Cluster Head Failure Detection and Correction Algorithm for WSN Completed 2018
M.Tech Piyush Rawat An Energy Efficient Random Number Clustering in Wireless Sensor Network Completed 2018
M.Tech Supriya Shakya Utility Based Cluster Head Selection Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks Completed 2017
M.Tech Himani Sikarwar Decision Algorithm for Faulty Node Identification Completed 2017
M.Tech Amit Tiwari Sinkhole Intrusion Detection in wireless Sensor Network Completed 2016
M.Tech Prashant Wankhede Adaptive Probabilistic Routing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks Completed 2016
M.Tech Obulapu Hitesh Reddy Energy Efficient Cluster Based Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks Completed 2016
M.Tech Amit Kumar Energy-Efficient Private Data Aggregation in wireless Sensor Networks Completed 2016
M.Tech Shiv Kumar Distributed Clustering Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network Completed 2015
M.Tech Ashsih Multilevel Clustering based Time Synchronization Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network Completed 2015
M.Tech Arpit Gupta Distributed Range Based Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks Completed 2015
M.Tech Pushpendra Bansal Confidentiality in Cloud Computing Completed 2015
M.Tech Nitin Kumar Kotania Location Based Clustering: An Energy Efficient Location Based Clustering Data Gathering Scheme for Heterogeneous WSN Completed 2014
M.Tech Monica Rathee Forest Fire Detection & Monitoring Frame Work: Using Wireless Sensor Network Completed 2014
M.Tech Kuldeep Arya Furthest Vehicle broadcasting scheme for Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks Completed 2013
M.Tech Arvind Kumar Clustered based energy efficient data dissemination protocol for wireless sensor networks Completed 2012
M.Tech Prateek Chandra Fishnet Based Efficient Dispatch Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks Completed 2012
M.Tech Ishwar Chand Optimum minimum separation distance based clustering in wireless sensor networks Completed 2012
Ph.D Pranjal IOT Ongoing 2019
Ph.D Vaibhav S. Identifying Dimensions to assess the extent of sustainable competitive advantage provided by Low Cost Carriers to Indian Civil Aviation Transport Corporations Awarded 2014 Nil
Ph.D Vikas Acharya Developing Measures to Assess the Extent of Competence Provided by Automation to Indian Steel Corporations Under Review 2019 Yes
Ph.D Jagroop Singh Assessing Parameters influencing Aviation Fuel Consumption On -going 2019 Nil
Ph.D Vedant Singh Identifying Dimensions of Fuel Consumption Optimization in Air Transport Awarded 2016 Nil
Ph.D Sudhir Rana Developing Model to Assess Benefit Impact generated by International Marketing to Indian Manufacturing Organizations Awarded in M&H 2016 Nil
M.Tech Sourabh Thakur Impact assessment of pedestrian movements on vehicular traffic on undivided urban roads Completed 2020
M.Tech Rahul Tamwar Development of headway based speed prediction model on divided rural highways Completed 2020
M.Tech Harish Saini Neural Network Based Approach for Estimation of Lateral Placement and Lane Indiscipline of Urban Mixed Traffic Completed 2020
M.Tech Ashutosh Pandey Development of a New Approach for Assessing Level of Service on Two-lane Undivided Urban Road Completed 2020
M.Tech Manjul Sharma Development of Heterogeneity Index for mixed traffic on urban roads Completed 2020
Ph.D Mr. Atul Kapil Synthesis, characterization and charge transport study of chemically synthesized polyaniline and its derivatives Awarded 2011 --
Ph.D Mr. Manish Taunk Chemical synthesis, characterization and electrical transport studies of polypyrrole powder and thin films over wide range of temperature Awarded 2012 --
Ph.D Ms. Indu Sharma Accousto-diffusive surface wave propagation in semiconductor materials Awarded 2012 Prof. J.N.Sharma, Department of Mathematics, NIT Hamirpur (HP)
Ph.D Ms. Priyanka Kaushal Numerical simulation study of Schottky diode characteristics using semiconductor device equations Awarded 2015 --
Ph.D Ms. Neha Rani Rana Band gap engineering of ZnO by cadmium and magnesium doping using sol-gel synthesis Awarded 2016 Dr. Arvind Kumar, Department of Physics, NIT Hamirpur (HP)
Ph.D Mr. Rajinder Kumar Fabrication and characterization of /metal/ZnO/ silicon and metal/silicon heterojunctions. Awarded 2016 --
Ph.D Mr. Sumit Bhardwaj Synthesis and characterization of ceramics and ceramic-polymer composites for electronic applications Awarded 2016 --
Ph.D Ms. Saroj Bala Simulation studies of current voltage characteristics of Schottky diodes Awarded 2007 Dr. Nagesh Thakur, Department of Physics, H P University Shimla
Ph.D Mr. Ankit Kumar Computational PDEs and Image Segmentation Ongoing 2020
Ph.D Nikhil Chanauria Function Analysis Ongoing 2020
M.Tech Mann Singh On the complete ordered field R and its various construction Completed 2019
M.Tech Priya Garg Fuzzy Metric Space Completed 2019
Ph.D Dr. Manjeet Singh Energy Efficient Routing and Channel Access Techniques for Wireless Sensor Networks Awarded 2013-2018
Ph.D Er. Vinith Chauhan Wireless Sensor Networks On-going 2013
Ph.D Er. Jyoti Bhola Wireless Sensor Networks On-going 2015
Ph.D Dr. Nithin Varma Low Complexity Imaging Algorithms for wireless endoscopic capsules Awarded 2015-2020
Ph.D Er. Rajesh Kumar Garg Wireless Sensor Networks On-going 2015
Ph.D Er. Rahul Mishra Cognitive Radio On-going 2018
Ph.D Er. Nikita Shandil Wireless Sensor Networks On-going 2019
Ph.D Rajiv Singh Enhancing Security in Wireless Local Area Networks Awarded 2014 None
Ph.D Krishan Pal Sharma Minimizing Network Partitioning and Improving Data Availability in Wireless Sensor Networks Awarded 2016 None
Ph.D Kulwardhan Singh Optimizing Route Discovery and Handling Mobility in Wireless Sensor Networks Awarded 2016 None
Ph.D Vipan Arora Reducing Inter-node Transmissions in a Wireless Sensor Network using Dynamic Sensing and Cooperative Caching Awarded 2017 None
M.Tech Amarjeet Kaur AFDEP: Agreement based Cluster Head Failure Detection and Election Protocol for a WSN Completed 2010 None
M.Tech Mukesh Jha Efficient and Secure Data Aggregation Protocol for a WSN Completed 2010 None
M.Tech T. Roopesh Energy Efficient Routing Using Query and Event Flooding in WSNs Completed 2011 None
M.Tech Gopal Chand Gautam Energy efficient Time Synchronization Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks Completed 2011 None
M.Tech Urvashi Rao Improving Quality of Service of Live Peer-to-Peer Live Video Streaming Completed 2011 None
M.Tech Pratap Singh Geographically Aware Virtual Grid for Wireless Sensor networks Completed 2011 None
M.Tech Anuj Yadav In-Network Data Management for Wireless Sensor Networks Completed 2011 None
M.Tech Vikram Singh Fault Tolerant Time Synchronization for Wireless Sensor Networks Completed 2011 None
M.Tech Satyender Jumar Sharma Redeployment of Mobile Sensor Nodes in Wireless Sensor Networks Completed 2011 None
M.Tech T. Priyanka A Clustering Algorithm for Stable Cluster Formation in Vehicular Area Networks Completed 2011 None
M.Tech Krishna Joshi Topology Management in WSNs Completed 2011 None
M.Tech Abhiram Singh Full Coverage Control in WSNs Completed 2011 None
M.Tech Vishakha Dhiman Fault Tolerance in WSNs Completed 2011 None
M.Tech Varsha Chaudhary Collecting Global State in WSNs Completed 2011 None
M.Tech Pankaj Kumar Energy Aware Recovery from Network Partitioning in WSNs Completed 2011 None
M.Tech Bheri Srihari Performance Improvement in Web Caching along with prefetching Completed 2011 None
M.Tech Pankaj Azad Energy Efficient Distributed Global Snapshot Algorithm for WSN Completed 2011 None
M.Tech Nancy Fault Tolerant Time Synchronization Protocol for WSN Completed 2011 None
M.Tech Surbhi Sharma Global Snapshot for Large WSNs Completed 2011 None
M.Tech Kamal Singh Finding Location of Wireless Sensor Nodes without using GPS Completed 2011 None
M.Tech Shivangi Gupta Parameter Based Cooperative Caching for WSN Completed 2011 None
M.Tech Bharti Topology Management in WSNs Completed 2011 None
Ph.D Richa Improving Connectivity and Data Availability in VANETs Ongooing 2019 Prof. Ajay Sharma
Ph.D Mohammad Ahsan Sentiment Based Information Diffusion in Online Social Networks Submitted 2020 None
Ph.D Prachi Agarwal Stochastic Programming Ongoing 2017
Ph.D Arpan Garg Statistical Optimization Ongoing 2019
M.Tech Aditi Joshi Machine Learning Completed 2019
M.Tech Avinash Yadav Statistical Inference Completed 2019
M.Tech Mohd Shadab Data Mining Completed 2015
M.Tech A. Jeevan Sagar Goal Programming Completed 2015
M.Tech D. Bharani Dharan Time Series Analysis Completed 2015
M.Tech I. Anbu Time Series Analysis Completed 2015
M.Tech Neelam Selection of best UPI based mobile app- using Analytic Hierarchy Process Completed 2020
M.Tech Jyoti Singh Removal of Arsenic from Contaminated Water: A Comparison between Adsorption and Microbial Techniques Completed 2018 -
M.Tech Pragatisheel Bioremediation of Hexavalent Chromium from Wastewater using Bacillus firmus Completed 2020 -
M.Tech Anjul Tomar (11M102) Design of Reinforced Concrete beams with web openings-A comparative study of various methods Completed 2013 NO
M.Tech Jyoti Ranjan (12M149) Dynamic analysis of Bridge by mode superposition using mass participation factor as convergence criterion Completed 2014 NO
M.Tech Rajneesh (12M153) Evaluation of tension stiffening effect on the crack width calculation of flexural RC members Completed 2014 NO
M.Tech Vipin (12M157) Inelastic seismic analysis of six storey RC building Completed 2014 NO
M.Tech Yogendra singh (12M158) An analytical study of negative stiffness device used for seismic response reduction Completed 2014 NO
M.Tech Rahul Kumar (13M118) Analysis of beam column joint under monotonic and cyclic load Completed 2015 NO
M.Tech Sumit Sahoo (13M122) Crack growth analysis of a Pressure vessel using CASCA and FRANC2D/L Completed 2015 Yes(Pardeep Kumar)
M.Tech Vivek Kumar Maurya (14M119) Negative Stiffness Device for Seismic Protection of Structures-An Analytical Study and Modeling Completed 2016 NO
M.Tech Deep Kumar (14M128) Study of Bi-linear Columns in Fire Completed NO
M.Tech Govind Mohan (15M117) Comparison on the Performance of Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete and Synthetic Fibre Reinforced Concrete Completed NO
M.Tech Kailash Kumar (15M128) Analysis of cable-stayed bridges during construction by cantilever methods Completed NO
M.Tech Mahesh Chandra Singh (16M128) An experimental study on strength of fly ash based concrete reinforced with steel fibres Completed NO
M.Tech Ahmed Waqar (16M131) Performance of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete at Elevated Temperatures Completed NO
Ph.D Amit Thakur Investigating mechanical and durability properties of waste rubber concrete Ongoing NO
Ph.D Govind Mohan Constitutive modelling of concrete Ongoing NO
Ph.D Rahul Bharmoria Visual Place Quality Framework for the hill towns of Himachal Pradesh Ongoing 2018
Ph.D Ridima Sharma Thermal Performance of Vernacular Houses in Himachal Pradesh Ongoing 2019
