Welcome to SPEC!

SPEC is being run under the aegis of Electronics and Communication Engineering Department, NIT Hamirpur and the department itself has collaborating in the various activities conducted by SPEC. It is a self governing body run by the students of Electronics and Communications department. Students of Electrical and Electronics engineering and Computer science engineering students are also involved as volunteers.

SPEC organises events, workshops and educational tours for the students. It is a non profit society run by alloted funds, funds collected from members and sponserships from private organisations. The society holds a prominent position among various societies present in college.

The society events can be judged by various events. The national level workshop Robotics stands as major event so far conducted events in 2008.

Other major events include Digital Audio Effects Workshops Visit to radio station, Telephone exchanges, Placement Chakra etc. The wall events, Specfest, and other competations conducted at regular period are major hit among the students.

WE have been successful till now, and we expect similar participation in the future also.......

Recent Activities

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