M.Tech Sneha Sara Varghese Adaptation to climate change in Kerala - a community based adaptation approach for the vulnerable coastal areas of Kochi Ongoing 2021
M.Tech Neethulakshmi B Community based approach towards flood resilient houses in Kerala Completed 2020
M.Tech Athul P Sustainable & Cultural Conformity in Vernacular Architecture: A Case Study of Primitive Tribal Settlement In Kerela Completed 2019
M.Tech Safder Rizvi Environmental Sustainability & Urban Development ( Case Study : Lucknow) Completed 2017
Ph.D Muneesh Sethi Thermohydraulic performance of solar air heater using dimple shape as roughness element Awarded 2013 Dr. N. S. Thakur
Ph.D Harshdeep Sharma Performance assessment of high temperature metallic annular recuperator Awarded 2014 Dr. Anoop Kumar
Ph.D Sourabh Khurana Study of Silt erosion and Performance of Turgo impulse turbine for SHP system Awarded 2014 Dr. Anoop Kumar
Ph.D Nitin Agarwal Design and optimization of renewable energy based hybrid power generation system for rural electrification in India Awarded 2014 Dr. Anoop Kumar
Ph.D Sanjay Yadav Thermohydraulic performance of protrusions used as roughness elements in rectangular solar air heaters Awarded 2015 Dr. Siddhartha
Ph.D Niraj Kumar Experimental investigation on feasibility of biodiesel blend (B40) in a modified compression ignition engine Awarded 2015 Dr. S. R. Chauhan
Ph.D Kiran Ikka Mechanical and tribological characterization of particulate filled aluminium matrix composites Awarded 2016 Dr. S. R. Chauhan
Ph.D A. P. Singh Heat transfer and friction characteristics study of multiple arc shaped roughness element used in solar air heaters Awarded 2015 Dr. Siddhartha
Ph.D Paramvir Singh Experimental Investigation of Diesel Engine Characteristics by Using Dual Biofuel Approach for Complete Elimination of Diesel Submitted 2018 Dr. S. R. Chauhan
Ph.D Navneet Arya Heat Transfer Augmentation On going 2018 -
Ph.D Rajat Kumar Thermal Management On going 2019 -
Ph.D Akshay Thakur Solar Energy On Going 2020 -
M.Tech Anchal Rawal Significance of Vastu Shastra and its Impact on User Satisfaction Completed 2018
M.Tech Srishti Sharma Significance of Intelligent Building Systems in Sustainable Design Completed 2019
M.Tech Farhan Asim Significance of Built Environment in Psychological Restoration in Technical Institute Completed 2019
M.Tech Kaushal Kumar Role of Intelligent Building in optimization of operational Energy Completed 2020
M.Tech Shubham Kanchan Study of BIPV panels Ongoing 2020-
Ph.D Jai Prakash Modeling of Building Energy Demand through Passive Design Strategies Ongoing 2020-
Ph.D Shiv Dayal Sharma Application of Vernacular Building construction Technique to achieve Sustainability Ongoing 2020-
Ph.D Sunill Sharma, Assistant Prof., Deptt. of Civil Engg,, NIT Hamirpur Location-based planning of highway construction projects in hilly terrain using GIS. Awarded 2017 Prof. Raman Parti
Ph.D Satish Kr. Katwal, Head, School of Architecture Kangra, H.P. GIS-based methodology for safe site selection and construction site layout planning in hilly regions. Awarded 2017 Sole
Ph.D Anjul Tomar Identification and resolution of workspace conflicts of repetitive construction projects using GIS. Awarded 2020 Sole
Ph.D Akhilesh Kr. Sharma Landslide hazard analysis in Middle Himalayan Awarded 2020 As co-supervisor
Ph.D Neetu Kapoor, Assistant Prof., Deptt. of Architecture, NIT Hamirpur GeoDesign based approach for spatial planning in hill areas. Submitted 2020 As co-supervisor
M.Tech Aman Paul Development of Association Rule Mining for Knowledge Analysis Using Apriori Algorithm Completed 2012 None
M.Tech Dipali Analysis of Integer Factorization Techniques Used in RSA Completed 2013 None
M.Tech Rma Agarwal Performance Evaluation of Image Segmentation Techniques Completed 2013 None
M.Tech Ritu Ganda Knowledge Discovery from Database using an Integration of Clustering and Association Rule Mining Completed 2014 None
M.Tech Pratibha Performance Evaluation of Skull Stripping Methods and Tools Completed 2014 None
M.Tech Divya Comparison of Cryptographic Algorithms AES and DES Completed 2015 None
M.Tech Ajay Goel Digital image steganography technique using discrete wavelet transform Completed 2016 None
M.Tech Seema Gill Design and Development of Grey Wolf Metaheuristic Technique with Application to Combinatorial Optimization Problem Completed 2016 None
M.Tech Manpreet Singh Design a Distribution Network for Production Company using Facility Allocation Algorithms Completed 2017 None
M.Tech Rimmi Anand Design and Development of Reliable Capacitated Facility Location for Distribution Network Design Completed 2017 None
M.Tech Divya Agarwal Development of Efficient Approaches for Solving the Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows Completed 2017 Mr Ashish Gridhar
M.Tech Avneet Kaur Design and development of Binary metaheuristic algorithms for feature selection Completed 2019 None
M.Tech Kamalinder Kaur Development of Chaotic Metaheuristic Algorithm for Engineering Design Problems Completed 2019 Dr P S Rana
Ph.D Dilbag Singh Design and Development of Visibility Restoration Techniques for Weather Degraded Images Awarded 2019 None
Ph.D Manjit Kaur Development of Efficient Color Image Encryption Techniques using Evolutionary Optimization Awarded 2019 None
Ph.D Gaurav Dhiman Multi-objective Metaheuristic Approaches for Data Clustering in Engineering Application(s) Awarded 2019 None
Ph.D Ashish Girdhar Development of Efficient Image Steganography System for 3D Image Models Awarded 2019 None
Ph.D Rajani Development of Multiobjective Techniques for Segmentation Submitted 2020 Dr Dinesh Kumar
M.Tech Lalit Yadav Development of Wild Animal Detection Technique Using Machine Learning Approaches Completed 2020 None
M.Tech Naresh Kumar Forest Fire Detection Using Machine Learning Techniques Completed 2020 None
M.Tech Pritam Verma Visual Quality Improvement using Single Image Defogging Technique Completed 2020 None
Ph.D Sahil Sharma Metaheuristic Approaches for Occlusion Invariant 3D Face Recognition Technique Submitted 2020 None
Ph.D Rohitashw Kumar Modeling moisture uptake in multi-layer soil Completed 2013 Dr. M.K. Jat, (MNIT Jaipur)
M.Tech Tanmay Garg Estimation of Reference Evapotranspiration using the FAO Penman-Monteith Method for Climatic Conditions of Himachal Pradesh, India Completed 2014
M.Tech Ashutosh Singh Multivariate Statistical Analysisof Groundwater for Unnao District (UP) Completed 2014
M.Tech Krishan P. Shekhawat Daily Discharge Prediction for a River in a Hilly Subtropical humid Zone using ANN and ANFIS Completed 2015
M.Tech Sumit Jaswal Empolying HEC-RESSIM 3.1 for reservoir maintenance and decision making Completed 2015
M.Tech Nitin Lakhera Water Balance Study of Beas River (up to Pong Dam) in Himachal Pradesh using ARCGIS Technique Completed 2015
M.Tech Ankit Negi Daily Discharge Prediction for a River in a Hilly Subtropical humid Zone using ANN and ANFIS Completed 2015
M.Tech Ashish Dobhal Near-surface soil moisture modelling using Genetic algorithm and particle swarm optimization Completed 2016
M.Tech Aman Chandel Sediment yield estimation using RUSLE Model Completed 2016
M.Tech Saurabh Singh Rainfall modeling and prediction using MARKOV model Completed 2016
M.Tech Paras Gupta Performance evaluation of different reference evapotranspiration equations Completed 2017
M.Tech Navsal Kumar Modelling soil moisture dynamics in Unsaturated zone for different boundary conditions Completed 2017
M.Tech Vishal Chaudhary Estimate changes in runoff due to change in land use pattern using various techniques Completed 2017
M.Tech Ashish Sharma Field investigation of soil hydraulic and retention characteristics Completed 2017
M.Tech Shankar Ghosh Hydropower generation and its impact on space time distribution of dissolved oxygen content in Beas river basin Completed 2017
M.Tech Pradeep Kumar Rainfall runoff modelling for sustainable water resources management: Case study Completed 2017
M.Tech Pushpendra Kumar Integration of remote sensing and GIS for delineation of watershed of Ramgarh dam, Jaipur Completed 2017
M.Tech Akshika Guleria Factor analysis of reference evapotranspiration methods for sub-humid sub-tropical climate Completed 2018
M.Tech Snigdha Pandey Application of non-linear regression in estimating soil moisture characteristics Completed 2018
M.Tech Saurav Saini Evaluation of Hydraulic Conductivity based on grian size distribution and angularity on different types of materials Completed 2018
M.Tech Anurag Optimum cropping pattern of Kulsi river basin using simulation and linear programming model Completed 2018
M.Tech Abhishek Assessment of reservoir siltation using remote sensing in Bhakra and Pong reservoirs Completed 2018
M.Tech Nitish Mahant Study of infiltration characteristics of soil in Hamirpur region Completed 2018
M.Tech Ramraj Meena Analysis of hydraulic conductivity of various contaminated soil samples by Ksat Completed 2019
M.Tech Mekharaj Kunwar Chhetri Evaluation of CFD for spillway modelling Completed 2019
M.Tech Sajal Maharshi Estimation of reference evapotranspiration for various agro climatic zones of India using neural network approach Completed 2019
M.Tech Mohammad Umer Jan Deva Impacts of land use and climate change scenarios on the water flux: A case study of KUNAH KHAD river watershed in Hamirpur, H.P. Completed 2019
M.Tech Preeti Bisht Delineation of groundwater recharge zone in Hamirpur district using RS and GIS techniques Completed 2019
M.Tech Shivendra Chaubey The effects of the shape parameters on hydraulic conductivity of different granular materials and their mixtures Completed 2019
Ph.D Arunava Poddar Modelling soil moisture dynamics in crop root zone under shallow ground water table Ongoing 2019
Ph.D Rajat Kango Modelling hydraulic conductivity for flow through porous media Ongoing 2019
Ph.D Lalit Goel Effect of mulching on soil moisture retention characteristics Ongoing 2020 Dr. R. K. Sharma
Ph.D Navsal Kumar Crop Water Stress Index tool for estimating soil moisture depletion Ongoing 2020
Ph.D Suman Kumari Modeling landslide activation under excessive soil moisture regime in mid-hills of northwestern Himalayas Ongoing 2021
Ph.D Abhishish Chandel Modeling of Hydraulic Conductivity of Porous media- A semi-theoretical approach Ongoing 2022
M.Tech Ankush Study for Rainfall thresholds for the initiation of landslides and Landslide Susceptibility Mapping of Western Himalayas (H.P, India) Ongoing 2020
M.Tech Aakriti Chauhan Study of climate change and its effects on landslidesof Western Himalayas (H.P, India) Ongoing 2020
M.Tech Gargi Bindal Spatio-temporal trend analysis of climatic variables for various districts of Himachal Pradesh Ongoing 2020
M.Tech Atul Mishra Effect of land use and land cover on stream flow of Hind on river (Delhi) Ongoing 2020
M.Tech Deepanshu Verma Effect of mulching on retention characteristics of soil Ongoing 2020
Ph.D Rohan Samkaria Structural, dielectric and electrical properties of yttrium doped nano sized magnesium, nickel and zinc aluminates Completed 2015 NA
Ph.D Hemant Pal Mechanical, electrical and thermal properties of CNT reinforced silver nanocomposites Completed 2015 NA
Ph.D Manjula Sharma Synthesis and characterization of carbon nanotube reinforced aluminium nanothermites Completed 2017 NA
Ph.D Manisha Sharma Synthesis and characterization of nano thermites for application in explosives On going 2019 NA
Ph.D Sanjeev Katoch Effect of Cryogenic Treatment on the Mechanical and Metallurgical Properties of Tool and Die Steels Awarded 2018 Prof. Rakesh Sehgal
Ph.D Ashish Development of Composites/Nanocomposites for Antistatic and EMI Shielding Applications Ongoing 2020
Ph.D Lovepreet Singh Polymer Nanocomposites for Sensor Applications Ongoing 2020
M.Tech Ankur Kalia Tribological, Mechanical and Electrical Properties of Graphite/Epoxy Composites Awarded 2012
M.Tech Karan Dhanjal Tribological and Mechanical Characterization of Graphite Filled Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites Awarded 2013
M.Tech Saurabh Kumar Mechanical and Electrical Properties of Graphite-Polypropylene Composites Prepared in a Twin Screw Awarded 2013
M.Tech Kushal Singh Synthesis and Electrical Characterizaton of Cobalt Ferrite- Barium Titanate Magnetoelectric Composites Awarded 2013
M.Tech Mohit Kumar Sharma Synthesis and Characterization of Gd Doped Ceria Solid Electrolyte for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Awarded 2013
M.Tech Balram Kumar Yadav Tribological, Mechanical and Electrical Properties of Graphite Flakes-ABS Composites Prepared in a Twin Screw Extruder Awarded 2014
M.Tech Ejaz Qamar Mechanical and Tribological Studies of ABS/Graphite/Short Carbon Fibres Hybrid Composites prepared by using a Twin Screw Extruder Awarded 2015
M.Tech Amit Kumar Tripathi Characterization and Optimization of Plasma Sprayed Thermal Barrier Coatings for Diesel Engine Pistons Awarded 2015
M.Tech Vickey Nandal Effect of CQT and DQT Heat Treatments on the Mechanical, Microstructure and Machinability Properties of AISI 4140 Steel Awarded 2015
M.Tech Sunil Kumar Mechanical and Tribological Studies of Epoxy/MWCNTs/Nanoclay Hybrid Nanocomposites Awarded 2015
M.Tech Nagendra Kumar Joshi Preparation and Characterization of Epoxy/Barium Titanate Nanocomposite Awarded 2016
M.Tech Kuldeep Sharma Mechanical Properties and Tribological Studies of Epoxy/TiO2/Graphite Hybrid Composites Awarded 2016
M.Tech Saurabh Manral Mechanical and Tribological Studies Epoxy/Nanoclay/Milled Glass Fiber Hybrid Nanocomposites Awarded 2016
M.Tech Surbhi Singh Optical and Electrical Properties of Polyaniline/Nylon-6 Polymer Composites Awarded 2016
M.Tech Vinay Sharma Effect of Martempering on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of AISI-4340 Steel Awarded 2016
M.Tech Vishvendra Pratap Singh Influence of Machining Parameters in a Turning Operation of Titanium Grade-9 and Study of Tool Wear Mechanisms and Chip Morphology Awarded 2017
M.Tech Sumit Bhan Machinability Investigation of Titanium Grade-5 Alloy using PVD coated TiAlN Insert and study of Tool Wear Mechanism and Chip Morphology Awarded 2017
M.Tech Deeksha Lohani Tribological Studies of Graphite Filled Glass Epoxy Composites Awarded 2017
M.Tech Pankaj Bhardwaj Preparation and Characterization of Nanoclay/Nylon Composite Thin Films Awarded 2017
M.Tech Sahil Thakur Tribological Study of Polypropylene/Glass Fiber/Nanoclay Hybrid Composites Prepared by Using Twin Screw Extruder Awarded 2017
M.Tech Amit Gangwar A Study on Machinability of Cryo-Treated Ti-6Al-4V Alloy Awarded 2018
M.Tech Raj Kumar Garg Preparation and Characterization of GO/Epoxy Composties Awarded 2018
M.Tech Devendra Vyas Mechanical and Tribological Characterization of Graphite/Carbon Fibers/Polypropylene Hybrid Composites Prepared by using Twin Screw Extruder Awarded 2018
M.Tech Dharmendra Kumar To Study the Effect of Heat Treatment on Machinability and Mechanical Properties of Tool Steel D3 Awarded 2018
M.Tech Servesh Kumar Synthesis and Characterization of Potassium Sodium Niobate (KNN)-Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) Composites Awarded 2018
M.Tech Utkarsh Upadhyay Synthesis and Characterization of Nd-BaTiO3/Polyaniline Polymer Compostes Awarded 2019
M.Tech Gagan Saraswat A Study on Machinability of Cryo-treated D3 Tool Steel using Response Surface Methodology Awarded 2019
M.Tech Aneesh Paul Study of Mechanical and Tribological Behaviour of Nanoclay/PMMA Composites prepared by Twin-Screw Extruder Awarded 2019
M.Tech Nissamol Sunny A Study on Machinability of Cryo-treated Ti-6Al-4V Alloy using Taguchi Technique Awarded 2019
M.Tech Anupama Kashyap Synthesis and Characterization of RGO/PMMA Nanocomposites Awarded 2019
M.Tech Surya Prakash Pandey Study of Mechanical and Thermal Behaviour of Nanoclay/Nylon 6 Nanocomposites Prepared by Twin Screw Extruder Awarded 2020
M.Tech Shubhan Kapoor Synthesis and Characterization of Silver, Titanium and Magnesium Doped Hydroxyapatite Awarded 2020
M.Tech Prashant Kumar Singh Synthesis and Characterization of Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Hydroxoyapatite Ceramics Awarded 2020
M.Tech Tarun Sharma Green Synthesis and Characterization of Carbon Quantum Dots Awarded 2020
M.Tech Shubhan Bhardwaj Synthesis and Characterization of Graphene/Polyaniline Nanocomposites Awarded 2020
Ph.D Maumita Bhattacharjee Gender Inequality Ongoing 2019
M.Tech Ashima Rani Rangbulla(08M413) Simulative analysis and performance investigation of SRAM Cells Completed 2010 -
M.Tech Girish (09M403) Design and implementation of low power small area digital CED standard I/O cells Completed 2011 -
M.Tech Sai kumar (09M404) Low power high radix serial parallel multiplier Completed 2011 -
M.Tech D Sajan Kumar (09M406) Investigation of scaling on the various parameters of VLSI circuits Completed 2011 -
M.Tech Diwakar Singh (09M413) Crosstalk analysis of interconnect in VLSI circuits Completed 2011 -
M.Tech Siva Jagarlamudi (10M407) Area Centric Design of 8bit DAC using Current Steering Element Completed 2012 -
M.Tech Tarun Chaudhary (10M405) Study of MISISFET structure Completed 2012 -
M.Tech Manohar Ku Sonwani (10M411) Effect of variability on VLSI circuits Completed 2012 -
M.Tech Amit Kumar Keshari (11M402) Reduction of Gate Induced Drain Leakage Current in Short Channel SOI MOSFET Completed 2013 -
M.Tech Sanjeev Kumar (11M413) Performance Analysis of quantum well tunneling MOSFET Completed 2013 -
M.Tech Vikas Kumar (12M442 A New 7T Cell for low Power Application Completed 2014 -
M.Tech Syed Ateequr Rahman (12M440) Performance Metrics Analysis of Different Multiplier circuits using Adiabatic 2 PASCL Logic Completed 2014 -
M.Tech Porag Jyoti Ligira (12M434) Reduction of Short Channel Effects in Bulk Planar Junctionless Transistor Completed 2014 -
M.Tech Gaurav Kumar (13M412) Performance Evaluation of Graphene Nano-Ribbon (GNR) Interconnects Completed 2015 -
M.Tech Pushpendra Singh (13M402) Performance Comparison between Electrical and optical Interconnects at Deep Submicron Technologies Completed 2015 -
M.Tech Y. Mary Asha Latha (13M414) Performance Comparison between Electrical and optical Interconnects at Deep Submicron Technologies Completed 2015 -
M.Tech Khalilullah Ibrahim (14M402) Design of MEMS Piezoelectric Micropump for Drug Delivery Completed 2016 -
M.Tech Komal Kumari (14M405) Design and Simulation of Vibration based MEMs Piezoelectric Energy Harvester Completed 2016 -
M.Tech Ramya Sravani Ediga (15M410) Energy Harvesting system for low power devices from vibration of vehicles Completed 2017 -
M.Tech Satyam Kumar (15M403) Performance analysis and optimization of Tunnel Field Effect Transistor Completed 2017 -
M.Tech Sunil (08M403) Study and Performance Analysis of Current Mode Interconnects Completed 2010 Dr. Ashok Kumar
M.Tech Samarth Saxena (07M414) Design of adhoc network core Completed 2009 Dr. Surinder Soni
M.Tech Rohit Dhiman (07M416) Design and Analysis of CMOS operational amplifiers in low power environment Completed 2009 -
M.Tech V. Sulochna (07M415) Simulative Investigation on VLSI Interconnects using Wavepipling Completed 2009 -
M.Tech Gaurav Saxena (07M406) Implementation of low power technique on arithmetic and logic circuit Completed 2009 -
Ph.D Tarun Chaudhary Regn. No. 2K13-Ph.D-E&CE-217 Design and Analysis of Junctionless Vertical Slit Field Effect Transistor for Low Power VLSI Circuits Completed 2017 -
Ph.D Apoorva Dwivedi Regn. No. 2K13-Ph.D.-E&CE-240 Performance Enhancement of MEMS Based Fully Implantable Microphone for Hearing Application Completed 2019 -
Ph.D Prateek Asthana Regn. No. 2K15-Ph.D.-E&CE-292 Performance Enhancement of Vibration based Micro-scale Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting System Submitted 2020 -
Ph.D Sunil Kumar Intrusion Detection Techniques for mobile adhoc Networks Awarded 2017
Ph.D Avtar Singh Resource Allocation in Cloud Computing Awarded 2017
Ph.D Pardeep Singh Anaphora Resolution in Hindi Awarded 2016
Ph.D Priyanka Dadhich Trust based reputation for securing mobile agent Awarded 2016 Prof. M.C. Govil
Ph.D Poonam Bala Developing a novel structure for Effective Knowledge Representation Awarded 2015 Prof. T.V.S. Prasad
Ph.D Varun Gupta Requirement Prioritization and open issues on testing Awarded 2013 Prof. Durg Singh Chauhan
Ph.D Mukesh Kumar Secure Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks Awarded 2016
M.Tech Poonam Kashtriya Energy Optimization Using Game Theory In Energy-Harvesting Wireless Sensor Networks Completed 2018
M.Tech Gurpreet Singh Detection of Potholes and Speed Breakers on Road using IOT Completed 2018
M.Tech Deeksha Chaurasia Predicting Missing Values using Spatial-Temporal Correlation (PMSTC) Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Network Completed 2017
M.Tech Shashi Kumar E-map: Predictive Energy map in Wireless Sensor Network Completed 2017
M.Tech Surbhi Madan Clustering of Sensor Nodes Using Spatio-Temporal Correlation Completed 2016
M.Tech Jaideep Lakhotia Fault Tolerant And Mobility Aware Routing Protocol for Mobile Wireless Sensor Network Completed 2014
M.Tech Sushil Sarwa Selective Forwarding Attack Detection in Wireless Mesh Network Using Reputation Based Detection Approach Completed 2013
M.Tech Pragya Chaudhary A Multicast Algorithm for Gateway Load Balancing in Wireless Mesh Network Completed 2015
M.Tech Ashrut Power Saving in Backbone Networks Completed 2015
M.Tech Adil Umar Khan Prevention of Sybil Attack In Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks With Privacy Preservation Completed 2015
M.Tech Pratik Kumar Performance Enhancement in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Data Mining Completed 2016
M.Tech Ankit Pratap Singh Agenda Based Selfish Routing Protocol in Delay Tolerant Mobile Network Completed 2014
M.Tech Vibha Jain An Adaptive Prediction Strategy with Clustering in Wireless Sensor Network Completed 2018
M.Tech Neelima Rajawat An Approach for Reducing Excessive Delay of Distant Nodes in PEGASIS Algorithm of WSN Completed 2019
M.Tech Jalaz Kumar Fuzzy-Logic Based Efficient Clustering in Wireless Sensor Network for Target Tracking Applications Completed 2019
M.Tech Arjun Sehgal Transmission Efficient Approach in WSNs using Clustering Based Compressive Sensing Completed 2019
M.Tech Shubham Saurabh Energy Efficient Clustering using Hamming Code in WSN Completed 2019
M.Tech Peeru Umesh Chandra Teja Reddy Human Activity Recognition Based on Recurrent Neural Networks and Long Term Short Memory Networks Completed 2019
M.Tech Ridam Arora Clustering in Wireless Sensor Networks using Spectral Graph Partitioning Completed 2019
M.Tech Shubham Machal Wireless energy transfer using mobile robots in Wireless Sensor Networks Completed 2019
M.Tech Pankaj Chaudhary Modified Distributed Fault Diagnosis Algorithm in WSN Completed 2019
M.Tech Anvesh Anand (Dual Degree) Effective Bio-Inspired Routing for Flying Ad Hoc Networks Completed 2020
M.Tech Anant Vikram Singh (Dual Degree) Ant Colony Based Energy Efficient Algorithm for WSN Completed 2020
M.Tech Alka (Dual Degree) NBA Game Result Prediction using Feature Analysis and Machine Learning Completed 2020
M.Tech Ashwani Kumar (Dual Degree) Facial Expression Recognition using Hybrid Deep Convolutional Neural Network Completed 2020
M.Tech Aaditya Pundir (M.Tech CSE) Brain Tumor Classification in MRI Images Using Transfer Learning Completed 2020
M.Tech Mr. Saurabh Dixit Asset Management Of Power Transformers Based On Condition Monitoring And Standard Diagnosis Completed 2015
M.Tech Mr. Usman Usaf Modeling Of renewable energy sources Completed 2015
M.Tech Mr.Ashish Kumar Feasibility Analysis Of Hybrid Renewable Energy System Completed 2020
M.Tech Ms. Leena Gautam Identifying transformer oil criticality using fuzzy logic approach Completed 2020
M.Tech Ms. Monika Sahu Hotspot detection and analysis in distribution transformer using thermal imaging and matlab Completed 2020
M.Tech Judhister Mahapatro Energy Efficient Base Station- Assisted Cluster Based Approach to routing in wireless sensor networks Completed (PhD from IIT Kharagpur and Faculty at NIT Rourkela) 2009 -
M.Tech Rakesh singh Sambyal QOS-Aware Model for Wimax Completed 2009 -
M.Tech Sahabul Alam A Spanning Tree Based Energy Efficient K-Means Clustering Approach in Wireless Sensor Network Completed 2010 -
M.Tech Shiv Shakti Shrivastava A model of Cryptographic System Optimizing the Playfair Cipher Completed 2011 -
M.Tech Kiran Maraiya Efficient Cluster Head Selection Scheme for Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Network Completed 2011 -
M.Tech Raj Kumar Enhanced, Efficient and novel access control in WSN Completed 2012 -
M.Tech Ankur Srivastava Localization in WSN using Angle of signal propagation. Completed 2012 -
M.Tech Uttam Vijay Minimum Spanning Tree Based Clustering in wireless sensor network using Divide and Conquer Approach. Completed 2013 -
M.Tech Neelam Optimal cache placement by identifying potential congestion nodes in WSN. Completed (Faculty at IIITDM Jabalpur) 2014 -
M.Tech Rajiv Kumar V Heterogeneous computing with GPGPU for time complexity reduction in DALI structure alignment. Completed (Pursuing PhD at IIT Bombay) 2014 -
M.Tech Harpreet Kaur: Localized algorithm for channel assignment in Cognitive Radio Networks. Completed (Pursuing PhD from Canada) 2015 -
M.Tech Parveen Kumar Algorithm for Steiner Tree Problem Using Fixed Dimension Grid Topology Completed 2015 -
M.Tech Abhishek Kumar Malicious Nodes Detection in CRN Completed 2019 -
M.Tech Danish Pachyala Cournot Game Based Power Allocation Scheme for CRN Completed 2019 -
M.Tech Shreya Shrivastav Target Channel Selection for Spectrum Handoff in CRN Completed 2019 -
M.Tech Arun K Sharma Hypergraph Theory Based Channel Assignment in CRN Completed 2019 -
M.Tech Pranav Solanki A Clustering Scheme for Cognitive Radio Networks Based Wireless Sensor Networks Completed 2019 -
M.Tech Mohammad Aziz Efficient clustering Scheme in CRNWSN Completed 2019 -
M.Tech Archit Jain: Permissioned Blockchain-Based Incentive Distribution Scheme for Cooperative Sensing in CRN Completed 2020 -
M.Tech Riya Efficient Caching Method in Fog Computing for Internet of Things Network Completed (With SCI and Book Chapter Publication, Doing PhD from IIT Kharagpur) 2020 -
M.Tech Sushant Sharma: Federated Learning Based Caching Scheme for Fog Computing Completed (With ESCI Publication) 2020 -
M.Tech Mohit Patyal Optimal Cache Placement using Gradient Descent method in Wireless Sensor Networks Completed 2020 -
Ph.D Er. Gargi Khanna, Reg. No. 2K6-Ph.D.-ECE-30. Investigations on VLSI Interconnects for Performance Enhancement and Mitigation of Non Ideal Effects. Awarded 2012 Dr. Ashwani K. Chandel
Ph.D Er. Sandeep Singh Gill 2K7-PhD-ECE-85 VLSI Circuit Partitioning using Evolutionary Optimization Techniques Awarded 2012 Dr. Ashwani K. Chandel
Ph.D Er. Rohit Dhiman 2K9-PhD-ECE Performance Investigations in VLSI Interconnects for Ultra-Low Power Regime Awarded 2014 -
Ph.D Er. Philemon Daniel 2K8-PhD-ECE-107 Software Based Self-test Techniques for Online Test and Diagnosis of Embedded Controllers and Memories Awarded 2015 -
Ph.D Er. Yash Agarwal 2K13-Ph.D.-E&CE-208 Design, Modeling and Analysis of High Performance VLSI Interconnects Awarded 2016 -
Ph.D Er. Girish M. Kumar 2K13-Ph.D.-E&CE-236 Investigations in CNT and Graphene Interconnects for Deep Submicron Technologies Awarded 2018 -
Ph.D Er. Sunil Jadav, YMCA Univ of S&T, Faridabad, Haryana Modeling and Simulation of Low Power Interconnect Awarded 2018 Dr. Munish Vashishtha
Ph.D Er. Dilip Singh Design and Analysis of Optimized Circuits for VLSI ASIC Design On going 2018 -
Ph.D Gargi Khanna Investigations & mitigation of Non-Ideal effects in VLSI Interconnects Awarded 2007 Prof. Rajeevan Chandel
Ph.D Sandeep Singh Gill VLSI circuit partitioning using evolutionary optimization techniques Awarded 2012 Prof. Rajeevan Chandel
Ph.D O.P. Rahi Refurbishment and Uprating of Hydro Power Plants in Himalayan Region Awarded 2013 Dr. M.G. Sharma
Ph.D B. Vedik Wide Area Monitoring of Power Systems Using Phasor Measurement Units Awarded 2016
Ph.D Chilaka Ranga Performance Evaluation and Health Assessment of Power Transformers Awarded 2018
Ph.D Nimish Bhatt Distribution System Ongoing 2017
Ph.D Sukriti Tiwari State Estimation of Distribution System Ongoing 2018
M.Tech Gaurav Guleria Power Quality Problems classification using wavelet and artificial neural network Awarded 2007
M.Tech Pooja Toki Dynamic Estimation of Power System Harmonics Awarded 2007
M.Tech Thulasi Naik Optimal location of FACTS Device to Enhance the Power Transfer Capability Awarded 2008
M.Tech Parveen Sharma Optimal Power Flow considering Fact Devices Awarded 2008
M.Tech Ajay Sharma Effect of various loads on the power quality Awarded 2009
M.Tech Denanath State Estimation of Power System Awarded 2009
M.Tech Anuj Bhanswar Recognition of Harmonics Sources in a Power system Awarded 2010
M.Tech Shikar Mahajan Modal Analysis of Power System using signal processing Awarded 2010
M.Tech P. Srikanth Power quality signatures for faults and non linear loads identification using digital signal processing techniques Awarded 2011
M.Tech K.A. Anil Stability Enhancement of Hydro Power Plant Using PID Derivative Filter Governor Controller Awarded 2011
M.Tech Sujith P Mohandas Transient Stability Analysis of Wind Turbine Connected to the Grid and Enhancement using FACTS Awarded 2011
M.Tech Syatendra Kumar Economic Load Dispatch Using FACTS Device Awarded 2011
M.Tech Amit Kumar Yadav Optimal Placement of Capacitor in Electrical Power Distribution System Awarded 2011
M.Tech B. Vedik Reverse Harmonic Load Flow Analysis Awarded 2012
M.Tech Amit K. Verma Optimal Allocation of Wind Turbine For Minimization of Distributed System Losses Awarded 2012
M.Tech Mrinal Ranjan Multi-objective Scheduling of a power system Awarded 2012
M.Tech Sanjay Agarwal Intelligent System for condition assessment of Transformer Awarded 2012
M.Tech Raj Kumar Patel Condition Monitoring of Rotating Machines using Vibration signals Awarded 2012
M.Tech B. Raja Shekhar Optimal meters placement for power system hybrid state estimation Awarded 2013
M.Tech Geeta Joshi Optimal Capacitor Placement in distribution system Awarded 2013
M.Tech Ram Satya Prakash Life assessment of power transformers using Fuzzy Logic Awarded 2013
M.Tech Amod Kumar Condition Monitoring of Paper Insulation using Furanic Analysis of Insulating Oil Awarded 2013
M.Tech Nitesh Modelling and simulation of FACTS controller in optimal power flow Awarded 2014
M.Tech Chanderpal Singh Power flow tracing and loss allocation Awarded 2014
M.Tech Nitin N. Design of PID controlled power system stabilizer for stability studies using evolutionary techniques Awarded 2014
M.Tech Preeti Sonkar Integrated tuning of PID derivative filter controller for power system Awarded 2014
M.Tech Sachin Tyagi Generation-Transmission expansion planning Awarded 2014
M.Tech Vivek Rastogi Effect of PST on fault analysis Awarded 2015
M.Tech Rohit Keshiv Voltage flicker mitigation using D-STATCOM Awarded 2015
M.Tech Satyajeet Anand Condition monitoring of transformer using HPLC Awarded 2015
M.Tech Yogender Pratap Singh Condition monitoring of transformer using fuzzy logic Awarded 2015
M.Tech P. Naveen Economic dispatch and optimal power flow using symbiotic organisms search Awarded 2016
M.Tech Bharat Singh Modeling and analysis of saturated synchronous machine under short circuit conditions Awarded 2016
M.Tech Kalpna Distribution system reconfiguration using SPSO in presence of DGs Awarded 2016
M.Tech Kuldeep Kumar Bansal Aging Analysis and diagnostic of power transformer insulation with inhibitors Awarded 2016
M.Tech Manoj Kumar Performance Evaluation of High Temperature Solid Dielectrics of Power Transformer with a Mix of Mineral and Silicon Oils Awarded 2017
M.Tech Ashish Kumar Mishra Furfural analysis for assessing degradation of accelerated thermally stressed alternative solid dielectrics of power transformers Awarded 2017
M.Tech Anjali Kumari Evaluation of Health Index and Fault Analysis of Transformers using Simplified Fuzzy logic Technique Awarded 2017
M.Tech Sukriti Tiwari Voltage Stabilization with a Novel Hybrid Controller using Series and Shunt Combination of FACTS Devices Awarded 2018
M.Tech Souvik Sengupta Transient Stability Enhancement of a Hybrid Wind-PV Farm incorporating a STATCOM Awarded 2018
M.Tech Shashank Yadav Transient Stability Assessment in Multi machine power system by using hybrid power flow controller Awarded 2018
M.Tech Sridhar Batlu Optimal Distribution System Reconfiguration, DG Sizing and Placement Using Meta-Heuristic Techniques Awarded 2019
M.Tech Satyajit Panigrahy Hybrid Technique for Fault Classification and Location combining Wavelet Transform and Support Vector Machine for a distribution network Awarded 2019
M.Tech Himani Mattoo Voltage Stability Improvement of Wind and PV connected Grid using Hybrid Power Flow Controller Awarded 2020
M.Tech Amal Lazar Reactive Power and Network Voltage Quality Control of Grid using STATCOM and Active Power Filter Awarded 2020
M.Tech Ankush Sharma Impact of UPQC on Power Quality in a Distribution System Awarded 2020
Ph.D Aniket Sharma Study of Energy Efficient Building Regulations for Residential Buildings in Composite Climate – Case Study Hamirpur Himachal Pradesh. successfully completed 2017 Prof. Shyam Singh Chandel
Ph.D Vandna Sharma Improving Durability of Adobe Walls for Enhancing Vernacular Architecture successfully completed 2017 Dr. Hemant Kumar Vinayak
Ph.D Puneet Sharma Redefining the Urban Form of Hill Towns for Sustainable Development successfully completed 2018 Dr. Dharmendra
Ph.D Venu Shree Study of Ventilation and Indoor Paints in Primary School Classrooms of Composite Climate for Monitoring its Indoor Air Quality – Case Study Hamirpur (H.P.). successfully completed 2020 Dr. Pamita Awasthi
Ph.D Sakshi Tanwar Conservation of Shaktidevi Temple Complex Chhatrari Chamba (HP) successfully completed 2016
Ph.D Zinia Kar Environmental Behaviour Studies in Residential Architecture: A Post Occupancy Evaluation of Two West Bengak Housing Board LIG Apartments successfully completed 2017 Dr. Amitava Sarkar
Ph.D Arvind Kumar Dahiya Redevelopment of Tridev Nagar Slum, Puri successfully completed 2018
Ph.D Madhav Verma Climate Responsive Architecture in Composite Climate of Agra successfully completed 2019
Ph.D Abhilash Mohan A Design Proposal for International Research Institute of Ayurveda at Kalliyad, Kanur, Kerala successfully completed 2020
Ph.D Urvashi Garg Analysis and Design of a Hybrid Model to optimize and Prioritize Attack Graphs for Cyber Warfare Completed 2019 None
Ph.D Rajesh Sharma Energy Efficient Data Dissemination in WSNs Completed 2017 None
Ph.D Jawahar Thakur Devising Checkpointing Protocol For Wireless Adhoc Networks Completed 2016 None
Ph.D Ashok Kumar Nanda Efficient Protocols for Security In Mobile Environment Completed 2015 None
Ph.D Manju Bala Proficient Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks Completed 2013 None
Ph.D Ajay Gularia Efficient Data Dissemination in VANETs Completed 2013 None
Ph.D Siddartha Chauhan Energy Efficient Data Gathering and Time Synchronization Protocols for Wire less Sensor Networks Completed 2013 None
Ph.D Naveen Chauhan Data Caching In Mobile Ad Hoc Network Completed 2012 None
Ph.D Yash Pal Design of Efficient and Power Aware Object Tracking and Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network Completed 2011 None
Ph.D Ankur Gupta Peer Enterprises: Extending the Power of P2P Computing Across Organisations Completed 2009 None
Ph.D Vijay Mitta Modelling and Simulation of Solar Absorption Air Conditioning System Awarded 2007 Dr.K.S.Kasana, Professor, MED, NIT, Kurukshetra
Ph.D Thakur Sanjay Kumar Modelling and Simulation of Solar Air Heater using Artificial Roughness Awarded 2010 Dr. Anoop Kumar, Professor, MED, NIT, Hamirpur (HP
Ph.D Prashant Kumar Techno-Economic Evaluation Study of Renewable Energy-based Air Heating System for Drying Applications Awarded 2011 Dr. Anoop Kumar, Professor, MED, NIT, Hamirpur (HP
Ph.D Munish Sethi Thermal performance of solar air heater Awarded 2012 Dr. Varun Asstt. Professor, MED, NIT, Hamirpur (HP)
Ph.D Ranchan Chauhan Performance of solar air heater with jet impingement technique Awarded 2013
Ph.D Sunil Chamoli Thermohydraulic performance of double pass solar air heater using artificial roughness Awarded 2013
Ph.D Ameesh Kumar Sharma Identification and Analyzing the Factors Related to Sustainable Development of Hydropower Projects in Jammu & Kashmir: India Awarded 2017
Ph.D Arvind Singh Bisht Biomass Gasification Ongoing 2019
Ph.D Sushant Thakur Solar Air Heater Ongoing
M.Tech Rahul Sharma Multi-Dimensional Relaxation Scheme For Hyperbolic Conservation Laws Awarded
M.Tech Amitesh Sharma Study And Analysis of Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop During Cryogen Flow in Horizontal Tube Awarded
M.Tech Abhishek Agnihotri Modeling and Optimizing The Performance of an Open Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant Awarded
M.Tech S. Vaibhav Mathematical Modelling of Solid Adsorption Solar Refrigeration Using Activated Carbon/ Methanol Pair Awarded
M.Tech Shidharth Design Plot For Padded Bed Solar Air Heater Awarded
M.Tech Ranchan Chauhan Optimum Title Angel and Orientation For Solar Photovoltaic Array Awarded
M.Tech Digvijay Rana Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Analysis of A Down Draft Gasifier Awarded
M.Tech Ashok Kumar Optimization of Tilt Angle For Solar Collector To Receive Maximum Solar Radiation Awarded
M.Tech Sachin Tejyan Solar Assisted Vapour Absorption cooling System Using Lithium Bromide-Water and Flat Plate Collector Awarded
M.Tech Neeraj Mehla Performance Evaluation of Solar Updraft Tower Awarded
M.Tech Neeraj Samyal Design and Analysis of Solar Vapour Absorption Cooling System Using Lithium Bromide And Water Awarded
M.Tech Vikas Sharma Modelling and Design of Solar Assisted Vapour Absorption Air Conditioning System Awarded
M.Tech Ashish Kumar Sharma CFD Based Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Analysis of Solar Air Heater Awarded
M.Tech Sushant Thakur Design and Exergy Analysis of Solar Assisted Vapour Absorption System Awarded
M.Tech Shailendra Singh Energy Audit of Architecture Building in NIT Hamirpur Awarded
M.Tech Arun Kumar Life Cycle Assessment of Solar Photovoltaic Power Generation Awarded
M.Tech Arvind Sharma Performance Analysis if Natural Convection Mixed Mode Solar Drier Awarded
M.Tech Sohanpal Bansal Design, Fabrication and Performance Analysis of Closed Type Parabolic Tough Collector Awarded
M.Tech Jayati Singh CFD Analysis of Solar Air Heater Using Artificial Roughness Awarded
M.Tech Havik Kumar Thermal Performance of Box Type Solar Cooker Using TES Material Awarded
M.Tech Arpit Sharma Aerodynamic Optimization of Small Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine Awarded
M.Tech Ritika Chaudhary Descant Assisted DOAS Integrated in Radiant Cooling System With Solar Regeneration Awarded
M.Tech Sachin Kumar Dhiman CFD Analysis of Solar Air Heater Having Artificial Roughness on The Absorber Plate Awarded
M.Tech Matrika Ghimiray Net Metering Policy For Grid Connected Solar Photovoltaic Power Generation in India Awarded
M.Tech Lenka Shymala Rao Sizing and Techno Economic Analysis of Standalone PV-Wind Renewable Energy System Awarded
M.Tech Vikrant Experimental Investigation of Solar Still With Heat Storage Materials Awarded
Ph.D Himanshu Determinants of Academic Achievement of Science Students in Government and Private Schools in Himachal Pradesh Completed 2018
Ph.D Shivani Chaudhary Establishing A Gap between Creation and Perception of The Advertising Discourse Completed 2012
Ph.D Shashi Punam Women & Health : A Socio-Psychological Study of Female Foeticide in Himachal Pradesh Completed 2012
Ph.D Yogesh Gupta Socio-Economic Study of HIV/AIDS Infected People and their Affected Families: A Case Study of Hamirpur District of Himachal Pradesh Completed 2011
Ph.D Pawan Kumar Chand Job Stressor, Emotion and Organization Justice as an antecedent of Counterproductive Work Behavior among Bank Employees Completed 2016
Ph.D Tanvi Mahajan The study of Transformational Leadership, Emotional Intelligence and alienation as antecedents of OCB Completed 2016
Ph.D Vikrant Jaswal Work Place Spirituality, Emotional Ownership and Job Satisfaction: A paradigm for managing Job Stress Completed 2018
Ph.D Surinder Pal Guleria Investigation on Flyash-Lime-Gypsum mix mixed with Tire Chips Awarded 2014 None
Ph.D Sushil Sagar Sharma Geotechnical characterisation of flyash-redmud mix stabilised with different additives Awarded 2018 Raman Parti
M.Tech Ajay Sharma Prediction of Ultimate Bearing Capacity of Strip Footing Over Layered Sand Using Artificial Neural Network Awarded 2018 None
M.Tech Vaibhav Chaudhary Prediction of Ultimate Bearing Capacity of Strip Footing Resting Over Dense Sand using GRNN Awarded 2018 None
M.Tech Prabhat Kumar Prediction of Shear Wave Velocity for All Soils Using Artificial Neural Network Awarded 2018 None
M.Tech Vishal Panwar Ultimate Bearing Capacity of Rectangular Footing on layered Granular Soil under Inclined Loading Awarded 2018 None
M.Tech Ashfaq Ahmed Saqi Effect of Alccofine and Tire buffings on Engineering Properties of River Sand Awarded 2018 None
M.Tech Gaurav Kumar Sharma Development of Generalized Ultimate Bearing Capacity Equation for Unconventional Shapes of Footing Awarded 2018 None
M.Tech Anuj Pal Mobile App on Soil Bearing Capacity Using Standard Penetration Test Results Awarded 2018 None
M.Tech Suman Kumari Prediction of leakage rate through composite liner due to geomembrane defect using artificial neural networks Awarded 2017 None
M.Tech Radha Rani Prediction of ultimate bearing capacity of skirted foundation resting on sand using artificial neural networks Awarded 2017 None
M.Tech Vivek Thakur Engineering properties of bentonite stabilized with alccofine Awarded 2017 None
M.Tech Uddyan Pratap Singh Effect of salt content on the engineering properties of bentonite Awarded 2017 None
M.Tech Surya Pratap Singh Mobile App for plane wedge reinforced rock slope Awarded 2017 None
M.Tech Ajay Singh Prediction of free swell index using artificial neural networks Awarded 2017 None
M.Tech Sanjay Kumar Sharma Three alternate ANN models for the prediction of the support pressure in tunnels Awarded 2016 None
M.Tech Roushan Kumar Mobile application for various soil classification system Awarded 2016 Kamlesh Dutta
M.Tech Singasani Sai Kumar Prediction of horizontal stress for underground excavations using artificial neural networks Awarded 2016 Kamlesh Dutta
M.Tech Arushi Gupta Ultimate bearing capacity of square/rectangular footing on layered soil Awarded 2016 R. Shrivastava
M.Tech Rajinder Gupta Prediction of unsoaked and soaked California bearing ratio from index properties of soil using artificial neural networks Awarded 2016 None
M.Tech Athul Raj P. Strength behaviour of flyash stabilized with lime and modified with alccofine Awarded 2015 None
M.Tech S.S.L. Durga Engineering properties of flyash-lime-alccofine mixture Awarded 2015 None
M.Tech Vipin Chandra Joshi Ultimate bearing capacity of circular footing on layered soil Awarded 2015 R. Shrivastava
M.Tech Jeevanandham S. Prediction of deviator stress of sand reinforced with waste plastic strips using neural network Awarded 2015 None
M.Tech Vidya Tilak B. Strength Characteristics of Bentonite-Lime-Gypsum mix Reinforced with Coir Fibers Awarded 2014 None
M.Tech Varun Panwar Strength Characteristics of Fly Ash Stabilized with Lime and Modified with Phosphogypsum Awarded 2014 None
M.Tech Vaibhav Kumar Assessment of Suitability of Flyash-Lime-Phosphogymsum Composite in Road Pavements Awarded 2014 None
M.Tech Sujeet Kumar Application Potential of Bentonite-lime-mix Modified with Phosphogypsum and Reinforced with Sisal Fibres Awarded 2014 None
M.Tech Munish Kumar Investigation on the Behaviour of fibrous concrete using Tyre Shreds Awarded 2004 S.K.Verma, Roshan Lal, R.K.Dutta
M.Tech Manish Kumar Yadav Correlation in liquidity index and unconfined compressive strength of lime sludge stabilized expansive soil Awarded 2019 None
M.Tech Mohammad Saqib Bin Lateef Properties of bentonite stabilised with fluorogypsum Awarded 2019 None
M.Tech Ambuj Kumar Shukla Stabilisation of bentonite using cement Awarded 2019 None
M.Tech Smriti Sagar Development of correlation between liquidity index and unconfined compressive strength for alccofine stabilized bentonite Awarded 2019 None
M.Tech Neelesh Kumar Stabilisation of the expansive soil using gypsum Awarded 2019 None
Ph.D Vivek Potential of Treated Coir Geotextiles in Unpaved Roads Awarded 2020 Raman Parti
Ph.D Tammineni Gnananandarao Performance of Multi Edges Footing with Structural Skirts Resting on Sand Submitted in March 2020 None
M.Tech Abrar Suhil Chowdhary ANN Based Prediction of Bearing Capacity of Footings over Reinforced Sand Awarded 2020 None
M.Tech Nitesh Kaundal Ultimate Bearing Capacity of Strip Footing over Two Layered Soil under Inclined load Awarded 2020 None
M.Tech Mohd Sajid Soft Computing Based Prediction of Ultimate Bearing Capacity of Eccentrically Loaded Strip Footing Resting on Reinforced Soil Awarded 2020 None
M.Tech Shreya Maheshwari Ultimate Bearing Capacity for Rectangular Footing Resting on Layered Soil under Inclined Load Awarded 2020 None
M.Tech Sonam Ladol Soft Computing Based Prediction of Friction Angle of Clay Awarded 2020 None
Ph.D Deepika Yadav Optimal operation and scheduling of Hydro Power Plant Awarded 2014 Dr. Veena Sharma
Ph.D Sheela Shukla Identification and control of UPFC equipped multi-machine power systems Awarded 2014 Dr. R. Jha
Ph.D Amit Kumar Mehta Investigations on insulation aging in oil immersed transformers Awarded 2015 Dr. Sushil Chauhan
Ph.D Goutham Kumar Nadakuditi Hybrid gravitational search algorithm based solution methodology for short term hydrothermal scheduling problems Awarded 2016 Dr. Veena Sharma
Ph.D Prateek Kumar Singhal Investigations using meta-heuristic based approaches to solve unit commitment problems Awarded 2016 Dr. Veena Sharma
Ph.D Harish Pulluri Multi-objective optimal power flow using evolutionary algorithms Awarded 2018
M.Tech Manisha Vaishist Transformer fault diagnosis under DGA Awarded 2007
M.Tech Vaneeta Thakur Multi-objective economic dispatch by genetic algorithm Awarded 2007
M.Tech Anil Sharma Damping controller for UPFC in SMIB System Awarded
M.Tech Devendra Kumar Stream flow forecasting in long term reservoir operation scheduling Awarded
M.Tech Ravi Nakka Sweep frequency response analysis of power transformer winding movements using PSPICE Awarded
M.Tech Anuradha Tomar Design of earthing systems for substations Awarded
M.Tech Venkateshwarlu Kesari Optimal Reservoir Operation Using Dynamic Programming Awarded
M.Tech Ashutosh Bhatt Design of High Voltage Bushing Using Electrical Computation Method Awarded
M.Tech Jivitesh Rattan Polarization and depolarization current measurement for assessing the condition of oil paper insulation system Awarded
M.Tech Prateek Kumar Singhal Thermal Unit Commitment Using Dynamic Programming Methodologies Awarded
M.Tech Mahiraj Singh Rawat Transient Stability Analysis of Multi- machine System Awarded
M.Tech Abdul Azeem Condition Assessment of In-Service Power Transformer Awarded
M.Tech Rakesh Kumar Dissolved Gas Analysis of Transformer Oil Awarded
M.Tech Satyabrata Sahoo Transformer Diagnostics under dissolved gas analysis Awarded
M.Tech Mantosh Kumar Electric Field analysis of EHV underground cables using numerical method Awarded
M.Tech Vijaypraneeth Reddy Short-term hydrothermal scheduling using Biogeography based optimization Awarded
M.Tech Thomas Baby Short-term hydrothermal scheduling using genetic algorithm Awarded
M.Tech Goutham Kumar Nadakuditi Short-term hydrothermal scheduling using Particle swarm optimization Awarded
M.Tech Sarath R. Short-term hydrothermal scheduling using differential evolution Awarded
M.Tech Deepak Kumar Gupta Power plant control system design using soft computing techniques Awarded
M.Tech Mukesh Kumar Singh Hydro generator governor modeling and tuning Awarded
M.Tech Pawan Kumar Generator maintenance scheduling using genetic algorithm Awarded
M.Tech Siddharth nair Optimal tuning of PID controllers in automatic generation control of two area system using genetic algorithm Awarded
M.Tech khushbu thakur Dielectric spectroscopic analysis of composite insulation system for moisture assessment of solid insulation Awarded
M.Tech Ruchika Bansal Transformer fault diagnosis using fusion techniques based on dissolved gas analysis Awarded
M.Tech Etamarpuram sreenadh Short term hydrothermal scheduling using adaptive particle swarm optimization Awarded
M.Tech Banna Suresh Performance analysis of classical and evolutionary approaches to optimal power flow problem Awarded
M.Tech Amita Singh Dissolved gas analysis of power transformer using K-means and support vector machine Awarded
M.Tech Nitika Ghosh Fuzzy logic based analysis of dissolved decay content in transformer oil Awarded
M.Tech Deepika Negi Improved binary PSO for wind-thermal unit commitment considering wind power uncertainty and emission Awarded
M.Tech Sanjay Kumar Agastu Analysis and reduction of inrush current in transformer Awarded
M.Tech Gaurav Sharma Multi Area economic Dispat ch using dynamically controlled particle swarm optimization Awarded
M.Tech Amit Singh Multi area automatic generation control of integrated wind-thermal power system Awarded
M.Tech Pragya Singh Topologies of multi-stage solid state transformer (modeling and simulation) Awarded
M.Tech Shiv Kumar Sikarwar Power system state estimation using particle swarm optimization Awarded
M.Tech Vineet Kumar Multi-area economic dispatch using evolutionary algorithms Awarded
M.Tech Vaddi Narendrababu Optimal Power Flow Using Ant lion Meta heuristic algorithm Awarded
M.Tech Ankit Aharwar Optimization of cogeneration system by using Interior Point and Generalized Pattern Search method. Awarded
M.Tech Gedela ravi Chandra reddy Short term hydrothermal scheduling using Symbiotic Organism Search Algorithm Awarded
M.Tech Afreen Sheikh Development of methodology for DGA of Power Transformers Awarded
Ph.D Vineet Kumar Solution Techniques to Unit Commitment Problems in Power System integrated with Renewable Energy Sources ongoing
M.Tech Shilvi A learning tool for fault diagnosis of transformer using Duval Pentagon Method ongoing
Ph.D Dr. Bikram Singh Landslide Hazard Analysis & its mitigation along National Highway-21 in the mid-Himalayan zone of Himachal Pradesh, India. Completed 2014 Dr. R.K.Sharma
Ph.D Dr. Suresh Walia Structural Health Assessment of Bridges using Nodal Parameters Completed 2016 Dr. H.K.Vinayak
Ph.D Dr. Sunil Sharma Location based planning of Highway Construction Projects in Hilly region using GIS Completed 2017 Dr. V.K.Bansal
Ph.D Dr. Sushil Sagar Sharma Assessment of Engineering Properties of different Types of Composite in Rural Roads Completed 2018 Dr. R.K.Dutta
Ph.D Sh. Vivek Potential of Treated Coir Geotextiles in Unpaved Roads Submitted 2019 Dr. R.K.Dutta
Ph.D Sh. Deepak Awasthi Road Safety Aspects ongoing 2019 ----
M.Tech Sh. Ashok Kumar Identification of Traffic Accident hotspots on NH-88 (from Km 132-Km 171) using GIS 9 Awarded 2014 ------
M.Tech Sh. Nimesh Kumar Study of saturation flow at signalized intersection under mixed traffic conditions Awarded 2014 ----
M.Tech Ms. Kavin Mathlk Analysis and Modelling of Rigid airfield pavement using finite element methods –a case study on Mablore airport Awarded 2014 Dr. Nalla Shivam
M.Tech Sh. Shoeb Masood Effect of different chemicals on the compaction and unconfined Supervisor compressive strength of flyash lime Supervisor mix Awarded 2014 ----
M.Tech Sh. Yogesh Kumar Route planning and feasibility study of Metro railway in hilly terrain using GIS 9 Awarded 2014 Dr. Chander Parkash
M.Tech Sh. Sandeep Panchal Landslide susceptility mapping along SH-22 (Km 0.000 to 69.000) using GIS in Himachal Pradesh Awarded 2014 Dr. Chander Parkash
M.Tech Ms. Kokil Agarwal Assessment of Engineering properties of red mud flyash lime sludge composite Awarded 2015 Dr. R.K.Dutta
M.Tech Sh. Vivek Sharma Evaluating percent time spent flowing (PTSF) for two lane highway in hilly-terrain- A case study in J & K Awarded 2015 ----
M.Tech Sh. Abhimanyu Gupta Assessment of Engineering properties of red mud cement kiln dust composite Awarded 2015 Dr. R.K.Dutta
M.Tech Sh. Himanshu Verma Assessment of Engineering properties of red mud flyash marble dust composite Awarded 2015 Dr. R.K.Dutta
M.Tech Sh. Ranjan Kumar Swain Development of Pedetraian level of service Criteria for urban hilly regions using cluster analysis Awarded 2015 ------
M.Tech Sh. Deep Jyoti Das Fuel optimization for air transportation using parametric studies Awarded 2016 Dr. Somesh Sharma
M.Tech Sh. Vipul Pareek Evaluating percent time spent following (PTSF) for two lane highway of Hamirpur District Awarded 2016 ----
M.Tech Sh. Kshitish Jaiswal Strength & rutting behaviour of flexible pavement with modified bitumen Awarded 2016 Dr. Shashi Sharma
M.Tech Sh. Rohit Panwar Development of pedestrian level of service criteria for urban hilly regions Awarded 2016 ----
M.Tech Sh. Sonia Sharma Landslide susceptibility mapping along NH-70 using GIS in Himachal Pradesh Awarded 2016 ------
M.Tech Sh. Vishal Kuntal Use of Pozzolanas in the development of pavement quality concrete admixed with polypropylene fibre Awarded 2016 Dr. Shashi Sharma
M.Tech Sh. Vishal Sudan Effect of Acrylic fibre on flexural strength and durability of pavement quality concrete Awarded 2016 Dr. Shashi Sharma
M.Tech Sh. Prabhjot singh Gan Comparison of Number of followers as a proportion of capacity (NFPC) with freedom of flow for evaluating level of service under mixed traffic conditions- Acase study in Jammu Awarded 2017 Dr. Sunil Sharma
M.Tech Sh. Priyanshu Aman Estimation of Passenger Car Unit for undivided two-lane roads in the mountainous region Awarded 2020 --------
M.Tech Sh. Faizan Ali Ansari Determination of Pedestrian Lavel of Service (PLOS) in Urban Areas of Hilly Regions Awarded 2020 -------
M.Tech Ms. Saumya Anand Redesign of Existing Bus Transit System to complement metro in Lucknow City Awarded 2020 ------
Ph.D Biikram Singh Mehta Landslide Hazard Analysis and its Mitigation along National Highway- 21 in the Mid himalayan Zone of Himachal Pradesh, India Awarded 2014 Dr. Raman Parthi
Ph.D Abhishek Uplift Capacity of Granular Pile Anchor in Stabilized Expansive Soil Awarded 2015 (registration)
Ph.D Akhilesh Kumar Landslide hazard analysis in Middle Himalayas Submitted 2016 (registration) Dr. Vijay Kumar Bansal
Ph.D Vivek Sharma Seismic Micro zonation of Hamirpur (Himachal Pradesh) Ongoing 2016 (registration) Dr. Pardeep Kumar
Ph.D Lalit Goyal Effect of Mulching on Soil Moisture Retention Characteristics Ongoing 2017 (registration) Dr. Vijay Shankar Dogra
Ph.D Avinash Bhardwaj Geotechnical Behaviour of Clayey Soil Stabilized with WFS and Admixtures Ongoing 2018 (registration)
M.Tech Amrendra Kumar Effect of Industrial Waste Materials and Reinforcement on Subgrade Characteristics of Clayey Soil Completed 2014
M.Tech Babita Singh Modification of Clayey Soil using Waste Materials Completed 2014
M.Tech Chavali R. V. Prasad Utilization of Industrial Waste Materials in Soil Stabilization Completed 2014
M.Tech Chayan Gupta Influence of Waste Materials on Geotechnical Characteristics of Expansive Soil Completed 2014
M.Tech Hymavathi Jampani Clayey Soil Stabilization using Fly Ash, Lime and Construction Demolition waste Completed 2015
M.Tech Vikas Kumar Clayey Soil Stabilization using Saw Dust Ash, Lime and Cement Completed 2015
M.Tech Amritpal Kaur Slope Stability Analysis Using Particle Swarm Analysis Techniques Completed 2016
M.Tech Deepak patial Use of Sand, Brick Powder and Fiber in Clayey Soil Stabilization Completed 2016
M.Tech Tanmay Stabilization of Clayey Soil using Brick Dust, Foundry Sand and Chemical Additives Completed 2016
M.Tech Aditya Compaction and Subgrade Behaviour of Clay Blended with Bagasse Ash, Lime and Cement Completed 2015
M.Tech Nanung Borang Effect of Municipal Solid Waste on Geotechnical Properties of Soil and its Stabilization Completed 2017
M.Tech Ankush Thakur Bearing Capacity of Circular Footing Resting on Reinforced Layered Sand by Numerical Analysis Completed 2017
M.Tech Gaurav Juneja Numerical Modelling of Circular Skirted Footing on Loose Sand Using PLAXIS 3D Completed 2017
M.Tech Tushar Kumar Stabilization of Clayey Soil using Construction & Demolition Waste, Wood Ash and Cement Completed 2017
M.Tech Rishabh Kumar Bearing Capacity of Square Footing with Skirts Resting on Loose Sand by Numerical Analysis Completed 2017
M.Tech Rahul Goswami Analysis of Hollow Piled Raft: A Finite Element Study Completed 2019
M.Tech Mohan Bajaj Uplift Behaviour of GGPA in sand Completed 2019
M.Tech Rohit Chaurasia Pullout Behaviour of inclined GPA in cohesionless soil Completed 2019
M.Tech Mohammad Naushad Road Cut Slope Stability Analysis of Kotropi Landslide Zone along NH- 154, HP, India Completed 2019
M.Tech Gyan Garima SIngh Behaviour of Piled Raft Foundation in Layered Soil Completed 2019
M.Tech Randeep Lohra Clayey Soil Stabilization using Wheat Straw Ash, Pottery Waste and Lime Completed 2017
M.Tech Waychal Rohit Stabilization of Black Cotton Soil using Kiln Coal Ash, Lime and Fibre Completed 2017
M.Tech Gupta Abhishek Keerat Stabilization of Clayey Soil using Construction & Demolition waste, Wood Ash and Cement Completed 2017
M.Tech Gopal Verma Laboratory Study on Stabilization of Clayey Soil Using Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag and Metakaolin Completed 2018
Ph.D Gaurav Juneja Beahviour of footing on reinforced sand overlaying clayey soil Ongoing 2019
M.Tech Ashok Chimpa A Laboratory study on performance of geogrid enclosed granular pile anchor subjected to vertical loading in layered sand Completed 2020
M.Tech Shubham Jagid An analytical study on Inclined Granular Pile Anchor pull-out behaviour in cohesionless soil Completed 2020
M.Tech Kapil Kumar Gautam Geotechnical Characterstics of black Cotten soil using Lime, Municipal Solid Waste Incinerator Ash and Polypropylene Fiber Completed 2020
M.Tech Deepali Anand Stabilization of Black Cotton soil using waste quarry dust, polyester fiber and lime: An Experimental Approach Completed 2020
M.Tech Sharadmani Tiwari Numerical Study on Capabilities of Vertical Granular Anchor Piles against uplift embedded in stratified soil using Abaqus Software Completed 2020
M.Tech Shweta Singh Arresting Heave of Stabilized Black Cotten soil using Geogrid Reinforced Granular Pile Anchor Completed 2020
M.Tech Amit Kumar Redhewal Mechanical properties and fracture toughness behaviour of particulate filled ZA-27 alloy. Completed 2009
M.Tech Ajay Kumar Dhiryan Influence of process parameters of centrifugal casting on mechanical and wear characteristics of fly ash cenospere-epoxy functionally graded materials. Completed 2009
M.Tech Sachin kumar Badhan Development and investigations of copper metal matrix composite reinforced with graphite Completed 2013
M.Tech Sandeep stress analysis of an aluminium plate with hole using extended finite element method Completed 2013
M.Tech Shivam Gupta Assessing and prioritizing manufacturing threats in aero engine components : Disc & Blades Completed 2015 Dr. Somesh Sharma
M.Tech Badal Sharma Mechanical and wear characteristics of polymer parts fabricated by fussed deposition modelling Completed 2013
M.Tech Sunil Kumar sinha Experimental investigation on parametric optimization and characterization of additive manufacturing parts Completed 2013
M.Tech Neetu Yadav An investigation on effects of fused deposition modelling process parameters on polymer parts. Completed 2017
Ph.D Sh. Sarbjeet Singh Improving Productivity in a Steel Rolling Mill with Ergonomic Interventions Completed 2006
Ph.D Sh. Uday Chander Jha Implementati on Impact of TQM on Organization al Performance Completed 2008
Ph.D Sh. Prashant Chauhan Modeling of Offshore Outsourcing Risks In Supply Chain Completed 2008 Dr. Rajiv Sharma
Ph.D Sh. Vikas Acharya Developing Measures to Assess the Extent of Competence Provided by Automation to Indian Steel Corporations Completed 2010 Dr. Somesh Sharma
Ph.D Mohinder Pal “Non-Newtonian Fluid Instabilities in Porous Medium” Completed 2001 Prof. R.C. Sharma
Ph.D Rajender Singh Chandel “Instability Problems in Non-Newtonian Fluids” Completed 2002 Prof. R.C. Sharma
Ph.D Pavan Kumar Bharti “Some Instability Problems in Newtonian, Non-Newtonian and Ferromagnetic Fluids” Completed 2003 Prof. R.C. Sharma
Ph.D Divya Sharma “Some Viscous, Viscoelastic, Couple-stress and Ferromagnetic Fluid Instabilities in Porous Medium” Completed 2005 Prof. Veena Sharma
Ph.D Anupama Sharma “Some convection problems in ferromagnetic fluids” Completed 2005 Prof. Pardeep Kumar
Ph.D Anu Sharma “Instability problems in ferromagnetic fluids” Completed 2006 Prof. R.G. Shandil
Ph.D Amit Mahajan “Non-Linear Stability Analysis of Ferrofluids” Completed 2009
Ph.D Prakash Chand “Some Instability Problems in Magnetized Ferrofluids” Completed 2010
Ph.D Poonam Sharma “Some Non-Linear Stability Problems of Magnetized Ferrofluids” Completed 2010
Ph.D Reeta Devi “Stability Analysis of Couple-Stress Fluids” Completed 2013
Ph.D Shalu Choudhary “Some Convection Problems in Couple-Stress Fluids” Completed 2014
Ph.D Nitin Sharma “Investigations on the Influence of Texture/Roughness on the Performance of Porous Journal Bearing” Completed 2015 Dr. Rajesh Sharma
Ph.D Mr Amit Kaul Hybrid Biometeric Approach for Human Identification Competed 2014 Prof. A S Arora
Ph.D Mr Amit Kumar Iging in Oil Immersed Transformer Completed 2015 Prof. RN Sharma
Ph.D Mr Mukesh Singh Static Security Assessment using Machine Learning Techniques on-going 2019 -
M.Tech Mr Mohan Pant AI tools based unit commitment Completed 2007 -
M.Tech Mr Rajinder Singh Barwal Contingency screening and ranking for voltage stability Competed 2007 -
M.Tech Mr Sandeep Sharma Design of Power Transformer and fault analysis using SFRA Completed 2007 Dr Mukesh Pathak
M.Tech Mr Amit Bakshi Transient stability constrained optimal power flow Completed 2008 -
M.Tech Mr Santosh Samantaray Optimal power flow control for congestion management by Interline Power flow controller (IPFC)o Completed 2008 -
M.Tech Ms Charu Sharma Artificial intelligent technique for short term load forecasting Completed 2009 -
M.Tech Mr Mayank Goyal Enhancement of power system security through optimal placement of TCSC and UPFC Completed 2009 -
M.Tech Mr Lakshmaiah Bolleddu Combined economic and emission dispatch using Artificial Neural Network Completed 2009 -
M.Tech Mr Syamsundara Rao Saikam Transient stability assessment using Support vector machine Completed 2009 -
M.Tech Mr Ajay Pal Singh Coupled magneto-structural analysis using FEM technique Completed 2009 Prof. Kulkarni
M.Tech Mr Rajneesh Katoch Short term load forecasting using ANN Completed 2010 -
M.Tech Mr Shaik Affijulla Optimal placement of Unified poer flow controller for alleviating voltage instability Completed 2011 -
M.Tech Mr Sameer Kumar Singh Fuzzy expert approach for voltage-reactive power dispatch Completed 2012 -
M.Tech Mr B Uday Kumar Voltage instability alleviation in poer system using AI Completed 2013
M.Tech Ms Ankita Singh Voltage collapse detection using Ant colony system Completed 2014
M.Tech Mr Swasti Bachan Panda Voltage collapse risk classification using neuro-fuzzy hybrid system Completed 2014 -
M.Tech Mr Roshan Kumar Sinha Fast contingency analysis and ranking for power system security assessment Completed 2014 -
M.Tech Mr Ankit Jangra Short term load forecasting using a parallel neural-fuzzy processor Completed 2015 -
M.Tech Ms Anjali Sharma Power system voltage stability on the basis of branch active power Completed 2016
M.Tech Mr Kapil Chauhan Steady state voltage stability analysis by extended bus type load flow method Completed 2016
M.Tech Mr Birender Singh Power loss minimization in distribution system by utilization of enhanced reconfiguration method Completed 2016
M.Tech Mr Apoorav Ravi Pandey Power system static security improvement using evolutionary techniques Completed 2017
Ph.D Avanish Kumar Dubey Experimental Modelling and Multi-Objective Optimization of Laser Beam Cutting of Thin Sheets Awarded 2008
Ph.D Mohan Charan Panda Thermal Finite Element based Intelligent Modeling and Optimization of Electro-Chemical Spark Machining Process Awarded 2010
Ph.D Gyanendra Kumar Singh Electro-Discharge Diamond Face Grinding: Development, Modeling and Optimization Awarded 2011
Ph.D Amit Sharma Modelling and Optimization Studies of Nd: YAG Laser Beam Straight and Profile Cutting of Difficult to Cut Thin Sheet Materials Awarded 2012
Ph.D Audhesh Narayan Thermal Finite Element Analysis and Optimization of Deep Surface Grinding Processes Awarded 2012
Ph.D Sanjay Mishra Finite Element based Simulation and Optimization of Nd: YAG Laser Beam Percussion Drilling of Thin Sheet Metals Awarded 2013
Ph.D Sanjeev Kumar Singh Yadav Modelling and Multi-Objective Optimization of Electrical Discharge Diamond Cut-off Grinding Process Awarded 2013
Ph.D Shyam Sunder Agarwal Some Investigations on Surface-Electrical Discharge Diamond Grinding of Metal Matrix Composites Awarded 2013
Ph.D K.B. Judal Some Investigations into Cylindrical Electrochemical Magnetic Abrasive Machining Process Awarded
Ph.D Ravindra Nath Yadav Some Investigations on Slotted-Electrical Discharge Diamond Grinding Awarded
Ph.D Rajesh Kumar Porwal Modelling and Optimization of Micro Electrical Discharge Awarded
Ph.D Basant Kumar Bhuyan Travelling Wire Electro-Chemical Spark Machining- Development, Modelling and Optimization Awarded
Ph.D Umacharan Singh Yadava Development and Performance Study of Electrical Discharge Diamond Drilling Process for Aerospace Materials Awarded
Ph.D Ajay Suryavanshi Integrated FEM-ANN based Modeling and Optimization of Micro-Electric Discharge Machining Awarded
Ph.D Ram Singar Yadav Investigations on Hybrid Surface Electrical Discharge Diamond Grinding of Hybrid Metal Matrix Composites Awarded
Ph.D Param Singh Development and Performance Study of Ultrasonic Assisted Micro-Electrical Discharge Machining Process for Aerospace Super alloys Awarded
Ph.D Pallvita Yadav Experimental Investigations on Traveling Wire Electro- Chemical Spark Cutting of Polimer Nano Composites Continuing
Ph.D Vevek Kumar In the area of Performance Studies of Face Grinding Variants of Electro-Chemical Spark Machining Process Continuing
Ph.D Amit Singh In the area of Performance Studies of External Cylindrical- Electrolytic Magnetic Abrasive Machining Process Continuing
Ph.D Anjani Singh In the area of Development and Performance Study of Slotted- Electrical Discharge Diamond Surface Grinding Process Continuing
Ph.D Praveen Kumar Rai In the area of Horn Design for Ultrasonic Machining Machine Continuing
Ph.D Nandani Singh In the area of Performance Studies of Surface Grinding Variants of Electro-Chemical Spark Machining Process Continuing
Ph.D Mohit Singh In the area of Laser Beam Percussion Drilling Process: Experimental Modelling and Multi-Objective Optimization Continuing
Ph.D Mr. Jashan Deep Singh Experimental Investigation of accelerated stresses on insulations of power transformer Completed 2011
Ph.D Mr. Randhir Singh Congestion Management of Deregulated Power Sector while promoting Renewable Energy Sources Completed 2014
Ph.D Mr. Prashant Kumar Tiwari Optimal Location of FACTS Devices for Deregulated Power Sector Completed 2014
Ph.D Mr. Naveen Kumar Sharma Impact of Renewable Energy Sources in Competitive Electricity Market Completed 2014
Ph.D Anurudha Tomar System Design Engineering for Adoption of Digital AC Drives with Optimized Investment, Performance and Energy Consumption for Cable Industries Completed 2014
Ph.D Mr. Daljeet Singh Optimal Location of Substations Completed 2015
Ph.D Mr. Ved Parkash Frequency Based Pricing for Unscheduled Power and Corrective measures in Competitive Electricity Market. Completed 2015
Ph.D Mr. Anuj Banshwar Optimal Utilization of Renewable Energy Sources as Ancillary Services in Deregulated Power Sector Completed 2018
Ph.D Mr. Digambar Singh Multi Attribute Decision Based Optimal Location of Renewable Energy Sources in Deregulated Power Sector Completed 2018
Ph.D Ms. Jasmine Kaur Saini Optimal Operation of Green Micro-Grid in Deregulated Power Sector Thesis submitted January 2019 2019
Ph.D Mr. Shafqat Mughal Techno-economical Design of Solar PV System for Efficient Utilisation of Solar Energy In progress 2019
Ph.D Mr. Nag Raju Performance Analysis and Optimization of tilt angle for Photovoltaic Systems to improve Efficiency and Enhance Life Time of the System In progress 2019
Ph.D Mr. Sumit Sharma Integration of Renewable Energy Sources in Deregulated Power Sector In progress 2019
M.Tech Bharti Bakshi Evolutionary Programming based Optimal Power Flow with Environment Constraints Completed 2007
M.Tech Ravinder Singh Distribution Substation Automation using SCADA Completed 2007
M.Tech Partibha Dhiman Optimal Placement of Capacitors by Genetic Algorithm Completed 2007
M.Tech Harsh Kumar Power Transformer Diagnosis by using Different Techniques Completed 2007
M.Tech Renu Thakur Study and Analysis of EMI/EMC issues Completed 2008
M.Tech Prashant Kumar Tiwari Optimal Location of FACTS Devices Using Genetic Algorithm Completed 2009
M.Tech Ajay Swaroop Raturi To study and analysis policies for Promotion of Renewable Energy Sources in Deregulated Environment of Power Sector Completed 2009
M.Tech Gaurav Srivastava Comparative Study and Analysis of DGA Methods for Transformer Oil Completed 2009
M.Tech Suman Tanwar Development The Experimental working Model of Missile launching system Completed 2009
M.Tech Naveen Kumar Sharma Experimental Investigation of Dissolved Gas Analysis of Transformer Oil Completed 2010
M.Tech Gopal Singh Design Aspect of Hydro Power Plant Completed 2010
M.Tech Sanjay Kumar Important aspect of Energy Audit at NIT Hamirpur Completed 2010
M.Tech Nishant Prakash Expert System for sweep frequency response analysis of transformer Completed 2010
M.Tech Naresh Sharma GSM Based Energy Prepaid Meter Completed 2011
M.Tech Shafqat Nabi Mughal Penalty Evaluation for Unscheduled Interchange of Power Derogated Power Sector Based on Frequency Tariff Completed 2011
M.Tech Digambar Singh The Effect on Electricity Market of Grid Connected Photovoltaic Power Plants Completed 2011
M.Tech Kriti Vaid Simulation of Power Quality Problem in Deregulated Power Industry Completed 2011
M.Tech Pankhuri Kishore Optimal Planning Regarding Location of Substation Completed 2011
M.Tech Rajnish Kumar Kaushal Transmission Expansion Planning in Deregulated Power Sector Completed 2011
M.Tech Disha Vaidya Analysis and Testing of Transformer Oil with UV/VIS Spectrophotometer Completed 2011
M.Tech Surinder Singh Condition Monitoring of Power Transformer Completed 2011
M.Tech Deven Vatsal Electrical Health Monitoring of an Electrical Apparatus by Insulation Analyzer Completed 2011
M.Tech Jitendra Kuntal Transmission network cost allocation and electricity market in deregulated power sector. Completed 2012
M.Tech Sunil Optimal placements of fact devices. Completed 2012
M.Tech Nikhil Kushwaha Optimal power flow with dynamic loads using bacterial foraging technique. Completed 2012
M.Tech Ganesh Kumar Jaiswal Renewable energy as distributed generation in deregulated electric supply industry. Completed 2012
M.Tech B. Anil Kumar Optimal planning for distribution network. Completed 2012
M.Tech Khwairakpam Chaoba Singh Application of ant colony technique for optimal power flow. Completed 2012
M.Tech Lobzang Phunchok Transmission planning using genetic algorithm. Completed 2012
M.Tech Vimal Singh Bisht Short term hydro thermal scheduling using genetic algorithm. Completed 2012
M.Tech Suryakant Shukla Diagnosis of variable speed induction motor drives. Completed 2012
M.Tech Navin Chandra Joshi Simulation of transformer for internal incipient faults. Completed 2012
M.Tech Kapil Gandhi Experimental Investigation on transformer insulation using FTIR spectroscopy. Completed 2012
M.Tech Rakesh Thapyilal Design & analysis solid state based transformer. Completed 2012
M.Tech Tarkeshwar Mahto To investigate EMI/EMC phenomenon in electrical gadgets. Completed 2012
M.Tech Ankit Kumar Singh Modelling and Control of Grid Interconnected Wind Energy System Completed 2013
M.Tech Shashank Shekhar Singh Availability Based Tariffs in Deregulated Environment Completed 2013
M.Tech Kshitij Gaur Congestion Management using Particle Swarm Optimization Completed 2013
M.Tech Niharika Yadav Embedded Cost Allocation for Deregulated Power Sector Completed 2013
M.Tech Hemlata Pushkar Efficient Electrical Energy Management By Energy Auditing Completed 2013
M.Tech Vikrant Kumar Optimal Planning of Electrical Distribution System Completed 2013
M.Tech Ram Krishan Modeling of Grid Connected Photovoltaic System using MATLAB- Simulink Completed 2013
M.Tech Richa Srivastava Design And Layout aspects of Solar Air Conditioner Completed 2013
M.Tech Pankaj Shukla Experimental Investigation Regarding Prediction Of Residual Life of Transformer Using Fuzzy Logic Completed 2013
M.Tech Sonu Kumar Study and Analysis of Interfacial tension of Transformer Oil and Impact on Assessing Health Conditions of a Power Transformer Completed 2013
M.Tech Suresh Kumar Dogra Monitoring of Peripheral Temperature Of Electrical Apparatus Using Infrared Thermal Imaging Device (Hot Shot) Completed 2013
M.Tech Abhas Kumar Singh Electricity Pricing in Deregulated Power Sector Completed 2014
M.Tech M. Raghuram Matrix converter control & Protection Completed 2014
M.Tech Sharad Agrahari Development of Open Access Same Time Information System (OASIS) for Deregulated Power System Completed 2015
M.Tech Rahul Srivastava Fuzzy Logic Application for SFRA of Power Transformer Completed 2015
M.Tech Anchal Wadhwa Health Assessment of Power Transformer using Fuzzy Logic Completed 2015
M.Tech Priti Pundir Condition Monitoring of Power Transformer Using various Techniques Completed 2015
M.Tech Bhuwan Satija Load Flow Analysis & Loss Minimization by Reconfiguration of Radial Distribution Network. Completed 2016
M.Tech Juttu Tejeswara Rao Optimal power flow using particle Swarm Optimization Completed 2016
M.Tech Pandi Srihari Efficient use of Renewable Energy Sources in Micro Grid Completed 2016
M.Tech Ritu Jain Experimental model for OASIS for Deregulated Power Sector Completed 2016
M.Tech Gumma Gopichand Optimal Power Flow Using Ant Colony Optimization Completed 2016
M.Tech Akhilesh Kr. Barnwal Optimal location of distributed generation with minimization of Distribution losses Completed 2016
M.Tech Kavish Jain An Analytical Hierarchy Process based Approach for Effective Maintenance Prioritization of Power Transformers Completed 2017
M.Tech Om Prakash Yadav Optimal Operation of Renewable Energy Sources in Microgrids under Deregulated Environment of Power Sector Completed 2017
M.Tech Souvik Roy Application of Renewable Energy based Pumped Storage Scheme as Ancillary Service in Deregulated Power Sector Completed 2017
M.Tech Deepak Application of Fuzzy Systems to Multi-Objective Optimal Placement of RES Completed 2017
M.Tech Awin Gupta Comparative Study of different Techniques employed in Fault Diagnosis of Transformer using DGA Completed 2017
M.Tech Karan Parmar Development of Health Index Evaluation Model based on Multi feature Condition Monitoring of Power Transformer In progress 2019
M.Tech Aashish Goyal Modeling and Control of Renewable Energy Sources for Hybrid Microgrid In progress 2019
M.Tech Ankur Maheshwari Management of Renewable Energy Based on Frequency Control of Microgrid In progress 2019
M.Tech Mukesh Singh Development of a Microgrid with Integration of Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Storage System In progress 2019
Ph.D Satish Kumar A Study of Wave Propagation Phenomena in Micropolar and Microstretch Continua. Completed 2010 Prof J N Sharma
Ph.D Purshotam Kumar Propagation Characteristics of Elasto-Thermo Diffusive Surface Waves in Heat Conducting Materials. Completed 2011 Prof J N Sharma
Ph.D Anita Devi Some Load/ Source Problems in Piezothermoelastic Continua Completed 2012 Prof J N Sharma
Ph.D Virendra Kumar Stability Analysis of Bioconvection in a Suspension of Swimming Micro-organisms. Completed 2013
Ph.D Amit Sharma Some Wave Propagation Problems in Semiconductor Continua. Completed 2014 Prof J N Sharma
Ph.D Harjeet Singh Three Dimensional Free Vibrations in Thermo-elastic Cylindrical Structures. Completed 2014 Prof J N Sharma
Ph.D Rajbir Kaur Modeling and Analysis of Waves and Vibrations in Thermo-elastic Solid-Liquid Continua. Completed 2016 Prof J N Sharma
Ph.D Ramandeep Kaur Mathematical Analysis of Vibrations in Thermo-elastic Thin Beams. Completed 2017 Prof J N Sharma
Ph.D Shivani Some Problems on Bio- Nano convection Completed 2019
M.Tech Atul Kumar Kushwaha On Thermo- Bio Convection Problems Ongoing 2020